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Ghost Whisperer: Petition to Save the CBS TV Show

Ghost WhispererMelinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) can talk to spirits and often helps them get to “the other side.” But now, it looks like the Ghost Whisperer TV show is in need of help. The ratings are not very good this year and, unless CBS wants to keep it going to add episodes to the syndication package, it looks very possible that Ghost Whisperer could be cancelled.

Remember, the most important thing to CBS and the sponsors is for people to watch the show on their television, while it’s being broadcast. If you like Ghost Whisperer and want to see it continue, there are a few things you can do to help keep it going.

  1. Watch the show each week, preferably live, and encourage others to do the same. You might know a Nielsen family and not even know it.
  1. Talk about the show with other people; at school, at work, online, or wherever. Creating a buzz about a show gets people interested and helps them stay invested in watching.
  1. Sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same.
  1. Write to the network. Be respectful. Everyone responds better to courtesy. Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. You can use this form or, even better, write via snail-mail to: Ms. Nina Tassler, CBS, 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039, RE: Ghost Whisperer
  1. Take note of the products that you see advertised consistently during the show. Write the advertisers and tell them that you appreciate their sponsoring the show and that you buy their products (if you do).

To CBS, ABC Studios, Sander-Moses Productions, and CBS Television Studios:

We, the undersigned, have enjoyed watching the Ghost Whisperer TV show. It has been a staple of Friday night television for several years. It is a well-acted and well-written show that combines romance with supernatural drama.

Please find a way to keep Ghost Whisperer on the air. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the series’ advertisers as well. If necessary, change its night and time. Please keep it going, either on CBS or, if necessary, on another channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

12149 Entries - 486 Pages
  • SiennaCountry: United States, California 2014-04-08 17:29:39
    THIS IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD AND I LOOOOOOOVE WATCHING THIS SHOW SOOOO MUCH and I would love to see season 6!!!! Please POEPLE bring ghost whisperer back soo we can see more of it and this is the most wonderful show in the world I think and really hope it comes back and every week me and my mom would watch the show when a new episode came on and then I guess the season ended and we were so upset because it didn't come on anymore
  • Sienna nickellCountry: United States2014-04-08 17:24:47
    I love this show SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and want it to continue . I've been watching it on netflix because in 2013 I watched items I would like there to be a series 6 in 2014 because it is a very emotional wonderful show. And I would want tree to be more ghost whisperer.
  • AnonymousCountry: Sweden2014-03-25 09:13:48
    I love the show, Please bring it back!!
  • L.E. NevilleCountry: USA2014-03-24 12:06:36
    Please bring this show back. It was so well written and well acted. There is not many good uplifting programs on TV any more. Ghost Whisperer was one of them! Not only did it contain a lot of suspense and mystery, but also a lot of love. Ending the season at 5 with so many story-lines left unfinished was just so wrong. At least bring it back for a final season to wrap everything up!
  • cassandra halchishickCountry: usa2014-03-10 05:06:54
    I really really love this show it puts me on the edge of my seat wondering whas going to happen next if they cancel it I always wonder what would have happened and im sure so many more will too so please keep it going thank u so much ----fingers crossed----
  • Nicki w.Country: usa2014-03-07 02:23:47
    This was one of my all time favorites! love, family, friends, intrigue, mystery, and some spookiness to top it off....instead of reality, blood&horror, or yet another cop show! I know there's probably no way it'll come back, but it should, & it's missed.
  • Maggie CortezCountry: san diego2014-02-18 13:17:01
    This show is really awesome. You get ghost, good morals, and family. The scripts are well written you can sort of relate to a lot oof the characters. Theirs never any violence or explicit language. This show must keep on going!!!!!
  • KelsCountry: England2014-02-17 17:43:20
    The show was brilliant and ended way too soon, they should do at least one more late season or a film to please all the disappointed viewers, it's not too late, everyone still loves the show, and it is much better than most shows aired on tv anyways
  • ChristinaCountry: United States2014-01-29 12:58:27
    I would love to see this show back on the air. Please put it back on. It is an amazing show. I want to see more. Five seasons was not enough.
  • CandaceCountry: USA2014-01-20 14:26:03
    I would LOVE to see this show back on the air! Please put it back on!
  • JesusCountry: united state2014-01-11 23:35:57
    I love this show I just so the last episode on Netflix and I want More I would of watch it all. When it air if I knew what channel. It was on or. What time it was on tv or. If I could Of watch it form the beginning
  • Jeanne SullivanCountry: usa2013-12-24 03:01:42
    Hi I just watched the ghost whisperer series again on Netflix and think the network didn't respect the series or fans enough to wrap up the story properly. We watched for years loyally and it was cut without warning. If a 6th season is impossible at least do a movie to finish it up. Frankly it should be back on the air as it was spiritual and a mystery.... Rare these days. Instead we have cheap, meaningless "reality shows" and insane sitcoms. Please bring the show back!
  • misaCountry: usa2013-11-08 17:45:21
    Please create special! I love jim and melinda's can make more money! There are plenty of followers!
  • amerCountry: algerie2013-09-29 17:34:08
    on aime cette serie on la veut pour toujours svp
  • Kenneth SleypenCountry: Belgium2013-09-01 14:50:11
    We love to watch this show. It is the only show that doesn't go only about sex and violence. This show is just amazing you can't stop such a great show :(
  • Vicky henryCountry: UK2013-07-19 18:11:52
    Ghost whisperer is the 1 and only programme I actually sit and watch and really enjoy! I have 4 children so don't get 2 watch much tv but me and my eldest daughter love sitting 2 watch it together! Please make season 6 and maybe 7! Thank you
  • AnonymousCountry: Brazil2013-07-15 09:03:55
    fantastic series that deserves a fitting end.
  • sophie paceCountry: United Kingdom2013-07-04 14:35:23
    plz can you put ghost whisperer back on because me and ma mum love watching all the ghost whisperer episodes and me and my mum would really like it to be back on its a very good romantic program to xxx
  • Braden scottCountry: United States2013-05-31 01:53:57
    Great show finish it right
  • Vanesa SavovaCountry: Bulgaria2013-05-26 08:43:43
    I live and miss the show!! Please, make season 6!!!!!!!
  • LydiaCountry: Arkansas 2013-05-22 22:28:10
    I love ghost whisperer the second I heard that you might cancel the show I felt like I was broken into a million pieces please don't take away the show I love I don't know how to go on without it
  • jorgeCountry: USA2013-04-29 10:39:09
    hope we can have this great show again and end it like it should, not being cancelled. We need it back with new episodes
  • callan fordCountry: tasmania2013-04-26 07:35:38
    I hope ghost whisperer return's its an awsome show that should never have been cancelled i love it so much please bring it back i need it
  • GiorgiaCountry: Italy2013-02-17 15:57:19
    I hope that Ghost Whisperer will have the end that it deserves!
  • Karen MaherCountry: USA2012-12-27 10:42:29
    I just got all the seasons of Ghost Whisperer for Christmas and it has made me miss the series even more than I did before..I wish the series could come back, or at least a movie that updates them to see how they have done, it is such a wonderful show..PLEASE BRING IT BACK..
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