For Better or Worse: Season Three Starts on OWN

for better or worse season threeAs previously announced Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse has ended its run on TBS and is moving to OWN. The Opray Winfrey cable channel has now announced that the third season of the sitcom will debut on Wednesday, September 18th, at 9pm.

Two back-to-back installments of For Better or Worse will launch the season on its new home.

In the season opener, Leslie (Crystle Stewart) rushes to the hospital on her wedding day after learning that Joseph (Jason Olive) has been in a serious accident. This leaves her impending marriage to fiancé Chris (Eddie Cibrian) in question.

Here’s a preview of the new season:

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new season?

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  1. Boots says

    This show use to be good and I enjoyed it. Now it is all about Keisha. The men are afraid of the women and everyone is afraid of Keisha. Every time I see the show, all emphasis is on the evil of Keisha and I am sick of her. MJ White acts like he can’t comprehend anything and the three guys at the sports studio together are like the three stooges. Thirty minutes of them hashing out stupid conversation about each other is boring. Really, do grown men in corporate positions talk about nothing every day? The only real funny person on this show is Coco Brown (Jennifer). She should be cast in a show with her character from this show. Todd is cute, but a waste.

    • Ebony Ivory says

      The TV series was seldom focused. The basics of the shoe w was supposed to be that in spite of the challenges of their marriage, Marcus and Angie stayed together because not only did they like each other, but they loved each other deeply. that ws what Why Did I GET Married? I and II was about. The first season started with a hilarious beginning with Michael white buffed to the hilt and Angie as wild and irrational as ever. Then, midway in the first season, which you can’t find now, all the humor was gone and it was an unfunny comedy. The second season was the beginning of the end with too much Leslie and Jason Olive. The MJ couldn’t act, and “thank God left. Jason Olive and Leslie were snot strong enough actors to carry a season alone and Todd remained obnoxious. Angie and Marcus had very little to do and some days weren’t in the episode. The third season had one or two stories about Marcus and Angie, but strayed to Keisha and remnants of Jason Olive and Leslie. Watching it became a chore and it still is. I have no hopes for the show. But I still pray daily for a” Why did I get married 3″ if the basics of the remain and the characters are not “improved.” Didn’t anybody realize that people started watching the show for more of Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith’s antics? I am old now. but can anyone whoever saw I love Lucy imagine a whole season without Lucy and Ricky emphasizing Fred and Ethel? I didn’t think so. For Better or Worse had so much potential. Why did the writers destroy it? Why did T P let them?

      get Married was

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