Friday Night Lights: Connie Britton Teases the Final Scene

Connie BrittonWhile interviewing Connie Britton about her Emmy nomination (sadly, she did not take home the gold last night), EW’s Ausiello asked the actress about the final scene of Friday Night Lights.

Was it between her and Kyle Chandler? Britton shared, “Actually, our final scene was with neither Kyle nor me, which we thought it was going to be. We thought it was going to be at the Taylor house, you know? And, it wasn’t. It just didn’t work out that way.”

She continued, “But it was perfect because it was out in a big, open, beautiful field at sunset. And everybody, [executive producer] Peter Berg flew in, [executive producer] David Nevens from Showtime (formerly of Imagine), all these people from L.A. came in so we all just kind of gathered around and watched the final scene being shot. And, there was this beautiful Texas sunset and it was just so perfect and everybody cried.”

What do you think? How would you like to see the Friday Night Lights story end?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. PantherPower says

    Everything above sounds great, the only thing I’d add is, Tyra matures, has a change of heart, realizes she wants to be a guidance counselor like her mentor Tami, and ends up with Landry, because no one else will care for her like he does. And Julie and Matt end up together in NY or Chicago, with 1.5 kids, and visit Dillon for the holidays.

  2. Wisteria says

    I love love love!! this show because of it’s family values, very few shows have morals and values anymore… Majority of shows on TV are garbage!! It baffles me that when we finally have a good and inspiring show it gets canceled.

    • Mike says

      Shows like these get canceled because NBC moved it around to 3 different nights over the five years and never advertised the show. They tried pulling the plug 2 years ago but Direct TV stepped in and saved the show. NBC doesn’t know a good show if it hits them right square in the face.

  3. Wisteria says

    I love this show, because of its family values and how family comes first. Very few shows have any morals or values anymore…. Majority of the shows on TV are garbage!! I’m baffled as to why good and inspiring shows like this are canceled.

  4. sweet susan says

    Julie goes to college somewhere in Northeast.
    JD’s dad meets new love interest in Austin and leaves town.
    Kate returns & purchases property in East Dillon.
    Tami & Kate become friends again.
    JD ends up playing for East Dillon this season & Lions win State with help of Luke, Vince & Tinker.
    At State, Lions go against team coached by short-term coach fired from West Dillon who said he would get even with Eric one day.
    Tyra attends State Championship and sits with Tami and Gracie at game.
    Gracie throws her first football.
    Lila decides to become a pastor.
    Buddy sells his car dealership and builds Lila a church.
    Landry goes to therapy to deal with having murdered a man. Puts going to college on hold.
    Matt continues to pursue art in Chicago and becomes an art education major. Decides he might want to teach art AND coach high school football one day………
    Grandma Seracen starts improving since being on dimentia medication. Bakes coach a decent pie.
    Mayor starts dating the girl’s soccer coach from West Dillon.
    Smash goes pro. Buys his mom the house of her dreams.
    Luke gets a football scholarship to college.
    Tim gets out of jail.
    Jason gets Tim a job with his sports agency.
    Tami and Eric both get offered jobs at the University of Pennsylvania for the following year. Tami & Eric take trip to Philly to check it out.
    Vince & Ray’s daughter stick it out.
    Last scene starts with Tim & Billy & family eating out at Applebees.
    Tyra returns to college and writes essay about why she has decided that she loves football.
    Tim gives Billy the title to the land that he purchased before leaving for New York.
    Texas forever.

  5. colby says


    Few weeks back, news outlets in the northeast (Philly?) reported scenes being shot with Coach sporting some new team colors for a school there — coaching practice … presumably because Tami gets a dream job offer for said school.

    Can’t wait until October!!

  6. Dolphin says

    My dream ending for Friday Night Lights would be (and include):

    1) Coach Taylor takes the Lions to State, beating the Panther’s Coach from Season 2 (he’s got to still be somewhere in Texas) who thinks CT stole his job and ‘promised’ they’d meet again. Nothing like hatred to crank a State game up a notch!
    2) The Lions win State and CT is ultimately offered his dream coaching job wherever that may be … but after much thought, he turns it down as he realizes his gift is to coach high school football in his new home of Dillon, where he can continue to mold some good men.
    3) Julie ends up being a writer and tells the tales of the Dillon she once hated, but now loves. She moves to NYC and writes her Dillon stories for a NY magazine and has a great life, but comes home to visit. Her parents are often the subject of her stories.
    4) Tami receives national recognition and becomes politically active and makes a difference in education for the State of Texas. (Austin is not that far for the occasional congressional hearing.) She and CT continue to have the best marriage on TV.
    5) Tim returns to Dillon, sober and rehabbed, and decides he needs to give back. He ends up working for Cops and Jocks, making a difference in the lives of young men and working closely with CT.
    6) For drama’s sake, a player should pass away. It could be a past or present player … but someone should die from causes other than football … but touches the town and the team to their core.
    7) Smash becomes an NFL star. And Jason a successful sports agent. And these guys will always be CT’s claim to fame.
    8.) Landry’s Crucifictorious (w/Devin) becomes a hot band on a national level, and Matt a teacher of the arts.
    9) Vince and Luke go onto good schools on football scholarships, just a CT promised. Jess and Vince marry w/Virgil’s blessing.
    10) For drama’s sake, Coach Traub could be found out, causing trouble for CT and the team … and he has to leave the Lions for the sake of the team. For the first time, CT really misses Stan.
    11) We find out Virgil’s story and he begins to help coach the Lions.

    I could go on, but I think I’ve surpassed 13 episodes. LOL I’d be happy with even a 1/4 of this. :)


      If they will indeed cancel it might as well have a tornado come through again but this time it destroys everything and everyone for that matter! The networks have no idea what great programming is. It most certainly isn’t Americas Got Talent

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