Flashpoint: Will the CBS Cop Drama Return for Season Two?

FlashpointThe Canadian network CTV has renewed Flashpoint for a second season and will go back into production in early 2009. Will CBS viewers get to see year two as well?

Flashpoint began as a CTV project that encouraged actors to submit scripts to the network. It was originally conceived as a two-hour movie but was reworked into a series in December 2007. The following month, during the writers strike, CBS purchased the rights to air Flashpoint’s initial 13 episodes in the states.

The series debuted on CBS on July 11th and follows the challenges of the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), an elite group of Canadian police who are assigned extremely dangerous situations. It’s the first Canadian series to air in U.S. primetime since Due South, nearly 10 years ago.

Flashpoint’s premiere attracted 8.1 million viewers; a solid performance considering it aired on a Friday night in the summer months. Though the following week’s episode dropped to 7.1 million, CBS was encouraged by the numbers. They shifted later episodes to Thursday nights, switching places with ailing Swingtown. For the next five weeks, Flashpoint’s viewership averaged 6.8 million.

Though the show’s performance hasn’t been incredible, it has beaten the competition on a regular basis — both in total viewers and the 18-49 demographic. CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler was enthusiastic about Flashpoint’s viewership and cost to the network. In July, she said, “You know what, it started as a strike aberration, and it’s turned into something terrific. We have a great relationship with CTV and the producers. We’re very pleased with the numbers and are encouraged, and it’s certainly sort of continuing a trend to look at the world in a very different context. There are great formats coming out of different countries as technology improves as far as what foreign content looks like. We’re having a very different dialogue now. It’s a global playground. We get — you know, even writers and directors are bringing product to us from overseas. So I think it’s a really very exciting time as far as exploring all these other opportunities. So it’s a good thing.”

Flashpoint’s been off the air since August 21st and is scheduled to return on September 11th. Now that CTV has renewed the series for a second season, it’s probable that CBS will buy in for year two as well. Depending Flashpoint’s performance in September will likely determine when/if we’ll see season two in the states. Based on the show’s performance to date, a Summer 2009 return seems the likeliest choice. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Terry says

    I loved Flashpoint! Please bring it back! I am 55 years old and was raised in an era when the hero of a show didn’t need to blow the bejeebers out of the bad guy, sending blood and gutts flying everywhere. I had to use my imagination which was even scarier! I like Flash point because they try negotciation first and then if they need to shoot someone they didn’t splatter them all over.

  2. wendy says

    why is it the flashpoint isn’t on any more i can’t find it anywhere and i love that show. it used to be on friday nites at 10 but not no more.

  3. Mary Mead says

    FLASH POINT Was a wonderful Show. Do not take it off.
    HOw I met your Mother, Accidently on purpose. Take those stupid shows off
    The UNIT and Flash Point are great.

  4. Lucinda says

    Please bring back Flashpoint!
    My whole family loves this show and we live in two different cities!
    I sure hope they will keep it has a summer show b/c right now there are not many summer shows at all!

  5. Lisa says

    When will the show return? My whole family watched this show and want it to come back. Please bring the show back.

  6. Beth says

    I miss Flashpoint. I am looking forward to its return. I do not watch many shows on TV but I really enjoyed this. I even had my son watching it. He does not have TV at his home.

  7. Nancy says

    My husband and I have really enjoyed Flashpoint and are disappointed not see it listed in the guides as returning or continuing this season. What a great show it is and the plots are exciting and realistic. Hopefully if not picked up for the season, we will be getting it back as a summer re-run.

  8. Donna says

    Oh, I sure hope Flashpoint returns for another season. It is such an awesome and true to life series. It is so much better and real than this other crap of blood and bones, cutting people up. There is way too much of that sick stuff on already. We need some real shows like Flashpoint.. Please bring it back!

  9. Heather says

    I love this show. It’s very different, and more like a feature film than a weekly one hour drama. Great characters, good writting and awsome cast! Please don’t drop this in the states…TV at it best…love it!

  10. says

    I really love this show, its the greatest show in a long time for CBS. I especially like the actor Hugh Dillion, I have never seen him before. But he is great looking and plays his part well.

  11. Charles says

    I did not know it changed to Thursday nite.
    Love the show,I allways looked forward to watching it after work.

  12. says

    The show flashpoint is one of the good shows that tyou have brought to your network in a long time. I hope it is there to entertain us. The show has enough mystery about the guys that work the job and not all the unessesary garbage that most of the shows of this type have. thank you and please keep it coming. Juanita Ratajczak.

  13. says

    My husband and I have been viewers of Flashpoint since it began,but last night’s “Last Dance” was by far the best episode. Both of us were crying at the end — the acting was unbelievably real and just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes. We are looking forward to its return next season.

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