Eastwick: What Happened in the Unaired Last Episode, “Pampered and Tampered”?

EastwickEastwick revolves around three women (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman) who meet at a wishing fountain and become friends. Soonafter, mysterious Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross) moves to town and unleashes powers within the ladies. The cast also includes Ashley Benson, Johann Urb, Jon Bernthal, Sara Rue, and Veronica Cartwright.

The show was cancelled when ABC decided not to order any episodes beyond the initial order of 13. To make things worse, they didn’t even air episode 11 (“Red, Bath And Beyond”) or episode 13 (“Pampered And Tampered”).

Though we can’t show them to you, we can tell you what happened. You can find episode 11 here. And here’s what happened in the series finale of Eastwick but be forewarned, there are several cliffhangers…

Clad in satin robes, Roxie, Kat and Joanna ease down the winding staircase at Darryl’s mansion. They’ve been enjoying massages and are ready for drinks. Darryl and Roxie have planned an intimate evening at the mansion. Joanna is going to relax at home and Kat has a park and zoo date planned with daughter Emily and her new neighbor, Colin (Jerry O’Connell from Do Not Disturb), and his son, Gene (Skyler Gisondo from The Bill Engvall Show).

Kat and Joanna leave and Darryl presents Roxie with an invitation to travel to Rio the following week. Darryl tells her that Rio is wonderful and that she’ll “feel like she’s died and gone to heaven.” The words suddenly jolt Roxie into a flashback. When she comes to, she tells Darryl her vision was of the night, “I accidentally killed my husband.”

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The next day, Penny (Sara Rue from Less than Perfect) tells Joanna that Jaimie’s car has been found and that she’s convinced that Jaimie was murdered. Joanna tries to convince Penny that just finding an abandoned car doesn’t mean he was murdered. Penny disagrees and confides that she has learned that they dragged Jaimie’s car out of a lake. She insists on visiting the police station, and Joanna agrees to accompany her. At the station, Officer Teaser is not giving out any information, though it does seem as if there is more to the story of what the police have discovered.

Joanna tells Penny they need to regroup. She asks Penny to go hold a table for the two of them at the coffee shop and she’ll join her after visiting the police station’s ladies room. When Penny leaves, Joanna uses her powers on Teaser and he willingly offers Joanna access to the evidence bag. Enclosed are Roxie’s bloody hairs that were found in Jaimie’s trunk. Penny returns unexpectedly because the coffee shop is closed. Surprised to see the evidence bag, Penny insists on a full DNA analysis. Tearfully, she confides to Joanna that she won’t rest until they find out what happens to Jaimie.

Kat calls Roxie and asks her to meet her at the hospital. Upon arriving, Kat explains that a John Doe, washed up on the beach this morning. He is claiming to be her husband, Danny (The Sopranos’ Matthew Del Negro). Roxie takes one look at “Danny” and passes out.

Joanna returns to the police station that night. She uses her powers to create a diversion and manages to retrieve the bag of evidence taken from Jaimie’s car. She returns home and promptly burns it in her fireplace.
Roxie is in shock — the man looks and acts exactly like Danny. He knows things only Danny could know and even smells like him. “Danny” sees Roxie and calls her Cara Bella. He believes that the car accident happened just twelve hours earlier, rather than five years ago. Slowly, Roxie comes to realize that Danny is not a ghost. He is very real. It is Danny. Mia pops her head in the room, and is shocked to see her Dad. Danny is confused at Mia’s growth. When he last saw his little girl, she was only ten years old.

Roxie, Joanna and Kat meet. They puzzle over the fact that Danny hasn’t aged a day. Roxie is absolutely positive that it is Danny but, where has he been? The three wonder if Danny’s sudden and unlikely appearance is due to magic. Ultimately, Roxie is confused, happy and upset. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do about Darryl.

At the park, Kat and Colin talk while enjoying a picnic at the park. Emily and Gene are seemingly happy playing tag. The viewer is privy to the idea that there something really odd about Gene.

Roxie visits Darryl and tells him everything. She finishes by apologetically informing him that she can’t go to Rio. Darryl seems to be unaffected by the news about Danny. It’s obvious that he wants things to continue with Roxie and he urges her to consider what she really wants — not as a wife, not as a mother, but in her heart. Roxie says that she feels numb. Danny is back, yet all she can think about is Darryl. She leaves Darryl with things still unresolved between them.

Back at the park, things start to fall apart with the kids. Emily tells Kat that she wants to go; that she doesn’t like Collin or Eugene and that they don’t need either of them as she already has a daddy. As they leave Gene stares strangely after them.

