Ghost Whisperer

Ghost WhispererNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 107 (hour)
Seasons: Five

TV show dates: September 23, 2005 — May 21, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Jay Mohr, Aisha Tyler, Christoph Sanders, Jamie Kennedy, and Kenneth Mitchell.

ghost whisperer past TV show

TV show description:
Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has a great gift that’s also somewhat of a curse: she can see, hear, and speak to dead people. Those who communicate with Melinda have unfinished business left on Earth and need her help in order to finally cross over to the Light and rest in peace.

Melinda’s paramedic husband, Jim Clancy (David Conrad), worries about the toll that helping the dead takes on his wife. Andrea (Aisha Tyler), her best friend and an employee at Melinda’s antique store, is fully supportive and takes care of the store when she has to run out and help a lingering soul. But, while Jim and Andrea are convinced about Melinda’s ability, later friend Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim) is a bit more skeptical.

Conspiring against Melinda and her mission is Romano (John Walcott). Melinda enlists the help of Professor Rick Payne (Jay Mohr) to help her in the battle of good vs. evil. She warns fellow ghost whisperer Gabriel Lawrence (Ignacio Ariel Serricchio) against the evil forces of Romano but Gabriel isn’t who she thinks he is. He, too, is working for the dark side which is painful enough for Melinda to grasp, but even more so when she learns that Gabriel is her half-brother.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. hannah says

    i love ghost whisper i lost someone i loved or still love to this day and now i can’t see him anymore at all hes not dead hes alive but i am not allowed to see him anymore. Jennifer love Hewitt she made me know even though it was a series and a show but to me it was more than that she gave me hope even when i was starting to lose faith in my self that there is a always that one person out there and when i watched Jim die that she got a second chance i wish i could get that second chance, but she also helped me with a lot of grief i was dealing with my dad passed away when i was 10 years old in 2003 and in 2004 my grandfather died i think in 2005 0r 2006 my great aunt sheran died and in 2008 0r 2009 my great grandmother oletha died and then in 2010 my grandmother died in april on Easter she made me know that there OK and its been rough on my mom for the last 2 years that her mother (my grandmother) died but i watch my moms facial expression when she watches ghost whisper and she has a look on her face that i never seen before HOPE well i laughed, i cried, i wanted, i loved it may have been a seires or a hit tv show but people relate to it and to them it was more than making money off of it; it was more than any of that it helps people to understand that its ok to cry that its ok for laugh even when you shouldn’t it was helpful and alot of people that go through alot of grief who knows it may have helped them get through that grief because they lost there loved ones or the one that they loved the most i wished they would put season 6 on ghost whisper and they should continue it and then cancel it with a very good and inspiring ending and not some ending where it leaves us pissed or wandering.or a stupid ending like chessy stupid

  2. krystal says

    why end this show like this???? its stupid how it ends… like my god bring it back for some closer, it left me puzzled why the hell they stopped the way they did they have so many reasons to bring this show back and keep it going for abit. BRING IT BACK PLEASE YOU NEED TOOOOOOO


  3. says

    That is crap that they ended Ghost whisperer so many fans were dedicated Jennifer Love Hewitt is my idol and best friend they made a big mistake taking it off like that. I was addicted to this show. It deserved closure.

  4. venetia lynn says

    I love this show . I even read the book on who the show is bassed on. Can*t belive this is ending with so many doors left open.

  5. says

    I can’t believe you canceled this show Jennifer Love Hewitt is exciting inthis show she make’s the show with the ghost appearing and not appearing. Jim is also great even after his death, please,please don’t cancel this show there is so many people including me that watch the show and it’s terrific.

    Sincerly Your’s

    Margaret Gattuso

  6. k says

    Bring back ghost whisperer. I think it makes people think more about how to forgive before it’s too late. I think she plays a very good character and she is a very good actress!!!

  7. Me says

    I don’t understand why it was cancelled. I’m searching over and over on every website that i can find to show you, whoever made this amazing show, that the way you left these fans hanging like that, is NOT cool. I haven’t seen all the episodes, but I’m trying to as hard as I can! And no words can describe how much I LOVE this show. It’s a VERY deep loss, and it feels like a hole has been dug inside my heart to know that this show has been CANCELLED. I’m only a teenager, so, I just recently found out about the cancellation. I always thought it was over. And everything was ended. Not completely SHUT DOWN. HOW could you hurt your fans like that CBS? So, PLEASE bring it back. It isn’t too late. I have commented on other pages of GW, and I have said this A MILLION times. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! Get your cast BACK TOGETHER, just PLEASE.
    Thanks for your time, though it probably has done NOTHING. Kudos to CBS for cancelling the best show that has ever been produced. Way to bring up your “views” not to satisfy your viewERS.
    -An enormously EXTREMELY upset Ghost Whisperer fan. I’m just a fan, I know, but hopefully, you’ll change your mind. #IT ISNT TOO LATE. :/ I love you, Jennifer L.H. and David! (Still all of you guys’s biggest fan)

  8. Kaitlin says

    I have a great idea for the next ghost whisperer that will bring everyone back.
    In the beginning Melinda gets into a tragic car accident with aiden in the back seat.
    Tragicly Aiden does not survive the crash but Melinda is put in a coma for several days.
    Aiden then becomes the most powerful darkside ghost leader bringing together all of the evil spirits together to attack melinda since Aiden blamed Melinda for the acciendect (Or somthing else). That is the basic idea. Please use it to brign back Ghost whisperer !!!!! Even though It is super sad and tragic that aiden has to go…

  9. paula says

    omg>! ghost whisperer had to keep going on.. it’s the best show ever and melinda is someone i can relate to even if it sounds weird . season 6 would have been a great attachment, but the disapointing part is that there wasn’t even a grand finally they just left us in the blank. i truly hope that G.W. keeps on going that will mean alot to us fans.

  10. Dania says

    I really miss a lot this serie. I cry every night with Melinda. Was one of the best series ever for me. Give me peace and hope.

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