Hostages: Was the Finale a Satisfying Ending?

Hostages last episodesTonight marks the end of Hostages on CBS. Though the “limited series” has not been officially cancelled, the ratings have been so poor that there’s just no way that they’re going to bring it back for a second season.

On the two final episodes — titled “Suspicious Minds” and “Endgame” — Duncan (Dylan McDermott) discovers Sandrine’s (Sandrine Holt) betrayal and decides to use her to save Nina (Francie Swift) and Sawyer (Lola Cook). Before Ellen (Toni Collette) operates on President Kincaid (James Naughton), the First Lady (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) confronts her and forces Ellen to tell the truth about the assassination plot.

What do you think? If you’ve seen the finale, was it a satisfying ending to the series? Do you think they could have realistically made another season — either with some of the same characters or, with completely new ones? Would you have watched?

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  1. Irvin says

    I thought this was an amazing show. The ending was satisfying. This was a season with a great beginning, middle and end.

  2. BrooklynAutumn says

    Although this show had challenges from the beginning, I watched ever episode to see how it ended. Now that I’ve watched it all, I can truly say, it was some of the worst 15 hours of tv that I have ever seen. The concept was top notch, but this story could have been told in six or so episodes. Every week I waited for something new and exciting to happen, but every week it was pretty predictable. Then to make up wait 15 weeks, to wrap the end all nice and neat with a bow (literally), was and insult to viewers who watch intelligent thrillers. I will not be a hostage for another season.

  3. Carlo says

    I think this series was absolutely amazing!
    I don’t understand why people are saying that “Hostages” is the dumbest show and doesn’t make any sense. It makes perfect sense, and is an intriguing and has a mind-blowing performance as Duncan Carlisle, Archer and Sandrine do things around the Sanders house.
    It’s amazing how well they’ve worked together without being negative or giving up, and I love how Duncan was passionate the whole time and kept his word when he said that he wasn’t going to kill the Sanders family and “you have my word on it”. That showed me so much faith in the show as well.
    Also, I remember Quinn Shephard from the movie Unaccompanied Minors back when I watched it as a younger kid. That was an awesome movie, and I love how Quinn and her brother never gave up. The husband ended up being wrong about Duncan about keeping his word.

    I honestly don’t want this season to end. But if it will be like that, please put another season to it and possibly more. People who don’t like Hostages shouldn’t even be commenting on reviews if they don’t like it. On the other hand, if you do like it, express yourself on how good the show is, explain if there are adjustments that need to be made, and what was good and what was wrong.

    Again, as I said, I loved the show and I hope there are more episodes because this was such an amazing and intense season. I LOVED IT, so please don’t ruin it for people who love the show by canceling the series. That just makes a bad impression for people who love it and will give bad reviews on why you stopped it. Who cares if people don’t like it. That means they shouldn’t watch it. If they don’t like it so much, they should watch something else. As Sonya J. said, it was my favourite show, and it would really suck for this to be over. PLEASE CONTINUE SHOWING MORE EPISODES OF HOSTAGES. It is the best show on CBS ever. Please and thank you!

    • Anonymous says

      I agree enjoyed it a lot didn’t miss a minute great ending but hard to continue the show would have to use all knew cast.

    • Sonya J says

      Very well stated Carlo!!!

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion – good or bad – but I just hope that those who did watch and enjoyed the show comment and show their support!!!!

    • tina says

      I thought it was stupid because I would of killed the president on my first try to save my family…that family went though hell….she didn’t know the president she knew her family but yet she choose the president over her family…..I’m sorry but if any parent is given a choice to kill someone they don’t know to save their children they are going to save their children…end of story.

  4. Susan Robinson says

    I loved the cast of the show and I hated to see it end. But the storyline had reached it’s conclusion and there wasn’t any further to take it. I was very satisfied with the ending tying up a lot of loose ends. Considering all that transpired there were happier endings than I thought were possible? If there was a way to create another storyline I would definitely watch it. Really loved Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette!

    • says

      I totally agree. I loved the show from beginning to end. Yes, I hated to see it end, but it had come to it’s logical conclusion. I can’t see how it could possibly be extended to a second season, which is fine. Sometimes a good thing has a limited span of time. To me, it was like a really long movie–probably something I would buy on DVD and watch again from time to time. I was very satisfied with the ending–it was about as perfect as it could be, although, I do wonder what the fate of the President will be. I think that was really the only loose end.

  5. Anthony says

    This is one of the most implausible, absurdly- written shows ever, but somehow I got hooked on it. It insulted my intelligence on a regular basis but I kept coming back for more. Glad it’s over, I mean, to continue this would be madness.

  6. Randy Kilbourn says

    Incredible ending to a great series! I would LOVE to see this series come back! I think the ratings were low because people didn’t want to get invested in a series that was supposed to end! CBS should give this a shot as a regular series!

  7. Ceal says

    I absolutely LOVED this show! The season finale was so exciting and has left me wanting more. There are so many more story lines that can be created around Duncan & Ellen which can include all or some of the other characters! I hope it does not get cancelled!

  8. catwomen says

    Loved Hostages last episode. I really would hate to see it cancelled as there are far to few good shows on the air.

  9. Sonya J says

    I absolutely LOVED the two hour ending!!! There were twists and turns until the very end. I thought Ellen would leave her husband at the end, and for all we know she probably still will since she can’t get past his cheating. Duncan turning himself in at the end was a nice way to end things. The president’s wife and sis in law confronting him at the end was DELICIOUS!!! I can only imagine what those two did to him or planned to do to him!!

    I would LOVE for this show to come back preferably with the same cast because Ellen and Duncan worked well together and they have unfinished business. Both of their marriages are over (at least it seemed that way to me) and I could see something else within the government happening that requires Ellen and Duncan’s help. You don’t have to necessarily bring back Ellen’s kids or her husband, if so do so in a limited capacity. Sandrine wouldn’t be able to come back because there’s a hit out on her.

    If they decided to bring the show back with Dylan McDermot and Toni Collette but different supporting cast I’d be ok with that too. Dylan and Toni have GREAT chemistry together, they were why I watched the show. They had some pretty intense scenes that were very believable and well acted. My husband and I LOVED this limited series and are very sad to see it end. It seems like all the shows we like that have great writing and acting get canned but new trashy reality shows pop up like weeds. It’s quite depressing.

  10. BAC50 says


  11. Linda says

    There are still some loose ends that could allow the story to continue (in my opinion). Who was the man following Brian working for? What does the First Lady and her sister do? Does Logan have any memory of what happened in the operating room?

    I thought this show was great unlike so many “reality” shows which are again in my opinion not worth wasting the electricity to watch.

    • Ronda Warren says

      I loved the show – and want it to continue – it could develop in many ways- so many loose ends.

      I want more-so much better than those silly sit -coms and reality shows

  12. Len says

    Excellent final hour. Couldn’t have been better.
    Riveting and exciting.
    Award winning acting.
    Didn’t think the Dr. and her husband would reunite. Not what I think she wanted

  13. Pat says

    the finale show was awesome but do not want to see the show end. Please renew series…. cannot see how anyone can think this show is not great

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