At Joanna’s, Penny arrives to report that the police have lost the evidence bag. She is firmly convinced that not only is Darryl responsible for this mystery, but he’s also responsible for Jaimie’s death. Joanna tries to come up with excuses and finally suggests that the police might just be incompetent. Penny wants to confront Darryl. Joanna warns her that Darryl is very powerful and that she shouldn’t pursue this line of investigation. Penny is undaunted and, once again, Joanna agrees to accompany her. Penny tells Joanna that they are the best of friends and gushes over how fortunate she is to have Joanna as a confidant.
Danny and Roxie are at a welcome home party for Danny who’s having trouble keeping up with all the changes in the lives of his friends. As Roxie tries to reassure him that she’s just glad he’s back, she notices that Darryl has joined the party.

Penny and Joanna arrive and Penny wastes no time in confronting Darryl. She accuses Darryl of conspiring against Jaimie and Jaimie’s mother and states that Darryl would stop at nothing to get rid of him. She tells him that the police know there’s foul play. Darryl coolly responds by saying that, if he wanted Jaimie out of Eastwick, he would have just offered him money. He added that he’s not stupid and sloppy and enough to have left the car in the lake, and further, to leave evidence in the car. He then whispers a thinly veiled threat of pain to Penny if she persists.

Shortly after, Darryl meets Danny. Roxie is completely flustered while Darryl is polite. The entire encounter screams of awkwardness.

Later, at home, Danny notes that Roxie flinches every time he touches her. He asks Roxie if she’s been involved with Darryl. Roxie is honest with him about Darryl and her other relationships since Danny’s “death.” She explains that he was knitted so deeply in her heart that, when he died, it ripped her apart. She had to remake herself piece by piece and now she’s a different person. She doesn’t know if she can go back to the way things were.

At home, Kat talks to Emily about Gene and Collin. Anna has talked with her Dad about Kat dating and is now more comfortable and understanding that Kat needs friends too. However, she still feels that Gene is weird. Kat acknowledges that Gene is a little odd, but points out how tough things must be for him without his mom around. Kat suggests that Emily try and be a friend to Gene. Emily agrees. Collin and Gene appear at the front door. Collin seems apprehensive about Gene and Anna playing alone together.

Penny arrives at Joanna’s for coffee. Joanna tells Penny that she’s worried about her, and that she suspects that Penny would rather be angry than sad. Penny sees the truth in what Joanna says and agrees to work through her grief. They get ready to go out for a nice lunch, to toast Jaimie. While Joanna goes to get her coat, Penny notices a piece of red plastic in the fireplace. She picks it up and realizes that it is what’s left of a burnt evidence bag! She pockets it and abruptly tells Joanna that she feels sick and needs to go home. She rushes out on a puzzled Joanna.

While the children play in Emily’s room, Kat shows Collin her greenhouse. Emily is trying to keep her promise and play with Gene but he’s only interested in spying on Collin and Kat from the window. Collin is amazed by Kat’s beautiful gardening abilities. Emily asks Gene what he’s doing. He says he is watching their parents almost make out. Anna is disgusted and tells Gene she’ll never let that happen. Gene is upset, but then seems to compose himself. He says that he can see a deer out the window. As Emily leans to see the deer, Gene pushes her out the window. Below, Collin and Kat are about to kiss. They stop as Emily screams, and rush to her side. Emily’s arm has broken from the fall. Collin grabs Gene and they go in to call for help. As Kat secretly heals Emily, Collin confronts Gene.

We learn that Gene is actually possessed by some sort of demon or spirit. The demon will only leave Gene’s body if Collin helps him to take possession of Kat. Collin asks why Kat, and demon/Gene responds that it’s because Kat is very powerful. If he can possess Kat, nothing will be able to stop him from doing or getting anything he wants. The demon/Gene opens his mouth very wide, and we can hear that Collin’s son, Gene, is trapped within his own body – frightened and alone. The demon will release Gene when Collin gets Kat to fall for him.

Roxie visits Darryl. She tells him that she still want s him and cares for him, but Danny is her husband and Mia’s dad. She loves Danny, and she loved him first. Darryl says that all her gifts and growth will wither and die. Roxie says that she believes her gifts are what brought Danny back. Darryl gives her his blessing but says he’ll still be here if she ever needs him.

Collin returns to Kat’s house with cookies for Emily and is confused that Emily seems unhurt. Kat gives him a beautiful flower that she grew. Kat says she thinks they should try and get together again. She thanks him for being there for Emily during the accident. They briefly kiss at the door. Collin pauses for a moment after leaving – but then continues, seemingly determined.

