Detroit 1-8-7: Charlie Sheen Pre-empts Next Episode

Detroit 1-8-7Charlie Sheen and CBS’ Two and a Half Men have played havoc with the other network’s schedules for years. The sitcom is one of the top-rated shows on television and sometimes reruns outperform the competition. Now, Sheen is helping ABC for a change.

ABC News has landed an exclusive interview with the troubled actor and will air it on Tuesday night on a special edition of 20/20. The special edition will no doubt get huge ratings.

To make room for the interview, ABC has once again pre-empted Detroit 1-8-7, the network’s lowest-rated scripted series. From a ratings standpoint, just about anything they can put in that timeslot will perform as well or better than Detroit 1-8-7. Last week’s special edition of Primetime garnered a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.14 million viewers. That’s certainly not a great performance but it is 14% better than the previous episode of Detroit 1-8-7.

TV show supportAs frustrating as this may be to fans of the crime drama, ABC isn’t likely to stop pre-empting it. On the positive side, Detroit 1-8-7 remains on next week’s schedule, for now at least. At this point, the show is all but cancelled and the network is essentially burning off the remaining episodes. There are three episodes left in this season and there’s no way that its coming back for season two.

What do you think? Will ABC get around to airing the three remaining episodes of Detroit 1-8-7?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. gin says

    Please dont cancel 187 we all love it, best show in years, not since the likes of homicide life on the streets has tv drama been this good…

  2. Sharon B says

    Great show. True life in the big city. CBS has to keep the show in a regular time slot with no pre empts. Charlie Sheen is over. Get on with something new and fresh.

  3. Leona says

    Please! Please don’t cancel this show!!!! This is a good show, why would you cancel it! I am so sick expecting to see one of my favorite shows only
    to see something sickening like the rants of Charlie Sheen in its place.
    This is a good show!!!

  4. Alton Tyre says

    This is the closest thing I’ve seen to NYPD Blue which is one of my all time favorite shows. The show is well written and the characters are engaging without getting in the way of the story. I agree that it is frustrating to connect with a show and then have the network show it little support. I am so tired of Charlie Sheen and was furious that Detroit 187 was cancelled again. I know TV has changed a lot (not necessarily for the better) and that competition from cable drives a lot of decisions. The shame of it is that this show is the type of show that with support could compete with the dramas on
    FX and TNT. Although it has less profanity than even NYPD Blue and no nudity, it is a gritty drama that is more realistic than most of what is on TV. Think how TV history would be different if some of the shows now considered classics were placed on the air today. Many would be cancelled and be footnotes in TV history because they would not have been allowed to develop an audience.

  5. Barbara Jo says

    This is one of the few really good dramas left on network TV and ABC seems to not even want to give it a chance. All network stations plus an inordinate number of cable stations insist on airing mind-numbing “reality” drivel, while removing an excellent drama Detroit 187. It was/is one of the few shows that I really looked forward to each week. Why won’t network stations give new shows a fighting chance to be discovered?

  6. Jennifer says

    So sad to cancel yet another good show. What is the problem? Too much drivel is on already, reality garbage. This had real potential. I’m getting very tired of it. Is the general public just too dumb to get off the reality nonsense? Very sad. I don’t understand why *I* don’t get any say in the ratings – EVER! Sigh…………I don’t even mind No Ordinary Family – seems that’s destined to go too. :(

  7. Jane says

    I feared the worst when the show was continuously pre-empted. Too bad, I really enjoyed this show and looked foreward to seeing how the interesting characters would evolve each week. It is disheartening to see the networks fill their schedules with low-cost garbage.

  8. Jean says

    I looked forward to seeing 187 every week. I was really surprised that the ratings are so low. It has great scrips and characters you really want to get to know. It really is sad that these networks won’t give a new show a chance. You just get hooked on the show and it’s characters and then they dump it. I’m beginning to think it doesn’t pay to even waste my time watching a new series, get involved in it and then have to worry that it will be pulled. I’m also sick of all the reality shows and refuse to watch them.

  9. Dianna says

    Let the show stay on long enough to find an audience. Putting it on opposite The Good Wife is a killer, so give it a different time slot. While all shows are formulaic, this one seems less so than the popular dramas that have been on for years and years and are just about to run out of ideas.

  10. Lisa Y says

    Please leave this show on the air… LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!! Wonderful actors and actresses. Great story lines….Look forward to it every Tuesday… If I’m not home, I record the show…

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