Breakthrough with Tony Robbins: Host Breaks News About Cancelled Series

Breakthrough with Tony RobbinsThough Breakthrough with Tony Robbins had some positive goals and reviews, the viewers just didn’t show up. The show’s been cancelled by NBC after just two episodes.

Self-help master Tony Robbins broke the unfortunate news to his followers yesterday. He tweeted, “Hey everyone! Despite great critical reviews of our show, it has not pulled a large enough audience for 8 pm.”

After being flooded with well-wishes, Robbins wrote, “Thanks 4 the kind comments. I’m proud of what we created & glad it touched U all ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’ Einstein”

Though NBC hasn’t announced plans to air the remaining four installments, the network has assured Robbins they will see the light of day.

He reported, “Spoke to head of NBC They say show has loyal following, 3 million ppl would be mega hit on any cable. All specials will air maybe Bravo or [MSNBC.]” (In recent interviews, Robbins has been describing the show as a series of specials.)

Robbins followed that up with “NBC said unfortunate nature of competitiveness on tues 8 pm summer no time for show to build audience…Bravo, or MSNBC may be new distribut”

What do you think? Would Breakthrough with Tony Robbins have attracted as many viewers and been a hit on cable?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I thought this was a great opportunity to keep something life changing on TV. I hope this truly lands on cable somewhere. There is an opportunity to reach out to those that can benefit from the positive message of overcoming our self imposed limitations.

  2. says

    Never have I sat so completely engaged, mind body and heart not just “watching”
    a show but FEELING it. I need this kind of inspiration in my life because it’s contagious and it crosses boundaries with me. I wasn’t just entertained, I was fully engaged and embracing the stories and most of all the lessons. Bottom line is I felt good, no…better than good…I was different, changed, somehow lighter after seeing these stories and crying along with them. I laughed, I cried. With sadness yes, but mostly and ultimately with joy. Each episode and I watched all six, was a gift. The kind that keeps on giving, the kind you want to share. BRAVO is just the kind of channel I would turn to for this kind of television experience. Such a shame it can’t be carried on one of the basic networks to make it more accessible for those who can’t afford the expanded cable options like BRAVO channel. Breakthroughs with Tony Robbins are unforgettable and
    what all of us are craving, whether we know it or not. I hope to see much more!

  3. On Point says

    Not surprised. I guess some people see a show and consider that a “success.” I’d like to know where those people are a year or two down the road if they don’t pay Tony a few thousand dollars for “coaching” sessions. I used to listen to Tony’s stuff and read his books and apply the principles but never saw any long-term benefits. Ironic how a guy with a failed marriage coaches people on relationships.

  4. says

    It sounds like NBC is starting to lose their touch. To schedule a show like this wrong is a real kick in the gut.

    I’d also like to say to john and Bobby that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Hold your tongue because you two sound really stupid. You two are the exact kind of viewers that need to change your hedonistic ways. I figure y’all would rather pig out and watch the slanted news channels, huh?

    To see Tony help Frank and Kristen rekindle their marriage after such a catastrophic accident, on national television, and call him a “FRAUD” or “mean” is a bit misguided and foolish. It was one success story after another. Just FYI, a “mean” “FRAUD” doesn’t help others. It really makes the two of you look pretty shallow. This was a very inspiring series and it changed lives. I hope it lives on elsewhere in the USA and abroad.

  5. janet says

    I was very sad to hear that this show was canceled…we were so happy to hear the positiveness. We also thought it would be great if one News channel would only report the “good news” that is happening. Everything starts with a thought and thoughts become things and what we think about…so we become…The evils of this world are compounded by all of the horrors that are being reported on the news now…I attended TR in Miami once and I am a “firewalker”! For those of us who prefer to see good no matter what circles around us…this is a loss…hope it remains on some other channel.

  6. Shannon says

    I think it is a real shame that the network pulled something so inspiring. It should pull some of these other shows like the office and other stupid stuff like that. We need all the shows like Breakthrough that we can get.

  7. dan says

    dis-appointed the show got cancelled. john’s review isn’t based upon the content of the show and is not objective. bobbie probably prefers the typical mindless drivel aired like America’s Got Talent , etc.. I like them also, but this show is special in that it really helps people and brings to light issues that many people are facing and is needed right now. i hope it gets picked up by another network as i think it has relevance and enough viewer base to make it successful.

  8. JoanBC says

    Fabulous show! I can’t imagine why it would not attract the amount of viewers required. Everyone is talking about it and my friends would not dream of missing an episode. I sure hope that the show will continue to be aired somewhere!

  9. Mike W says

    I really liked the show. The people were real, and their problems were real. The one with the couple in financial peril hit home.
    Tony seems to be a polarizing figure (i.e., there are many that do not like him), but I am not sure why. I think his messages and lessons are very good, and I am positively affected by them. I also like his delivery. Of course, there are always “haters.” That will always be the case with public figures like him.
    I believe this show can make it on cable, and I would continue watching. Sure, a few tweaks would help, but you can say that about a lot of good shows.

  10. Bobbie says

    The show STINKS! No one in their right mind would call that carnival barker entertaining. He’s nothing more than a snake oil salesman who’s in love with mirrors. The last thing anyone wants to watch is Lurch the butler yapping for an hour on how everyone should be like him. Robbins is a FRAUD and always has been. The last thing we need is a jerk like him filling the air waves with crap about how we should all be just like him. The fact is he’s in debt up to his eyeballs and he lies about everything from the properties he owns to the people he’s helped.

  11. john says

    I am glad they pulled the show off the air. I have way too many friends whom Tony has degraded publicly. he can be really really mean. he has hurt a lot of people who worked for him

  12. Usher M says

    Same heppened with Seinfeld when it first got aired, Family Guy got canceled 3 times!, a lot of good shows started the same way.

    NBC chose the wrong slot for the show… who’s running that joint?

  13. says

    What a bummer. Greatest show on TV in the last 10 years. It will be a mega hit on cable where the brain mater of the audience and the providers of programing is superior to that of the NBC network. There is always a Silver Lining in my world and the show reminded me to re order all his materials and start the program over again after 14 years. Hope he makes a fortune selling his products and can look at this experience as one GIANT commercial for his system. Many will benefit.

  14. Will Smithrock says

    No, the viewers can sniff out self-serving C-list celebrities pretty easy, wherever their programming is aired.

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