Breakthrough with Tony Robbins: NBC TV Show Pulled, Cancelled

Breakthrough with Tony RobbinsPositive thinking certainly didn’t help NBC’s new reality series, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, in the ratings. The TV show’s been pulled after just two episodes.

In Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, self-help master Tony Robbins seeks to help ordinary people overcome big challenges so that they can begin living their lives to their true potential.

The first episode of Breakthrough got off to a very poor start with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and only 3.12 million viewers. That put the debut in fourth place in both areas.

This week’s installment attracted about the same in the demo but total viewership fell to 2.76 million viewers. How low could the ratings go?

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We won’t get to find out. NBC has pulled Breakthrough effective immediately. They’ve replaced it with repeats of Minute to Win It for the foreseeable future.

This leaves four episodes of Breakthrough on the shelf, unaired. The network hasn’t made any indication that they’ll burn off the remaining installments. There is no way that NBC will be ordering any more episodes and the show’s been confirmed as cancelled.

What do you think? Did you like Breakthrough with Tony Robbins? Why do you think the show didn’t succeed in attracting more viewers?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. sally says

    You cannot write anything negative here because they remove it- you will only see positive posts! what a fraud

  2. jimmy says

    The show was cancelled because it is fake. An exaggeration and over acting combo of selling tony robbins and making drama/reality TV.
    Ask anyone who auditioned for this and they will tell you that it was a bunch of BS!
    motivation works for depressed people and it works temporarily. Robbins tries to copy Scientology stuff and does a good job at temporarily making you feel you can do anything. He made his money selling information about motivation and invested the money wisely but he is no trained psychologist not a psychiatric and had plenty of personal problems on his own from failed relationship with his parents to his wife and he even cheated on his x-wife and has an illegitimate child with an ex-girl fried. What a mess for someone who pretends to be the guide! look him up on wikipedia

    • Kieth says

      You clearly know NOTHING about Tony Robbins or his methods. He isn’t into motivation. He says that repeatedly. Do some research before you spout nonsense

  3. Cecila says

    People with emotional problems would like this show that is half infomercial and half soap opera. It did not succeed because Tony’s success is in selling DVDs and filling banquet rooms with needy people that are semi-depressed, looking for motivation.
    Notice almost all feedback is about people that were down and out and they saw Tony and then came back to life! well they could’ve gone to church or watched Joel Osteen or even bought some no money down tape set from Ebay. When you are ready to receive and are desperate for motivation, you will find it. What we really need is shows that educate us about how to reduce taxes, how to invest, how to buy insurance etc. Something educational not an emotional play on some down and out miserable souls

  4. jorge says

    Anthony “Tony” Robbins used this as yet another infomercial. The motivational style is good but only temporary and Opra’s viewers saw through that.
    Why don;t they get a reality show about commercial real estate. No Trump please since everyone knows he bankrupted many of his past companies and he just sells his name now to other real developers. We just need to see someone doing commercial deals we can do.
    That should be a success because people don’t need motivation as much as they need to find a way to make money

  5. Chapis says

    I just watch a rerun of the show in the OWN network, Amazing I love it! I’m going thru some very difficult times right now and I feel the show can help me deal with some of my situation.
    In regards to NBC cancelling the show, its everything about numbers if they don”t have enough audience or viewers they will not make any money, and as you know on this days everything is about money! too bad that it was not publicized or promoted the way it suppose to be, but at least it was acquire by Oprah and re-runs are coming out.
    I hope this time has the audience to make the numbers and will relaunched the show again with new episodes, if so you can contact me I”m going through difficult times and I will really need Tony Robbins help to find a solution to my problems.

  6. bruno says

    Tony is a life changer and has made me see there are those worst off, gave me something to believe in such a horrible time in my life. Its unreal that shows like jersey shore are on the air, that people gravitate toward that crap versus something inspiring, motivating, and enlightening people. Its crazy this has been pulled and a complete shame. I am disgusted and I refuse to watch any NBC programming from here on.

  7. Chelsea says

    Had I known this show was on the air, I would have watched it religiously. I have followed Tony’s career since I was a teenager. I’m pretty sure the reason it didn’t last was because the airwaves weren’t flamed with ad’s for the upcoming premiere.

    As far as politics go, Tony is a republican. I am not. That has ZERO to do with what he has to teach us all. You do not have a successful 25 year career and become a BILLIONAIRE (with a “B”) by selling something that doesn’t work. You might make a quick few million but that would be the extent of it. You cannot argue with results. This guy is for real and my own life is proof of that.

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