Kyle XY: Campaign Support for the Cancelled TV Show

Kyle XY supportSad Kyle XY news. Though the show has been a big success for ABC Family for most of its run, the network has decided to cut Kyle XY short after three seasons and 43 episodes. Understandably the TV show’s many fans are very upset about the cancellation and are hoping that the series can continue in some way.

Though it’s very rare that fan campaigns can change a network executive’s mind, it can happen. Recently, the executive producer of Friday Night Lights said he believes the show has survived in large part because NBC has recognized the passion of its audience. If nothing else, Kyle XY fans are certainly passionate. We’ve created this page to keep track of the ways that viewers can show support for Kyle XY.

Watch Kyle XY on ABC Family
Essentially, the most important thing to a network is for as many as possible 18-49 viewers. The more that watch, the more money the network can charge for their advertising. Watch every episode on TV — live, if possible — and encourage others to do the same. Perhaps one of them is secretly a Nielson family!

Write the network
Express your passion for the show but be respectful and polite. Everyone responds best to courtesy. E-mails are nice but personal snail-mail is even better. Some fans are sending packages of Sour Patch Kids while others are sending postcards with “Viz Allati” (from season two) written on them.

Mr. Paul Lee
ABC Family
500 South Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521
  Ms. Kate Juergens
Executive VP, Original Series
Programming & Development
ABC Family
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Sign a petition
Helpful hints: Use your real name rather than a screen name or “anonymous.” Explaining why you love the show is much better than “I support this petition.” Sign a petition only once. Spamming isn’t helpful.
Our Kyle XY Petition
Petition Spot

Become active with a group
Get in touch with other fans and become involved with their efforts. Here are just a few that are out there. Search your favorite social network to find more.
ABC Family’s Kyle XY Facebook group
Save the Tub MySpace group

Sites & Forums
Here are a places populated with fans that are dedicated to saving the show.
ABC Family’s Kyle XY forum

Post a button
If you have a blog or website, you can use this button to let people know you want Kyle XY to continue. To use it, right click on the image and save it to your hard drive. Upload it to your site or blog and then link it to the petition, this page, or another Kyle resource.

Support videos
Consider posting a video about why the show should be saved. Some viewers may not read news online but many do watch YouTube videos. Here are a couple compilations of videos that we found.


Are you doing something unique to try to save Kyle XY? Let us know by posting below!

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    i just want to know if is there a possibility to have a KYLE XY ending? can the ABC Family here our voices? please i need to know, i cant sleep well for days. because i cant stop thinking of “what happened to kyle Xy?” please help. is there a possibility to have a legal action to this? i really cant help it .im going crazy here. pls .

  2. tait says

    this was my new favorite show. i got my mom and then my whole family hooked on it. everyday we watched like 4-5 episodes on netflix. i finally finished season three and came to the computer to see if there was anymore episodes… sadly there was not. i still need to know what happened to kyle. please bring the show back… atleast for one more season, cause you really left me hanging. after 3 years people are still begging for kyle xy to come back onto television. GET A CLUE! bring back the show. please and thank you.

  3. Паша says

    Я посмотрел очень много сериалов и фильмов. Некоторые лучше, некоторые хуже. Но “Кайл ху” заинтересовал меня гораздо сильнее других проектов. Я с большим удовольствием смотрел каждую серию. И когда так завершили сезон… В крайнем случае доведите сериал до логического конца, а не останавливайтесь на середине пути.

  4. Steven says

    this was one of the best shows i have ever seen. there should be another season. we miss you kyle man. wishing and praying they will continue the show.

  5. Den says

    Полностью соглашусь с Александром! Это единственный фильм который я смотрел от и до. Это единственный фильм который заставил так переживать за героев проекта, где разварачивается такая интрига что мурашки бегут… И вы закрываете такой проект и с таким концом сами осозновая что вы будете просто засранцами после всего этого. Это неправельно.

  6. steve goeing says

    After 3 yrz u still have people posting on kyle xy does that not say anything please bring this show back it was a fantastic show that I miss greatly

  7. Александр says

    Прошу Вас продлите сериал “Кайл XY”. Этот сериал стал первым который я посмотрел с начала и до конца и очень расстроился со своими братьями когда узнал что 4 сезон прикрыли. Прошу вас не разочаровывайте нас и всех фанов этого сериала

  8. Dylan says

    I walked into my roommates room and saw him watching Kyle XY, and was instantly hooked after 5 minutes of seeing it, I continued to watch it on my netflix I watched every episode and was dissapointed when the reviews said it was cancelled.

    I am experienced with the fact of making ratings, and know castmember contracts are a troubled factor on keeping the show alive but I can garuntee that make at least ONE new season just to see what happens and ratings will skyrocket like you havent seen before.

    That’s a Promise, if not ABC can sue me. Lol.

    ~ Dylan J. Larsen,
    Tv Show Guru.

  9. Vadim says

    So that’s awful. One of the most popular serials is closed due to low ratings?!KileXY’s characters are ‘alive’ — relationships among them are amazing. I ensure one more season will have increadble ratings and millions of fans all over the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to revive KyleXY, and you’ll get very much money(these word to Kyle’s authors)
    I support this petition.
    From Russia with Love
    Your Fan
    PS I am sorry my english is very poor.

  10. курсовой по теории механизмов и машин КГПИ says

    Не могу сейчас принять участие в дискуссии – очень занят. Но скоро обязательно напишу что я думаю.

  11. Opeyemi says

    Please,please nd please,if its jst a season more pls letz no d end of kyle xy…letz knw wat kyle is goin to do wit cassidy or who kyle is goin to end up wit..mayb amanda or Jessi xx.

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