Golden Boy: Cancelled, No Second Year for CBS Series

Golden Boy canceled, no season twoOfficer Walter Clark’s story has been cut short. CBS has cancelled Golden Boy after one season and 13 episodes.

Airing on Tuesday nights, Golden Boy tells the tale of a young and ambitious New York cop (Theo James) who rises quickly through the department’s ranks to become the youngest Police Commissioner in NYC history. The cast also includes Chi McBride, Kevin Alejandro, Bonnie Somerville, Holt McCallany, and Stella Maeve.

The network was hoping that Golden Boy would perform better than Vegas — and for awhile, it looked like it might. Unfortunately, Golden Boy’s ratings ended up being pretty bad, particularly in the 18-49 demographic.

The episodes that have aired so far have averaged a 1.4 in the demo with 8.3 million total viewers. It’s one of the lowest-rated shows on the network.

The last episode, titled “Next Question,” will air next Tuesday night.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Golden Boy has been cancelled? What would you have liked to see in season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cora says

    I truly wish that CBS reconsiders. Golden Boy is an extraordinarily well written program with an exceptional cast. It was so refreshing to watch a show about police officers that puts an emphasis on developing the characters and which also uses the case of the week to enhance the development of the story. Theo James and Chi McBride are both talented lead actors. Watching their partnership develop added an extremely rich element to the show. Golden Boy was my favorite new program this year and I would really hate to miss out on the rest of the story.

  2. carol says

    I hope that the show completes; I hate when I get interested in a story and it ends with no conclusion. With all of the reality crap on TV wish they would get rid of them.
    I hope one of the cable networks picks this show up.

  3. Paula says

    They should have not cancelled this show. It is a good show, is there any way to save this show or put it on another station? Really hate to see it end

  4. Sara Conrad (@SaraCsit) says

    Bummer! Golden Boy was one of the many shows that I dvr and watch later. When are the channels going to realize how many people don’t watch shows live anymore??? Stupid. Theo and Kevin and Chi are all fantastic.

  5. Lewis M. Greenberg says

    The rush to cancel series after only 13 episodes is obscene. Every show can’t be #1 in its time slot. Golden Boy has some fine actors and an interesting new slant. Just because it wasn’t the biggest hit for the 18-49 populace doesn’t mean that those of us unfortunate enough to live beyond the age of 50 aren’t entitled to some mature and worthwhile programming. Does everything have to be the same cookie cutter nonsense? CBS – you’ve got the top rated network. This allows you to hang on to some shows a bit longer and give them a chance. But NO – you have to rush to the cancel button and demonstrate contempt for your viewing audience in the process by leaving it hanging with unresolved cliff hangers and an extended projected story line. Greg Berlanti also deserved better as a proven TV producer. Shame on you CBS!

  6. Dawn LaVine says

    Please reconsider canceling Golden Boy. It was a great show with many unanswered questions and storylines to develop. The networks are way too fast with the cancelation notices and they don’t give the new shows enough of a chance. Some of us can’t watch the shows when they air, so we use other options to see the show, DVR, streaming, online, so the ratings are probably better then the networks think. If the networks won’t give the new shows a chance, why should the viewers when the know that the show will be prematurely canceled. I am getting tired of being drawn into a show only to have my time wasted by the disappointment of the show being canceled. Maybe next season I won’t give any new shows a chance either.

  7. anonymous says

    Good writing, interesting characters. The future look keeps me interested in how we will get there. Thought provoking for adult audiences bored with reality television. Give it another season to catch on.

  8. Duffy Johnson says

    I don’t understand the logic. This was a terrific show that the network should have supported and nurtured through the initial low ratings.

  9. Aleta Heir says

    While it doesn’t compare to the excellent “Southland”, “Golden Boy” was good storytelling and had potential to grow better. However, “Southland” is a major loss – a totally realistic and terrifically acted police drama up there with the best TV, ever.
    Then again, my opinion doesn’t count for much since I’m over 49.

  10. Gina says

    PLEASE don’t cancel Golden Boy. I love the show! I am so tired of loving a show and then it getting canceled.

  11. June says

    I loved Golden Boy, one of the better cop shows and one of my favorites. The stories were really good and done in an interesting way going back and forth from 7 years past to present. All the characters were great and the cast were believeable. I hope another station picks it up along with Vegas, which was another great show.

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