Emerald City: NBC Cancels Plans for New Oz Drama

Emerald City TV show canceled by NBCNBC has reportedly cancelled their new Emerald City TV series before a single episode was even filmed.

The network ordered 10 episodes of the new series without seeing a pilot first. The executive producers are Matthew Arnold (who wrote the pilot script) and Josh Friedman (who’s been running the writers room). Apparently NBC execs and Friedman had disagreements over the direction of the project and the network’s now decided not to move forward with the series.

Universal Television still believes in the series however and supposedly plans to shop it elsewhere.

When the show was announced in May, NBC described it this way: “Desperate for clues that will lead to the identity of her biological mother, a young woman breaks into a sinister underground facility somewhere in the Midwest. Unable to complete her mission and surrounded by security, our feisty heroine steals a K9 police dog and drives away into the night… and headlong into the path of a raging tornado. In the blink of an eye, she is transported to another world, one far removed from our own – a mystical land of competing kingdoms, lethal warriors, dark magic and a bloody battle for supremacy. This is the fabled Land of Oz in a way you’ve never seen before, where wicked witches don’t stay dead for long and 20-year-old Dorothy Gale becomes a headstrong warrior who holds the fate of kingdoms in her hands. You’re not in Kansas anymore, and this is not your Grandmother’s Oz.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that NBC has cancelled this series? Would you check it out on another channel?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. cindyS says

    This show would definitely have a following..young would like the fantasy and old would like nostalgia….stupid to kill the project

  2. Karley says

    I was really looking forward to seeing this series but maybe NBC wouldn’t do the show justice. I agree that this show would do extremely well on the Syfy channel. Syfy has the show Defiance and they developed their characters so well and they even created their own alien language for the show. That’s detail. They can do so much more for Emerald City and add more to the plot and characters.

  3. Jeff G says

    I am disappointed in NBC dropping it, even though it does have a rep for terminating new shows very quickly, though Grimm has had a great run there. I think Emerald City would have done fine, especially with shows like Once upon a time being so popular and with so many other comic related shows on the horizon.
    The premise of the show sounds awesome, very much like the plot line of the newer comic book series, Warriors of OZ from Zenescope comics.

    On the other hand, since Universal still believes in it, it may have a better life at another network that is willing to let it have a more edgier side with less restrictions on its content.

  4. Tundrabeast says

    Being dropped from NBC is a good thing. NBC has a record of dropping a lot of shows just as they’re developing a fan base. I know there’s a lot of viewers who say they won’t even watch start up shows there anymore because they’ve pulled the rug out from a show just as it was really getting into the story.

    Sounds like a show for FX or SYFY

  5. Sara says

    I would love to watch some story of oz, plus the play wicked, keeps many still wanting to watch. Maybe the syfy channel would pick it up. They aired the series, the tin man.

  6. Richard Blackrose says

    It reads like they stole from all the other OZ adaptations of the last few years, then tried to make it sound like GoT. Good riddance to uncreative rubbish.

  7. Thomas says

    Very typical of any of the Networks, first off, why in the world would they greenlight a show that doesn’t have a pilot filmed yet???? What a bunch of idiots! The ships are rudderless!

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