Killer Women: Cancelled; No Season Two But…

Killer Women canceled by abc To no surprise, ABC has pulled the plug on Killer Women after one season. However, there is a bit of good news for fans of this low-rated Tuesday night series.

Killer Women revolves around Molly Parker (Tricia Helfer), a tough-as-nails female Texas Ranger. Other series performers include Marc Blucas, Alex Fernandez, Marta Milans, Michael Trucco, Beth Riesgraf, Vincent Fuentes, and Paul Howard Smith.

The crime drama debuted as a mid-season replacement on January 7th, attracting a meager 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 3.96 million viewers. As bad as those ratings were, the show’s performance would only get worse in later weeks. The network ended up pulling Killer Women after six of the eight episodes had run. The last airing drew a 0.6 rating with 3.22 million.

Though the show won’t be back fo a second season, ABC has at least released the final two episodes. “Demons” and the series finale, “Queen Bee,” can be seen below.

What do you think? Did you like the Killer Women series? Would you have liked to have seen a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. James says

    Bring it back. I am getting so tired of reality shows and bimbo “celebrity stars” shows about those that have done nothing.

  2. Shirley Samperi says

    Just one more example of a network not giving an incredible show like this a chance. This show was amazing. Here’s hoping they do a DVD with all the episodes.

  3. says

    This is just crazy! About the time the show was rolling along just fine, someone shoots it down. Whats not to love about Trisha Helfer. She is one of those ageless women that will be eternally beautiful. Add to that fact that she played her roll very well. So, whose dumb idea was it to cancel that show anyway? Not smart, in my humble opinion. Enough said.

  4. Mike says

    Loved the show! Tricia Helfer had most Texans convinced she was a Texan, not Canadian. If we can’t bring it back, at least make all eight episodes available on dvd.

  5. sl says

    would have liked to see the entire 1st season. completely turned me off to ABC – very seldom watch that station then they give me something I like and take it away

    • Carol says

      If ABC had kept this great show on it would have had to do without some really bad series. Terrible call on the networks part but just one of many. Wish some other station would pick it up and show the reruns. The actors are probably in other venues now. Anyone seen them?

  6. Kathleen Flacy says

    Three comments: 1- ya gotta give it more than 8 weeks to get up and running, especially when it only begins mid-season; 2- what is it with ABC executives and killing good female protagonist shows?; and 3- screw the 18-49 demographic; those idiots can neither read nor think, and that’s why they go for the brain-dead “reality” show.; “Mr. Ed” had more thought built into it than the current TV shows.

    • Marianne says

      Perfectly stated and I am grateful I managed to tape all of the episodes before they were were removed from on-demand. Wonderful show, talented writers, excellent cast, and terrific casting directors, directors and producers. Really wish TNT had picked up the show. Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and Captain Sharon Raydor are strong characters and the shows are better for their contributions. Killer women had an unfortunate title but could have built an audience by word of mouth given more of an opportunity. I’ve given up on ABC.

    • Kuya Tino says

      I just complained about all those networks that allways kill the good female protagonist shows.
      Who is that – a group of chauvunistic old farts in their mid 90┬┤es ???
      This one was a really top show – should have been running for at least 8-9 seasons easy and with 23 episodes each season. The quality is there.
      I really wish I was a billionaire so I could buy all those shows and make them continue.
      But the thruth is – in the year 2015 – females are still NOT accepted for this type of shows.

  7. says

    With the airing of Queen Bee surely there was an opportunity to show Democracy in Action or is it that many Politicians and elected officials are corrupt and have more influence than is supposed?
    Fortunately I reside in England, here we know democracy was a confidence trick. But so much is now coming to light that perhaps Justice will prevail. Albeit 800 years too late.
    Anyway I personally think this story/concept had great potential and is worthy of resurrection perhaps in another guise.
    Regards from England

  8. Anonymous says

    I absolutely enjoyed this show. I loved getting lost in the action. Unlike so many other shows, the characters were real. You absolutely should have renewed this one. Bad call.

  9. Robert Hottenstein says

    I loved the show and wish it had been renewed for at least a second year. I thought Tricia Helfer was hot and a great actress. Hope she lands another gig so I can see more of her.

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