Brothers & Sisters: Cancelled by ABC; No Season Six

Brothers and Sisters canceled season sixIn a somewhat surprising move, the alphabet network has cut a beloved family drama after five seasons on the air. Season six of Brothers & Sisters won’t be on ABC’s fall schedule.

Brothers & Sisters debuted in 2006 and revolves around the extended Walker family of Pasadena, California. The current season features a large ensemble cast that includes Calista Flockhart, Dave Annable, Gilles Marini, Luke Macfarlane, Matthew Rhys, Patricia Wettig, Rachel Griffiths, Ron Rifkin, and Sally Field.

The family drama was nearly cancelled last year but was ultimately renewed for an abbreviated fifth season. In light of some positive ratings, ABC ordered additional episodes, bringing the season total to 22 installments. Unfortunately, those ratings didn’t last.

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The numbers slowly declined over the course of the season but really seemed to take a dip in the latter part of the season, just when execs were trying to figure out if it was worth renewing. Rumors started circulating that Brothers & Sisters would be cancelled and then there was word that ABC was considering an abbreviated sixth season to wrap things up.

In the end, network execs decided there just wasn’t enough interest in the show anymore and wanted to use the post-Desperate Housewives timeslot for a new series.

As a result, last Sunday’s season finale will end up being the series finale for Brothers & Sisters. It’s a sad and unfortunate end for a once popular series.

What do you think? Are you sad to hear that Brothers & Sisters won’t be back for season six? Was it time for the series to end?

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  1. Fan says

    So wish there was a Season 6, to finish the storylines.. of all the characters, like reading a book to find the last chapter is missing!

  2. Diane says

    I really loved the show but it was probably time…When Kitty’s husband died in the crash and the fiance left the show to do another….(Revenge) – you could see the writing on the wall. It was a great show though and I wish there were more family oriented shows instead of the stupid sitcoms with 20 something airheads…oh well…hello netflix.

  3. Karen says

    I am upset about the cancellation of Brothers and Sisters…I have been checking every Sunday to see if it was back on. When I see it’s not, I change the channel. It was a good family drama that showed you could fight and get upset with each other, but you were still there for each other no matter what happened. They should bring it back and give the series a storyline closure, instead of leaving the fans hanging. They always take off the good shows. ABC is losing viewers with the shows they are cancelling(including One Life To Live). I’ve had enough of talk and food shows. Feb. 9 2012

  4. lhasner says

    I am deeply saddened by the cancellation of Brothers and Sisters…. it was one of the best written story on television I’ve seen for a long time now….The series completely took me away for an hour and it always seemed to go to fast each week.. my sunday nights are no longer complete without this wonderful series

  5. Charlotte says

    I am so sad that Brothers & Sisters wont be aired and season sixth would not be in my future. My family loves this series of a family saga with troubles always coming there ways but there family willingly there to support and guide eachother. It teaches a well known lesson to all viewers and I despise ABC for there shame reports on Brothers and Sisters. I hope it will aire on Netflix because with busy schedules it is hard to watch a television these days. Please for the sake of not only me but the viewers who love Brothers & Sisters. It would be a shame to do away.

  6. Daniel says

    Not surprising at all. The show should have been canceled since season 3 IMHO. I really wish Kevin and Scotty could have their own show though, they were what saved B&S from being a completely disaster.

  7. Wendy Westcott says

    My daughter and I looked forward each week to our Thursday evenings viewing of Brothers and Sisters.
    Superb acting, great story lines, amusing script, bad decision to cancel another series!

  8. Jeanine says

    I didn’t even realize the Brother’s and Sister’s was cancelled. I have been waiting all
    month for the season premier. I am so disappointed. I loved that show and looked forward to watching it on Sunday nights. Now knowing it was cancelled, I am also
    disappointed that there was no series finale and ABC just took it off with no closure.
    What a bummer – I loved watching the entire cast. ABC you cancelled Sally Field and her Walker clan? How dare you? I mean really, she is SALLY FIELD!

  9. says

    i am very sad it ended, i mean what’s gonna happen with kitty’s pregnancy? and what about scotty and kevin’s new kid? there was a lot more to do about this show wich i think is amazing. I really really loved it and i know i’m not the only one who thinks so… im gonna miss u walkers :(

  10. Laurie says

    My Sunday nights are no longer the same. I loved “Brothers and Sisters” and am sad to read it was canceled. I figured that Pan Am would air a couple of episodes in their timeslot then be moved. Lo and behold that is not the case. I tried watching Pan Am but it’s just not the same. I wish ABC would rethink this and bring them back. I’m pretty sure there are people out there who would love to tune in. Desperate Housewives I can deal with but not Brothers and Sisters! It’s a shame (in my opinion) when “fluff” goes on and on and quality falls by the wayside.

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