Justice: FOX Throws Out Court Drama

cast of Justice on FoxFollowing on the heels of last week’s cancellations of the Happy Hour sitcom and The Rich List game show, FOX has announced that another of its new shows is leaving the air.

Justice debuted on Wednesday, August 30th to high expectations. The network had been showing fast-paced promos of the Victor Garber series all summer long but it still failed to attract big numbers. The highly anticipated premiere was watched by only 8.6 million viewers.

Justice followed a diverse group of lawyers as they worked at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. Each episode started at the beginning of a trial and followed it through until the verdict. Then viewers were shown, via flashbacks, what actually happened at the time of the crime.

Like many FOX series, Justice took a break during the World Series (after five episodes). When it returned, FOX began airing it on Monday nights, opposite NBC’s popular Heroes and replacing Vanished (which was moved to Friday nights). Three episodes have aired on Monday nights. The most recent episode drew only 4.2 million households, about half of lead-in Prison Break’s audience.

With that in mind, its no surprise that FOX has announced that the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced courtroom drama has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately. The network isn’t calling it a cancellation right now. The FOX website lists that the show will return on December 11th, but the word is that it will not return for very long or at all.

Eight episodes of Justice have aired thus far and production is expected continue on the rest of the 13 episodes of FOX’s order. There is no word as yet if the series or any individual episodes will be released on DVD or online via FOX’s website.

11/17/06 UPDATE: FOX has officially cancelled Vanished and Justice will instead return on Friday, December 1st. No new word on how long it will continue to air. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Owen says

    Are they bringing it back December 1st? Justice by far one of the best shows on Fox. (Excluding Simpsons and Family Guy). Justice was so well written it’s unbelievable.

  2. Sherri says

    Fox, bring back “JUSTIC” it was thrilling. It takes awhile to understand the show, but once I did, I looked forward to it each week and then, it was gone.

  3. Christy says

    My husband and I had been wondering what happened to Justice. We had only seen it 2, maybe 3 times and then it stopped coming on but it was one of the few shows that we both enjoyed. We couldn’t remember the name, but I finally googled “fox lineup” and found what I wanted. I was very dissappointed to learn it was cancelled. I guess we caught the final few episodes, but thought we were catching a new show to enjoy. We watch alot of sports, so if it was on during my Braves games or Grizzlies, Suns, Mavericks or Heat – or a few other sports -that would be why we never knew. I also flip the channel at most commercials. I wish they would bring it back – it was a great show.

  4. Tatiana Yuri says

    I write of Brazil and would like that FOX revesse the decision to cancel serie JUSTICE, that in my best opinion and one of series that I had the chance to attend…

  5. Brenda says

    I was so dissappointed when this show was pulled..It was TERRIFIC…Wish they would put it back on…and give it a chance…

  6. JILL says

    Fox are you nuts this is one of the best legal shows on TV. The problem is trying to find it. You run it in one place then take a 5 week break from it and then move it to another place. Once again are you NUTS.

  7. April says

    i am so pissed about “Justice” being cancelled!!! ive been soooooooo looking foreward to seeing it again! it was one of those shows that i would tell my friends i couldnt go out that night because i had to stay home and watch it! i am really dissapointed in FOX. it amazes me that they are upset because “ONLY” 8.6 million viewers watched? thats 8.6 million people or households that are PISSED that its off the air! i for one am boycotting FOX until they bring back “Justice”!!!

  8. Carla says

    Fox just sucks and I am just about to boycott the whole freakin channel Justice is a really great show and I’m sorry you didn’t get the ratings that you wanted but we people really enjoy the show, I feel bad for the actors and actresses putting themselves in to a show as well as they have this one just to get cancelled, you suck

  9. Anonymous says

    Fox should really bring back JUSTICE!!!! I’vr been waiting for it, and then found out that they cancelled it. Put it on a different time slot and a different night. There are nights where there isn’t anything to watch, stop trying to compete with other shows and make people watch your station continuosly!!

    Also, once you guys killed off Gale Harold in Vanished, the story went dead. Just my opinion.

  10. Kim says

    All the garbage on TV and THIS show gets cancelled. Talk about the dumbing down of America…the cancelation of this show is a prime example!

  11. Troy says

    Justice was one of the BEST shows on ANY network!!! Please bring it back, or at least sell it to someone else who can see what a GREAT show it was!! Maybe Court TV would pick it up, or TNT… (that would be kinda funny actually, seeing as the firm in the show is TNT & G… lol)

    I hate how networks do this… they put a GREAT show in a tough time slot and then axe it when it fails to get super-bowl level ratings!

    Come on, when was the last time Jerry Bruckheimer had a bad show??? He’s a brilliant director, and this was quite possibly one of his best shows!

  12. says

    Please people you take off Good shows like Vanished and leave on the reality garbage. If the local networks don’t strighten up there act they will losing alot of viewers. I myself live on a very fixed income and due to legal matters ihad to purchase local channels via a different company other then my satalite provider. Now I really wonder if it’s worth it. I don’t think so. Just saying keep the stupid shows and lose the smart people that know what they want.

  13. Rocketfyr says

    I was shocked that this show was cancelled it was awesome! I loved that they actually showed what happened at the end of the show it was clever to do it that way. I am so ticked that I just may stop watching fox altogether. Maybe if none of their shows got good rating they would bring this one back!

  14. Lisa Bittinger says

    Wow, I finally remembered to check out why Justice hadn’t been recording on my dvr. So I googled it and discovered that it was canceled. Wow!!!! that was a dumb move. I thought next to Lost it was the best show on TV. It’s better than Shark. What a disappointment!!! FOX needs to reconsider this one!!!!!

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