Invasion: Finish the Exciting Story! Don’t Leave Us Hanging!

Invasion on ABCABC’s Invasion series ran for only 22 episodes before being cancelled right in the middle of the show’s exciting storyline.

Viewers who were looking forward to learning more about the aliens and the characters’ fates were sadly disappointed.

To: ABC, Shaun Cassidy Productions, and Warner Bros. Television

We, the undersigned, are devoted followers of the TV series Invasion. We are very upset that the series was cancelled after just one season, leaving the story unfinished. Based on the fans’ ongoing devotion and support, we believe the series deserves another chance.

At the very least, we ask that you finish the story through a direct-to-DVD or TV movie. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show and will support it in any way we can.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Thomas BatesCountry: united states2015-06-01 19:45:08
    why you always have to end the good shows
  • Debra La BonneCountry: USA2015-05-31 20:13:39
    It's never to late!
  • Jennifer BatichCountry: usa2015-05-22 08:07:47
    Please finish invasion I was a devoted fan of the show want to see it finished even after all this time I still think about the show, and what could have been.
  • Damaris M JuanCountry: United States2015-05-21 19:18:19
    This was an original and very interesting story, please finish it
  • Harrisburg PACountry: USA2015-05-21 15:32:55
    please at least wrap up the story will a dvd movie! PLEASE!!!!!
  • Lori MorganCountry: USA2015-04-20 20:40:51
    Loved this show & still miss it, please give us a wrap up!
  • HACountry: USA2015-04-05 00:18:46
    If nothing else, you need to make a wrap up movie. This show, like so many others, left us unsatisfied, hanging, and wanting more. Then, the networks offers zilch. The show gets an A from me, but those who refuse to conclude the series with at least an hour ending earn an F. I've just about giving up on watching anything until the entire series concludes and I'm told the ending is good. I'm sick and tired of getting into a show and then having it cancelled with no conclusion. DONE!
  • NickCountry: usa2015-03-18 21:43:49
    There should be a season two of this series cause it was so good and the end just leaves u hanging with so many questions unanswerd like is larkin dead or alive ?? Did larkin's baby in the womb turn into a hybrid or did it die ?? Did larkin's husband kill the sheriff for putting larkin's dead body in the alien infested waters ?? Many many more questions that need answering....this series needs a second season!!!!!
  • Kenyetta ThompsonCountry: u.s.a2015-03-10 01:16:06
    Please get this show back on air or release a direct DVD or movie or even a book. The show was awesome and we want to know how it ends.
  • Raymond OrrCountry: USA - NY2015-02-25 11:12:35
    It's 2015 and I still think about this show. I will invest 1 Million Euroes to bring the full season back to completion!
  • Carole DellCountry: Australia2015-02-22 01:14:07
    Please continue the story, I love the characters and the actors that told the story so well. we want more.
  • Anna McCormacCountry: Australia2015-01-20 04:21:54
    We llove Invasion here in Australia too! Seriously excellent viewing! Cannot believe there is no more! Please continue! Anna of Sydney
  • Christopher CrainCountry: United States2014-12-17 12:08:34
    Please bring this show back.. I have lent the series out to everyone I know and they all loved only guess is the story was getting too close to reality.. Martial law scenarios
  • lisa smithCountry: usa2014-12-05 16:15:03
    please finish the script in some fashion, even if it is a book, thanks
  • DisappointedCountry: USA2014-11-26 10:20:30
    Please bring this show back!!
  • Tracy McCreadyCountry: Canada2014-11-22 00:58:30
    I own the first and only season; which I have watched at least 5 times. I really enjoyed the series and its concept. Is there any chance that it may return or create a DVD continuance to purchase?
  • StormCountry: USA2014-11-02 15:05:19
    Please make a TV or countrywide theater run movie that would pick up the show from where it left off and finish it by finding a way to defeat the alien/subterranean species in the water, and get them somehow out of the humans they inhabit. I am very sure this would make considerable amounts of money.
  • Clayton CaldwellCountry: USA2014-09-27 02:21:02
    Such a good show! Just bought the dvd to watch it again!!
  • A KellerCountry: USA2014-09-16 09:36:10
    Love this show! Someone needs to send this petion to Shaun Cassidy Facebook page. They could easily bring back this show with the right store line. Government was getting to close so they went dormant or something like that.
  • BekkaCountry: United states2014-09-03 23:52:57
    Come on now this show was amazing I was so heart broken when they cancelled it and even all these years later I still think of it!
  • Mark Adrian TomlinsonCountry: UK2014-08-13 18:35:15
    One off many great shows cancelled before its time.
  • MichelleCountry: Australia2014-07-20 01:36:09
    At least finish it and don't leave us hanging. I think this series could be as popular as Dr Who.
  • Amyanna StackCountry: USA2014-06-23 01:04:54
    Yes I agree we need know what happens next and at least allow us to have closure to this wonderful series!
  • LinnCountry: sweden2014-05-24 18:11:21
    great show, needs a proper ending.
  • Laura MunroCountry: Scotland 2014-05-21 06:15:30
    Bring this to a conclusion please!!!- very very frustrating after all these years there is nothing!!!!- at least as said before- a straight to DVD story!!!- fabulous characters left high and dry!!!