Brothers: Is FOX Quietly Cancelling the Sitcom?

Brothers TV showFOX’s only new traditional sitcom of the season, Brothers, has been performing poorly in the ratings, even for a Friday night. Now it appears that FOX is finished with it.

Brothers revolves around a former NFL superstar (Michael Strahan) who finds himself with an empty bank account and heads back to his old hometown. He must make peace and work with his newly-paraplegic brother (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell) who runs a struggling restaurant. The series also stars Carl Weathers, CCH Pounder, and Colton Dunn.

On September 25th, Brothers debuted to a disappointing 2.82 million viewers and a paltry 1.0/4 in the 18-49 demographic. The numbers have gotten even worse as the weeks have progressed. The network recently started rerunning episodes on Sunday nights in hopes of finding an audience for the show. It hasn’t helped.

Should Brothers be cancelled?

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FOX recently announced that they were bumping low-rated Brothers, ‘Til Death, and Dollhouse from the Friday schedule for the duration of the November sweeps period.

Repeat episodes of Brothers will however continue to air on Sunday nights. Original episodes will be quietly burned off on November 8th, November 22nd, and December 13th. On December 27th, FOX will air two installments. After that, Brothers is off the schedule and the timeslot will be filled by ‘Til Death.

Though FOX hasn’t officially said that they’re cancelling the sitcom, they aren’t ordering any more episodes either. They’ve dubbed the second installment on December 27th as the “season finale,” meaning that it won’t be back this season. Considering the terrible ratings, the network is highly unlikely to order a second round.

So, it looks certain that Brothers has been quietly cancelled. The question is, will many people notice?

What do you think? Is Brothers gone for good? Are you sorry to see it go?

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  1. reg says

    i hurts to see the networks trying to work things out brothers was a good show and was getting better every week its to bad to see it go….. rock on brothers

  2. frost says

    i love this show i have a dvr and i would record it every time it came on it made me laugh out loud when ever i was feeling down or sad it made me feel better every time… the only problem was when it was time for it to come on, the football game would play in its place witch would upset me. i would wait for it to come on to the last min. of the show till it was done i couldnt enjoy it like the way i used to becaues of the football game took most of its space so no one could watch it. it was like they really wanted it to have such low ratings and fail. i would really like them to come back but this time without any other shows in its way. i think its rating would finds its way back up fast when people are able to smile and laugh with out loud without the interference from football games and it pre-reviews it the way

  3. whocares says

    All these dumb reality shows, all these shows that exploits sex like it’s candy, and then you have a style of comedy that haven’t been seen since the early 90’s and it gets pulled because nowadays people are into the raunchy stuff. I use to be glued to my television because of all the good shows that use to come on. Now, I barely watch TV anymore because of the tastelessness that’s becoming so popular that shows like Brothers didn’t even stand a chance. They wanted this show to fail because of the day and time it was aired. If they didn’t want to see the show fail they would’ve done what they do to these so called reality shows and should’ve given it a good time slot. But no…shows like this is fading fast. Leave it to the head honchos to take away a good thing when it could save ’em.

  4. douglas says

    I hated this show, it was un-origional, and was anything BUT funny. I agree that Fox needs new management, but this show only serves as an example of that. Fox’s best show was and will always be, Married with Children…but they didn’t even get a last show, or episode, they just cancelled it out and that was it. This show….well look at the network, did it really have a chance anyway? I look for GLEE to graduate to the floor after next season, if it makes it to the end of next year….lol, the Dollhouse effect. Just do what i have done, swear of Fox, watch the “animation domination” thing on the other networks, and there ya go…..the world makes sense now…lol

  5. Koot says

    This is awful. I loved Brothers. FOX never gave it a chance… the 7-8pm timeslot on Sundays is constantly being pre-empted by sports events. This is an awful way to treat a show, and it’s next to impossible to get an audience when you can’t count on your show being there every week. Then, FOX moved it to Friday nights… which makes it even harder to get a fanbase when you don’t know when the program will be on.

    I’m so sick of programs like Brothers getting the shaft and crap like Til Death get chance after chance to fail. Brothers was put in an awful position with very little chance to succeed, and when it didn’t have huge ratings after two months in a bad position, it gets cancelled.

    Til Death has been put in a great position, it had a consistent weeknight timeslot. It did terribly, and FOX gave it another chance, and then another. We’re three seasons into this piece of garbage… it was so bad they couldn’t even retain the guy who played Finch in American Pie ten years ago. And… it still marches on as a FOX mainstay.

    What is the different between these two shows? Is it because Til Death has Brad Garrett? I mean, he was in that sitcom with that doofus Ray Romano a while back, and that did well… so I guess that must mean Brad Garrett is ratings gold, and we need to give him at least a dozen chances to prove he’s not that funny. Is it because Brothers is about black people? Is it Carl Weathers? I mean, FOX killed another great show he was on a few years back too (Arrested Development).

  6. Angela says

    This isn’t the best show I’ve seen on tv, but right now it is one of the funniest. I’m 44 and have a teenage son. We would watch the show together. I laugh out loud at this show. I love the set, the actors are funny and there hasn’t been another show around like it. PLEASE bring this show back. Comedies are few and far betwen these days. Leave it on Sundays at 8pm, give it a chance and I’m sure the viewers will come. When you the watch the show, you don’t have to ask yourself, “Is this episode gonna be funny?” Every episode is funny! Greatness, people!

  7. Anonymous says

    We love this show, how can it be cancelled? Our whole family would sit down and watch it together. I really hope Fox reconsiders!

  8. Lothar Zogg says

    One glaring revelation of this show: Carl Weathers—formerly hailed as a strong and charismatic dramatic actor who clearly hasn’t received his due—is a warm, funny, and charming actor capable of garnering authentic guffaws and undoubtedly would be a feather in the cap of any sitcom or romcom. The man is an all-around talent who deserves big billing in bigger movies and at the very least would be the perfect choice as one of the leads on the upcoming L.A. Law & Order.

  9. raymond vaughn says

    this is a followup to my first, comment about why fox well we think they have giving up on the show, if we relly think back to fox having a hit sitcom, which fox had never been able to enjoy,,, and why is that, not sure but the network have always put show on that were, border line,, doing show that have always been differrent from the other networks,,, which at first i agreed with up until now,,, in terms of fox having a hit sitcom on the air, it seems far,,, it like mgm, over the years never, coming up with a hit movies, it just seems to be bad luck,,, what fox needs beside a huge hit show in terms of a sitcom,,, is new leadership,,, now,,,,

  10. thelonious roberts says

    WOW!. I loved this show . I jus hate that every time it was suppose to be on there was a football game or post foot ball game show always on in its place. I think fox put this show on a bad day so that it would fail.

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