Breaking In: Last Chance to Save the Cancelled Sitcom?

Breaking In season two chancesLast week, fans were upset to hear that FOX had axed newbie sitcom Breaking In after just a handful of weeks on the air. Though the sitcom’s numbers were pretty good, the series lost a huge portion of the American Idol lead-in audience and it seemed like the network felt they could do better with the timeslot.

Not long after the cancellation news, word came that Breaking In might not be dead after all. FOX and Sony Pictures TV were looking into possible ways to keep the series alive.

There’s one episode left and the network has now decided to see how it will do in another timeslot, this time paired with the already-renewed Raising Hope sitcom. If it does well enough, FOX might reverse its decision.

Co-creator and executive producer Adam F. Goldberg tells TV Guide that the cancellation came as a surprise because he believes that the network loves the cast and the show and have been pleased with the ratings. He notes that FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly called the cancellation “a heartbreaker” and wasn’t even fully committed to it when he called Goldberg to give him the bad news, saying that it wasn’t a definite pass.

Goldberg knows that schedule change comes at the last minute but hopes that enough people will find it and tune in for the season (hopefully not series) finale.

In addition to tonight’s ratings, Breaking In’s future may have a lot to do with the network being able to find a compatible series to pair it with. Goldberg said, “They just really don’t know what to do with it… When you have a family show or a relationship show, they really know how to promote that and make that a hit. But if you have a show about a bunch of geniuses who do heists every day, that’s hard for any network to figure out.”

What do you think? Is Breaking In worth saving? If you were programming the network, where would you put it?

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  1. Jaime says

    PLEASE SAVE BREAKING IN! Such a fantastic show. Great actors, great concept. Please give it another shot!

  2. Odoiporos says

    I just finished watching all the episodes. I think it deserves a chance! I found it really funny and although I never liked Cristian Slayter I think he did a great job. I read other reviews that said that it resembles to “Chuck”. “Chuck” is boring and not funny at all. KEEP THE SHOW ON THE AIR!!!!

  3. Jason says

    I don’t know why networks end a show after 1 season. 1 season is NOT enough time to see if it’s just a crappy show or if it’s just time slot or whatever. I believe that when they create a show such as this then they should keep it on for 3 years. In 3 years they will know how it goes. Not to mention they can change the writing, cast, time slots, etc to see if it’s just as good as it was season 1 to improve it. If networks keeps this up then I won’t watch new series of shows because why should I watch, get hooked, and after 12 episodes they cancel it? If it’s a money issue then they shouldn’t do the show in the first place! Oh and YES they should keep Breaking In. It’s funny, entertaining, and of course interesting. The writing could use some work BUT regardless the comedy is there and could always make changes for season 2.

  4. Melissa says

    I totally missed that it was going to be on last Tues instead of Wed. I was so mad to watch American Idol and then go to the news. Then we looked it up and learned. It was on Tues. Bad advertising Fox. We did not even know it moved to Tues or maybe I missed. Something. It was becoming one of my favorite shows and only becoming because it was only 7 episodes old. Please bring it back for another season or pass on to another network. I want my breaking in.

  5. allison says

    I cannot believe they renewed Bob’s Burgers for season 2 but are going to cancel a show like Breaking In. I’m tired of lame animation and gross things that literally make me sick to watch. Breaking In has everything real television is meant to be, creative writers, comedy, and most of all…A STORY LINE! Do NOT Cancel Breaking In. Other than Bones, it is the ONLY show I watch on Fox, everthing else has fallen to the wayside for me on this network, they are right behind following NBC, which I no longer even care to check out what new shows they come out. Secondly, to cancel a show like Breaking In to bring out a show called I hate my teenage daughter….fox…what the hell is wrong with you????

  6. Jimmy S says

    NO! Fox has become really idiotic over the past few years, axing out decently well shows with great potential. Lone Star had a bright future, and an amazing plot… This show can go far. American Idol is practically dead ever since Simon left, that hardassed ****. Killing this show would be idiotic.

  7. Cass says

    Geez… they have a great show, with great actors, its unique and fresh and funny… I LOVE this show and they should at least put it on a day when American Idol isn’t on to see if people will naturally hook on… This is as good as Two and a Half Men, Psych, and Big Bang Theory… Hopefully they’ll look at the gem they have before throwing it away.

  8. angela gillooley says

    please dont cancel breaking in its so fun and i love the cast im a huge huge fan of christian slater and so sick of his shows being cancelled

  9. Cliff says

    Sell it to CBS to put alongside Big Bang Theory. Fox will find a way to screw it up eventually if they don’t. Gee, if only they had another show with a large nerd following behind it, like Firefly, or Futurama.

  10. janette says

    please give it another shot!! it’s a great show…the american idol fans are either too old or too young for this sort of edgy show…after raising hope is definitely a better slot for it.

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