King of the Hill: FOX Announces Series Finale, What About the Rest?

King of the HillFOX just can’t seem to decide if they want King of the Hill or not.

Back in 2005, the show was set to be cancelled but execs changed their minds when the ratings went up and the Hill family stuck around for a few more seasons.

Last October, FOX announced that they were officially cancelling the animated sitcom. Though there were still several new episodes left, the April 12th episode was initially described as the animated sitcom’s series finale. Several original episodes aired after that.

It was later confirmed that there were still six original episodes left. FOX had already licensed two of them and the network had the option to license the remaining four. FOX pulled the show completely in late July, an indication that it was gone for good.

Should FOX have bought all of the King episodes?

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Last week, at the Television Critic’s Summer Press Tour, FOX’s network president, Kevin Reilly, said that it was unlikely that the network would be airing any more new episodes of King of the Hill.

Today, FOX announced that they were going to be running two original episodes together and calling them the series finale. Titled “The Boy Can’t Help It” and “The Honeymooners,” the stories revolve around Bobby being considered a ladies’ man at school and Hank’s mother’s sudden plans to remarry. The so-called “Texas-size” series finale is set to air on September 13th.

That will presumably finish off the number of episodes that FOX has licensed. So, what happens to the remaining four installments?

They’ll surely surface at some point so it’s just a question of when. The show is currently airing in syndication on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and the last batch of episodes should be available to the cable channel soon. If Cartoon Network picks them up, they’ll be aired and could be promoted as “world premieres.”

The last four episodes are titled “Bill Gathers Moss,” “When Joseph Met Lori, and Made Out with Her in the Janitor’s Closet,” “Just Another Manic Kahn-Day,” and “To Sirloin with Love.”

It’s unclear if the actual last episode, “To Sirloin with Love,” will give any more closure to the sitcom than FOX’s so-called series finale. However, it was registered with the copyright office in December 2008, two months after FOX announced the cancellation.

What do you think? Would you rather have seen the final handful of episodes on FOX or are you just as happy to see them show up elsewhere?

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  1. Cassie says

    What in the world is wrong with TV stations now days!! They take off decent shows and stick on pure junk and say it gets ‘ratings’. I don’t understand. This show was fantastic. I don’t know anyone who’s watched one episode that doesn’t fall in love with it and start watching on a daily basis right after. They seriously need to bring it back, because it’s th only reason I even watch Adult Swim. I sure can’t stand their stupid original programming. Putting episodes of King of the Hill on was the smartest thing they’ve ever done.

  2. Chuck says

    King of the Hill is just that “THE KING”. It’s a feel good show that we need that more than ever. While Seth and his shows have there place so does the King. I think the show gives you a perspective that is lacking in most TV shows and it does it in a entertaining and fun way. At the end of each show it leaves you laughing and touched. Can you give me a example of any other show that does this on a regular basis. We all know at least one character in the show in are own lives. This gives you a connection that keeps you coming back. I think cancelling the show is a grave mistake.

  3. Anon says

    Maybe you could write to fox & ask them to continue airing King of the Hill. I really like this animation as well. It’s hilarious.

  4. Me says

    With your ratings skimming the bottom, you would think Fox might start to listen to it’s viewers. The viewers want to see the series continued. Is there anyone out there? Please continue the series, or at least close it with a decent finale .

  5. anonymous says

    I love King of the Hill. I’ve been watching it for years. I think at least a few more seasons should come out. Besides, I was hoping Peggy would get pregnant again. She has been wanting another baby after all. :)

  6. chris says

    I miss KOTH. It was the only funny thing on Sunday nights and it didn’t involve 13-year-old pee-pee humor. (Anything by that dimwit Seth Macfarlane makes me want to puke) Does anyone know if there is going to be a “complete series” available for purchase? KOTH is one that I would like to have on my shelf forever.

  7. Erin Lynch says

    King of the Hill is the best show on TV! It is original and hilarious.
    Both Mike Judge and Greg Daniels definately have a great sense of humor.
    Most other TV shows are are stupid and “cheesy”.

  8. Anonymous says

    I love King of the Hill, and will be sad to see it go! why is it that all the good things leave so soon. This is better than American Dad! talk about a stupid show, com on.

  9. Miller says

    My seventeen year old son got me hooked this spring. Never had seen the show before and he and i started watching regularly. Received seasons 1 and 2 for my birthday this september and love the show. I have been recording and watching past episodes on swim. Boomhower rules.

  10. jason says

    Please don’t take king of the hill because i have just stared watching it for the last season to be my first and then i got some of the DVDs to catch up on the pasted episodes and watching it on cartoon network . but that could give them a chance because if you look at what happen to family guy they were cancelled and then started on CN and fox saw how good they was doing on there and then fox came begging Seth to come back so i will keep hope alive because we all need propane and propane accessories

  11. Maria says

    Adult swim just isn’t enough! Can’t another network buy the series? I want them prime time! Or at least in the late afternoon. Fox is running mostly trash now, no one I know watches it.

  12. Bri-Anne says

    The last episode sucked!!! It wasn’t even set up as a finale, it just like any other episode. We didn’t get any closer, or find out where the lives of the characters went. Very disappointing…

  13. Theodore Brois says

    I never watched cartoon based shows, My 11 year old son turned me on to this program
    and i felt there were Valued family life lessons of caring and compassion ,Relationships between Son and Father,Forgivness and placing one self own needs aside to help another, It desplayed friend ship,Light hearted comedy, Work ethics I hade to go to bed @ 10 pm so on adult swim it was hard. I fell very sad it is lost, we feel betrayed what is replacing it?
    Season finale seemed a little sneakey as most dont know it is off the air>

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