CHiPs: Reboot of the 1970s TV Show in the Works

CHiPsNow that the new Hawaii Five-0 is one of the most anticipated new series of the 2010-11 season, it looks like another cop show of that era might be remade. Deadline is reporting that a new CHiPs series is in the works.

The original CHiPs began in 1977 and revolves around motorcycles cops of the California Highway Patrol. The series made household names of Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox and also featured the talents of Robert Pine, Paul Linke, Brodie Greer, Randi Oakes, Lew Saunders, Lou Wagner, and Michael Dorn.

The series went off the air in 1983 after six seasons and 139 episodes. A TV movie, CHiPs ’99, reunited some of the cast for TNT in 1998.

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A new version of the series was attempted in 2003 and two scripts were written. NBC ultimately decided against ordering a pilot. In 2005, plans for a CHiPs movie were announced, with Wilmer Valderrama slated to play Estrada’s old role, Ponch.

Now, Valderrama’s former That ’70s Show costar, Topher Grace, is looking at bringing CHiPs back to television. Reportedly Grace would executive produce the project with Gordon Kaywin for their Sargent Hall Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Numb3rs creators Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton are working on the script and would also executive produce.

The project hasn’t been shopped to any networks yet and there’s no word of any on-screen talent being associated with it yet either.

What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing a new version of CHiPs? Who should star in it?

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  1. Karen Rose says

    Yep …..I would be interested in a remake…as long as it’sdone properly…and stays true to the original and no changing sex of the loke in hawaii 5-0 where Kono is now a woman

  2. Charlie Brown says

    As long as the producers remain faithful to the 70’s vision of non violent and no rotten words spoken I would be interested in CHIPS return.

  3. Steve-o says

    I agree! Hollywood desecrates the memory of great past television shows with their “obnoxious” new takes on those fine TV servings from the past. Clearly, all they care about is trying to line their pockets off the reputations of television programs that stood tall in their weekly ratings and can’t come up with anything better new and original. It’s for that reason that I don’t waste any of my hard earned money on that “garbage” as it were. If that’s the best the Hollywood execs can come up with for new fare, maybe it’s time for Hollywood to come up with some new blood and show the respect to the general public’s love for these former favorites.

  4. Ray (CHiPs Rules) says

    The problem with remakes is they always poke fun at the original show when the truth is the original show should poke fun at these stupid modern remakes of classic shows. As these remakes are so far away in terms of quality and originality that it shouldn’t bare the same name or try to link itself up with the original show

  5. Frank says

    Yes, I would watch the show. Today, you have shows that don;t make sense, but Repo is good… Yes, I would watch again.

  6. NEK5552 says

    I do not like remakes. I think they should stick to making orginals. When a classic is remade it seems it takes something away from the orginal.

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