Commander in Chief: Cancelled But President Allen May Return

Commander in Chief cast returnAs I reported earlier, ABC has chosen to cancel the freshman series Commander in Chief. The series stars Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen, the first female President of the United States. The show started off strong (with the critcs and in the ratings) but was then plagued by production issues — and then by a declining viewership. ABC has maintained that they believe in show and, though it will not appear on the Fall 2006 schedule, the show may not be gone for good.

It’s been reported that ABC chief Steve McPherson is actually in talks with Chief creator Rod Lurie to bring the characters back for a two-hour television movie. The deal isn’t finalized as yet but McPherson sounds hopeful they’ll be able to work something out over the summer.

“It’s a fantastic story that Rod has in mind, and there’s still a really dedicated audience for the show,” McPherson said. “It would give Rod a chance to tell a lot of stuff he didn’t get the opportunity to tell and give us another look at it (the concept) in a reconfigured form.” If the movie is produced and is successful, then other Commander in Chief projects may be produced in the future.

For those who can’t wait, be sure to tune in to ABC at the end of the month when the network will air the final three episodes of the first (but hopefully not last) season of Commander in Chief. Episodes are also available for download on
Apple’s online iTunes store.
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  1. Melissa says

    So many viewers WANTED DESPERATELY TO WATCH THIS SHOW… but we could never find it!!!

    A phenomenol show that you stopped advertising, stopped promoting and stopped caring about. It was well written, well executed, well acted!!!!

    Whomever made the decision to pull the plug is a shear and utter coward!!!! This was BETTER THAN WEST WING!!!!!!!

  2. Deb says

    It really is unfair the way you get us all wrapped up in a series you can’t wait for the new seasons and then your told one of the best shows are cancelled between abc and nbc I don’t think either of you have a clue what we want to watch I am sick of reality bull stories I can see why fox tv is becoming more popular than ever abc you have cancelled some of the best and nbc I barely even watchy tour station anymore all the good shows are gone maybe you should let your viewers decide because I know a lot of angry people right now with both stations

  3. Sarah Beth says

    I so loved watching this tv show. I believe that most shows could be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups. I believe that if you stood behind this show it could be great. If you would have stopped showing repeats, moving the time, the day, and letting other tv specials get in the way. For the first time every while watching tv with my children they were actually learning and enjoying a show about politics. This made them aware of the different views people have. They started to see what intergety was. You could stand for something you belive in or just follow the crowd to gain acceptance. In the end you answer for your actions. One person with a great idea, thought, or belief could make a difference. I miss this show. I believe if you stand behind this it could be great for years to come.

  4. Sara says

    Comander in Chief was my favorite show and I am very dissapointed that it will not return. Actually wondering what is wrong with ABC.!!!!!!!

  5. Des Fernan says

    I haven’t ever posted before, but I must say, I was looking forward to this season’s line up on ABC with Commander in Chief. Now, I won’t have any closure from the season finale. Thanks :( for nothing.

    I am very DISAPPOINTED that the show was cancelled. I thought that Davis made an excellent President and Sutherland was a formidable nemesis.

    Well you lost me… I guess I will have to go find another type of CSI or Law and Order to watch…

  6. Tami Morris says

    “but then was plagues by production issues — and then by a declining viewership”
    well duh! when the show is never on, week after week, people stop trying to watch!!
    this was one of the best shows ever. why it wasnt on every week during the entire season was a mystery. so then even i didnt bother to tune in, only to find out later that it had been on and i’d missed it! very frustrating!! there would be a preview for “next week….” but next week would come and it wasnt on. we never knew when to try to watch! it was ridiculous. but i still want to see the show come back! it started off strong and wouldve stayed that way had they run it the entire season.

  7. Frank Kivett says

    I truly enjoyed this program. It seems so unfair to pull it when scheduling has “bounced” the program around so much. Give it a chance!

  8. CG says

    I’m one of the viewers that liked the show at first then stopped watching. The turn off was the writing. The writers made Mac hard to like as the show progressed, the way she treated her husband. I mean I was rooting for him to take the baseball commissioner job just to spite her. Also the kids were not likeable either. If you can’t root for the protagonists then it’s hard to keep watching.

  9. Warren Dunn says

    THE ABC SUITS ARE IDIOTS!!! ESPECIALLY STEVE MC PHERSON. Why must the networks always pander to the viewership lowest common denominator by cancelling a thought provoking, intelligent and creative show like “CiC”? It must be a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to turn our brains to pablum. I, for one, will be boycotting ABC until they decide to use the “CiC” TV movie to re-launch weekly series. TO THE BARRACADES !!! and send your complaints to Steve McPherson at ABC !!

  10. Jack O'Neal says

    I was so impressed by the acceptance speech that Geena Davis gave when she assumed the presidency in the first episode, that I watched it again when it was repeated later in the week.

    With The West Wing in decline (its year long campaign season was too chaotic and unengaging), I looked forward to Commander In Chief for my idealistic look at how government could work for the benefit of all. When it was announced that the series was going to be cancelled, I was chagrined.

    Another poster asked why viewers should invest their time following a well written series if it will only be cancelled after a few episodes. I have been asking myself the same thing, since I seem to be attracted to quite a few programs that have been cancelled. Program directors take note: I have never watched, nor do I plan on watching, any of the so-called reality shows, game or quiz shows. I have read quite a few books in the past year, however.

    Please bring back Commander In Chief for those of us who prefer intelligent television.

  11. C.L. Davis says

    I see from the above mail that many out there feel the same way I and my family (extended 30 some members) feel. Commander-in-Chief is an outstanding show, which could have continued for many years but for a few gutless producers and heads who, in my humble opinion, gave in the LIBERAL LEFT…
    There is no way this show should have been cancelled for any other reason…It was just too good.
    Hope some of you out there (you know who you are) will reconsider, get some backbone and start producing the show again this coming season…

  12. says

    This was the only show I could get my wife to watch (outside of HGTV and the Weather Channel). We both looked foreward to watching it. Genna Davis is a favorite and Donald is always unpredicable.

  13. Alexis Schweitzer says

    I can’t believe they would cancel one of the first shows that didn’t include another reality tv spin to it. I’m getting sick of reality TV. This show was witty, controvercial and intelligent. The network really needs to bring back shows like Commander in Chief and cancel like the Bachelor and American Idol, because those show actually suck.

  14. Kathleen DeAngelis says

    There is no end to the superlatives that I could use to describe the show and its cast. From out of the ashes of a culture that has deteriorated morally and ethically, comes a primetime show that is centered around core values, supurb writing, and a female role model full integrity, compassion, authencity, intelligence and emotional maturity. We all need positive role models and an uplifted spirit to carry on. Please bring it back!

  15. Heather Adkins says

    I can’t believe you cancelled COMMANDER IN CHEIF!!!!!
    Im 16 yrs old and I love the show, not many people my age like this show. Everybody in my school made fun of me for liking it and it made it even worse when you cancelled it! I luv Genna Davis. I even watch the Stuart Little movies because she’s in it. You CAN’T cancel it it will RUIN MY LIFE. I look forward to that show every week. I even have a reminder on my cell phone so I never miss it!!!! PLEASE bring it back!!! You should have David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson from the X Files guest star as agents Mulder and Scully trying to find the president who has been kidnapped. That would be AWESOME!!!! You should think about it. It would be a good episode. Thanks

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