At Roxie and Danny’s home, Danny and Mia are working on a new and improved treehouse. Danny tells Roxie he loves her more than ever, but that he realizes everything is different now. He plans to go away for a while in order to give her time to figure things out. Roxie asks him not to go. She tells him that he is her home. “You came back. You came back to us!”

Joanna and Darryl share drinks at Darryl’s mansion. Joanna is upset about all of the lies and cover up of the past few days. Darryl tries to make her feel better by saying that the worst is over. He reminds her that Jaimie was a vicious psychopath and that she was actually helping Penny.

Meanwhile, Penny spies through Darryl’s window and misunderstands the nature of Darryl and Joanna’s relationship. Darryl seems to know that she was there. Penny hurriedly returns to her home, upset and hurt by this evidence of further betrayal by Joanna. She walks through the door and is shocked to see Jamie waiting for her. He says, “Hello darling.” End of series.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of the series so we may never know what was planned or how any of these cliffhangers would be resolved.

What do you think? How did Jamie survive? What really happened to Danny? Will the demon that’s possessing Gene succeed? What does Darryl really want?

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  1. Kachi says

    Can’t believe this was cancelled. I only just finished watching it in the UK on SciFi and now I’ll never know what happens… How come shows like Charmed run for years and years and even when they start to suck they keep on making it, and this funny, amusing show doesn’t even get a second series?

    I’m just glad that SciFi actually showed all the episodes; it’s appalling ABC didn’t even let the fans see the end.

  2. Laura says

    i watch this show on the sci-fi channel cause i live in england and when i relized last nght that they have cancelled the show and wont be on anymore i was annoyed it was a brilliant show and to find out that there not making anymore is a load of bull i wanted to know what happened wid the the boy thats possessed and how jamie suvived i dont care whether they got low ratings in america cause they probz got better ones in england or whatever but bring it bk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Morrigan says

    Thank you TV Series Finale for explaining what happened in episodes 11 and 13. Shame on ABC; it was like reading a book only to discover that the last two chapters were missing.

  4. Adam Decker says

    If you like Eastwick, you might like Charmed. It isn’t on anymore, but if you haven’t seen it, see if any of your friends has the first season and watch it. You might like it.

  5. Tamara says

    I thought this was a good show. It really stinks to start watching somthing and before you know it it’s cancelled. It makes you not want to get into new shows.

  6. Sonja Gray says

    I really liked that show. I loved how accurately Paul Gross captured the essence of the original Darryl Van Horn. Now I hear they aren’t making a 2nd season!? WTF?!?! It was entertaining and I enjoyed how the characters aren’t one-dimensional. I will be very upset if they don’t make another season. And why didn’t they air the last 2 episodes?! Someone is seriously bad at their job… I agree with what Jenny said and I hope, too, that some other station picks up the show with the same actors. Though I will give ABC another chance…

  7. Jenny says

    Same here. I loved this show. Just watched the last one we had taped last night again. I wish some other station would pick it up.

  8. Jackie says

    Typical ABC, they screw up, don’t advertise the series adequately, switch its time slot around erratically, then wonder why the ratings are so low!!!!!!!! Idiots!!! Why doesn’t another network pick the series up????? It had so much potential, to determine it wasn’t working without even finishing a season? PUHLEESE!!!! Bunch of fools are sitting making these decisions, like the jerk about who said it was a show all about Satan and good riddance!! We need to replace the decision makers, clearly they’ve lost their edge.

  9. Kate says

    Thanks a lot for taking another GOOD show off the air! Who makes these decisions?
    I would love to make “who” sit down and watch all the stupid reruns of shows that no one cares or even cared about in the first place. And if you think a show is “garbage” then go watch yet another cop show or how about stupid wrestling or another “reality show”.
    I am wondering what other good shows are going to be cancelled, maybe we should just cancel our cable or dish network.

  10. Cyndi says

    Unbelievable! I loved this show and they need to bring it back. Paul Gross is the only person that could have replaced Jack Nickolson, he did a great job.
    So depressing they always cancel the best shows :-)

  11. Ginger says

    for goodness sake, there were only 2 episodes left! why not air them and not rerun the same shows over and over! They take off all the good stuff

  12. Melissa says

    So depressing that Eastwick was cancelled, I really enjoyed watching it, especially for Paul Gross’ superb portrayal of Darryl… Well, chalk up another one of my favourite ABC shows to the cancelled side.

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