Home Improvement: Show Creators Reunite for New ABC Sitcom

Home ImprovementThe three creators of ABC’s very popular Home Improvement sitcom are back at work for the alphabet network.

Matt Williams, Carmen Finestra, and David McFadzean created Home Improvement back in 1991, based on the stand-up comedy of Tim Allen. The family sitcom ran for 204 episodes and stars Allen, Patricia Richardson, Zachery Ty Bryan, Taran Noah Smith, Richard Karn, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Earl Hindman.

During the successful eight season run of Home Improvement, Williams, Finestra and McFadzean and the show were nominated for Emmys three times.

The trio now has a new project with ABC. A family sitcom, the show revolves around a sports psychologist who’s also the father of three kids. The Dad runs his office out of his home (ala Jason Seaver from Growing Pains) and has to find a way to balance his job with the obligations of being an involved parent.

The network has only committed to a script thus far. Casting on the project would be premature at this stage but, would you like to see Tim Allen in the role?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Lyndsay Dobson says

    I say HAVE A HOME IMPROVEMENT REUNION SHOW!! I have it on facebook…Check it out and join!!

    Search for Home Improvement Reunion! Get everyone you know to join as well…If your a fan, this is your time to help!!


  2. Pete says

    Yea I fergot, for the role of the father well it should be somebody young like 30’s , ex: I’m 35 it would be perfect with the 3 kids, it would have been great to see Tim Allen back in that role, but it’s time to move on with somebody younger ,(like I mentionned above,)
    And is just as funny!
    People call me (your such a gooff) like ex; once I drained my rad anti-freeze of my car and broke the drain plug! I held my finger in the hole for 3 hrs!cause I was waiting for somebody to come out the house so they can bring me a pot so I can let the anti-freeze or coolant as we call it, poor into it, so I think the show sould have things like that in it! Like they say I’m a gooff!

  3. pete says

    Hi, well It didn’t really
    Get me this idea, like home improvement did, I don’t see this going far with the idea of a sports shrink, just
    Don’t get me, I see more in like a car shop where accidents can more happen! Of course you can’t duplicate home improvement but the idea is there!
    And also I do relate to this show cause of things I’ve done (same as Tim) is boosting my blender with a shop vac motor! My girlfriend is afraid of it cause it actuely moves on it’s own power!
    It’s stuff like that people love to see,like they did with home improvement,
    Anyhoo, just my opinion,

  4. Anonymous says

    Tim Allen would be great for the role. But lately people who have had 1 great comedy and tried to do another good one have failed. For example Patrica Heaton( Everybody Loves Raymond ) and Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser ) in Back to You. Hopefully if the show gets picked up and Tim Allen gets the role it will be succesful.

  5. Anonymous says

    Although I love Tim Allen, I have to agree that any show with roughly the same concept could die in the shadow of Home Improvement, which sucks. I loved that show!

  6. Anonymous says

    Nah – Tim Allen is great but I think if they cast him it would be crushed under the expectations of trying to be Home Improvement 2. So they should really try to go in a different direction here.

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