Day One: NBC Already Forecasting TV Show Cancellation?

Day OneWhen network executives have a new show to promote, they typically tout the program as the greatest show to hit the airwaves since I Love Lucy or The Sopranos. NBC’s president of prime time entertainment, Angela Bromstad, is taking a different approach.

Day One revolves around the residents of a Southern California apartment complex following a mysterious catastrophe. The global event breaks down all forms of communication and leaves the survivors searching to both find a way to survive in their new environment and to save the world from an otherworld menace.

The cast includes Julie Gonzalo, Derek Mio, Addison Timlin, Adam Campbell, Catherine Dent, David Lyons, Carly Pope, Thekla Reuten, and Xander Berkeley.

Day One was included with the rest of NBC’s new series when they were announced in the Spring. The show isn’t expected to debut until midseason 2010 — after the winter Olympics and filling Heroes’ Monday timeslot.

Should Day One end after 13 episodes?

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Since post-apocalyptic series haven’t had much success on television, many have wondered how long the show can last. It turns out that NBC doesn’t really expect the series to last more than 13 episodes.

Last March, before Day One was even officially picked up, Bromstad told the Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd, “It’s right now being looked at as a 13-episode run — something people could commit to and we could make a big splash with.”

Today, at the Television Critics Association press tour, Bromstad echoed those feelings and said, “We’ve always looked at Day One as a big event for us and not necessarily a show that would be an ongoing, returning show for a second season. It depends on its success. Just by nature of the genre, they always then get a little narrow, and whether or not we can sustain it on the air.”

So, though the network doesn’t expect the show to return for a second season, they aren’t ruling it out either. What this means is that, unless the network goes to the expense of filming two endings, the 13th episode may very likely be open-ended and won’t give viewers a real finale. How many times has NBC left viewers hanging in the past? Las Vegas, Kings, My Name Is Earl, or Journeyman, anyone?

What do you think? Are you more likely to watch a show that has an end-date in mind or less likely because you may likely be left hanging either way?

Before you make up your mind if Day One’s worth your time, have a look at the show’s trailer below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • says

      @xer: It’s been downgraded to a two-hour movie. If that does well, it could become a series. Based on how the network has handled it, that doesn’t seem likely. Supposedly it’ll air sometime this summer.

  1. T. Marsh says

    They should give this 13 episodes with an ending. It’s post apocalypse stuff, which is rather tired.

    ABC should run the rest of Eastwick episodes. And let’s not forget that they didn’t even run the rest of Point Pleasant when that was on.

    Perhaps shows like this should start off going to CW or WB and IGNORE the other stations.

  2. says

    I am really disappointed that TV stations drop shows that are pretty good without giving them a chance. Firefly being the best show I can think of that was dropped early but there are a lot of sci-fi fans that will watch shows like this. Yes it may not end up being the top slot but with hundreds of channels why does every show that does not rate the number 1 in the time slot mean it is a failure? If the show is just out right bad yeah axe it but if it is a truly good show don’t axe it, find a market for it.

  3. says

    It’s not just NBC that pulls this crap, its all of them. That’s why you should not commit to any network show. Chances are, if it’s good, they will pull the plug. If they can at least commit to 13 eps and it’s halfway decent show, ill call it a success. If they pull the same crap they did with Kings, then I will never watch another NBC show again.

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