Hung: Cancelled by HBO; No Season Four

HungRay Drecker may be very popular with the ladies but HBO doesn’t want a fourth season of his TV series. The pay-for-view channel has cancelled Hung after 30 episodes and three seasons on the air.

Hung stars Thomas Jane as a struggling Detroit high school baseball coach and divorced father. He resorts to male prostitution to take advantage of his natural “endowments.” The show’s cast includes Jane Adams, Anne Heche, Eddie Jemison, Rebecca Creskoff, Gregg Henry, Charlie Saxton, and Sianoa Smit-McPhee.

This past season, Hung averaged a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 1.02 million viewers. That’s way down from last season (1.3 in the demo with 2.46 million), which had declined from the 2009 numbers.

The defacto series finale of Hung aired on December 4th and attracted just a 0.4 rating and 930,000 viewers.

HBO has also cancelled Bored to Death and How to Make It in America but has chosen to renew Enlightened, the newest and lowest-rated of the four.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Hung has been cancelled, that there won’t be a fourth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I like HUNG and cant understand why there are not more people thinking the same way. I dont know so much about writing and bla bla bla- I just simply liked it. och mann.

  2. Michael M says

    I think it depends on what you expect when you hear the premise. The first season was okay, but nothing ever seemed to happen. Now I have no problem with “nothing happening” if characters are developed and interest is created in zillions of other ways. But this show was usually a mess, no threads to hold anything together, unlikable characters, and bad writing – it was just plain boring. In season 2 it became even more boring and after that season was over, I gave up. Then after 3 had aired, okay, I watched it all and it was an improvement but still never shook the “I’m bored, can we watch Six Feet Under now?” feeling from my head!

  3. James says

    This is disturbing. Some people say the writing and storyline were sub-par. I disagree. Just because it was close to real life (and not stuck in Reality TV world), somehow it became dull.

    It had a real philosophical edge in some ways – best line as “when did life become something we buy?” – while goofy and silly in others. That’s entertainment, not 45 minutes of censored words in staged reality environments.

    Geez.. The woman who plays Tanya won a Tony on Broadway and it’s still not good enough for HBO. Probably because people aren’t paying for overpriced channels like HBO anymore.

    Like someone said, I hope another network (like the one that carries Call Me Fitz) picks it up.

  4. Nowaaaay says

    I agree that season 2 was a bit slow and that’s where they lost their viewers. But they did a great job with writing season 3 and I loved the way season ended because it left me wanting more. I’m so disappointed to find out it has been cancelled. I also agree, the kids got on my nerves and they were such goofy characters who added nothing to the show. Sorry, kids! But the show would not have missed your characters. If the kids weren’t going to be more involved in the story line, they should have made them much younger. Anyway, I will miss the show a lot because I found it to be extremely entertaining.

  5. Bobby Conk says

    I’ve only just discovered Hung – and have proceeded to balst through all 3 seasons in about 2 days! I really enjoyed the show & am really disappointed it isn’t returning.

    Season 3 was great – like people say; I guess S2 killed most people off.

    Is there any possibility f another channel picking it up?

  6. UA says

    Season 4 cancelled. C’mon Srsly?!! the business had just taken its proper form..!With Jason and Orgasmic Living coming in the storyline, the show looked promising…
    I hate it when they don’t give a proper end – Same happnd with Heroes as well!
    Hung was a great 20 mins entertainer!

  7. DL says

    I thought the writing was much better for season 3. Im guessing season 2 killed the show as it seems many viewers bailed on the show and didnt come back for season 3. Ill miss the show.

  8. Natho says

    There needs to be a proper ending for this show. I’d hate when show end with questions that never get answered. If you know that it was going to happen to begin with then why bother investing time to see it.

  9. Anonymous says

    I just start watching Hung two weeks ago and I finished it. I loved the show it was funny and always made me think what was going to happen. I wish Hung stayed on the air :(.

  10. Mary says

    I did watch all of the seasons and finally thought season 3 was the best due to the Orgasmic Living concept. It finally felt like they were getting their business off the ground. I do agree with the kids not being homely.

  11. Anonymous says

    I watched the show and I did think that it finally got interesting in the 3rd season with the Orgasmic Living. I finally thought they were getting somewhere with the business.

  12. SG says

    I’m glad Hung was canceled, it was one of the worst if not the most poorly written shows done by HBO. I mean c’mon they canceled Rome and even Carinvale but then had 4 seasons of hung? I did try watching the TV show and hung did focus way too much on the main character’s kids, and they should have made the main character bisexual since women are probably not going to pay for sex with a man or a gigilo no matter how attractive he is or if he’s just some below average ex gym teacher.

  13. Ron says

    I watched HUNG the first season, then started losing interest in the second, but still watched, then gave up and didn’t watch at all in the third. Why? Because it relied on a gimmick–this man’s huge *****–but never (1) showed us the *****; (2) created a relationship between this man’s psyche and his ***** size (believe me, there is a relationship there); and (3) taught us, the viewers, anything about who we are as a culture insofar as we construct our notions of masculinity around the idea of ***** size. And, unless they developed this in the last season that I didn’t watch, the writers of the show stupidly didn’t have Ray pursue several obvious money-making opportunities that are no-brainers for hung straight men and would have provided some interesting story lines: being a gay-for-pay escort (this would have brought in a gay audience, too), and starring in porn (film and internet). They got stuck on this idea of Ray being a high class escort and, let’s face it, these people are in Detroit, not NYC or LA, where an escort’s class might really matter. Jane Adams’ character was simpering rather than really smart and, for a man with a mongo *****, if the woman ain’t hot, she’d better at least NOT be neurotic in order for the guy to keep her around in any capacity. Lenore was smart and hot and a more interesting character and, unfortunately for Jane Adams, she stole every scene she was in. By the end of the second season, I was asking myself, “Why do they even need Jane Adams’ character?” It also was difficult to believe that those two homely and unsightly children sprang from the loins of Thomas Jane and Anne Heche; those kids were failed sight gags and I was never clear what the writers were trying to tell us by creating them the way they did. This could have and should have been a really sharp and cutting-edge show, but it kept tripping over this huge ***** it created but didn’t know how to handle.

    • steve says

      actually in season 3 you do see his massive ***** so if you stuck around a bit longer then your qualms would have been answered

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