Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue: ABC Orders Two More Scripts of Each

ABC has reportedly ordered two more episodes of Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Is this a positive sign for full season orders?

Last Resort debuted to a mediocre 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.31 million viewers. The second episode dropped 14% in both categories and the third installment dropped another 16% in the demo. This week’s episode bumped up a little, by 6%. The drama averages a 1.9 in the demo with 7.81 million viewers.

666 Park Avenue premiered to an also-disappointing 2.1 rating in the demo with 6.9 million viewers. The second episode dropped 19% in the demo and 28% in viewership. Week three saw declines of 12% and 3% respectively. It currently averages a 1.8 in the demo and 5.57 million.

As you can see, neither of these shows is a hit and their numbers may very well may keep falling. By ordering two additional scripts for each of them, ABC is buying themselves a bit of time before deciding on the futures of the shows.

Other than Private Practice (which is ending), they’re ABC’s lowest-rated dramas and seem destined to be cancelled. It looks like Nashville will soon be in the same boat.

Because all of ABC’s new shows are ratings disappointments, it looks like the network is biding their time, waiting to see if any of them show positive signs of growth.

What do you think? Do you watch either Last Resort or 666 Park Avenue? Do you think either or both will get full season orders? Will either get a second season?

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  1. Eduard says

    666 Park Avenue is by FAR the best show airing at the moment! It is truly unique and leaves you with so many unanswered questions. ABC should move it to another time as there are way too many shows on a Sunday airing at the same time as this show. Critic have stated that this show has a lot of potential and clearly it would be a mistake for ABC to be impatient and just cancel it.

  2. copshowfan says

    Seems to me Last Resort is more of a mini-series anyway. Eventually the conspiracy needs to be resolved, kind of like “The Event”.

  3. Isaura says

    I hope they don’t cancel 666 Park Ave, I’m really loving the show. Maybe moving it to a different night where it’s not competing with anything else (as long as it isn’t Friday!). I can’t remember what it is against, I believe it’s The Good Wife. Another great TV show.

  4. The Llama says

    ABC needs to have some COMMITMENT to the 6-8 million viewers who have invested the time on two shows that build on story arcs! It’s not like anything they put on will get any better ratings. Give the shows a chance!

  5. Kathy says

    ABC probably is buying themselves time in making a decision, but I don’t think Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue are as close to being canceled as you make them seem. I don’t watch either of them live because I’m usually working late. I think a lot of viewers tune in every week, and if ABC gives them a chance they’ll do well in the long run. The same goes for Nashville.

    • Kat says

      A lot of shows would do well in the long run, but unfortunately, broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, etc.) aren’t really giving most shows that chance, anymore. It varies from station to station, but if I recall correctly, ABC’s standards are somewhere in the middle, meaning anything below a 2.0 average is usually cancellation material. I think the only reason either show hasn’t been cancelled yet is because ABC desperately needs at least one, preferably two, of their new shows to work out, but they just aren’t.

      I hope they don’t cancel Last Resort! The premise is ridiculous as all heck, but I like a lot of the actors in it and it’s done (acted, written, etc.) well enough.

  6. Tim says

    One thing that could increase viewer ship of Last Resort, is maybe move it away from Thursday. Thursday night football could have something to do with it.

    Last week Steelers, Titans Score wise looked like a close game, Its a good match up lets watch?

    Week before that, Undefeated Cardinals taking on the Rams. Can the Rams give the Cardinals there first loss?

    Of course I did not watch either game, I DVR Last Resort and waited to watch it with family.

  7. says

    It sounds like the people at ABC know 666 Park Avenue is good, so they are giving it more of a chance. I hope they move it to a better date and time to give it the breathe of fresh air it needs.

  8. Danielle E says

    666 is fantastic and really enjoying Last Resort too. Its such a tough world out there for shows- in a way its a good thing ABC shows are all doing ‘badly’ and they will drag their heels a little with them cause it might give them a chance to find an audience. So sick of good shows getting the boot after only a few episodes to prove themselves!

  9. Ollie says

    Really enjoy both shows, as they both have potential. I think a way of increasing the viewing population would be to increase the TV advertising in the UK, as i have barley seen any trying to promote the shows. ABC did this with homeland and now it’s massive over here, so they should really follow suit to gain popularity!

  10. sandra bishop says

    666 Park Ave and Last Resort are cancelled? Well if every tv show i fall in love with are being cancelled i think its time to turn the tv off and go back to reading books! At least I will get to the end!

  11. Georgia says

    Really ENJOY 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort. Hope they’re given a chance! As for Private Practice, look at the competition in the same time slot: Vegas and Parenthood Since the CBS drama Vegas isn’t on Demand I record it and record Parenthood. I watch Provate Practice on Demand every week. (In my opinion Parenthood is the best show on TV. It would be ashame for it to be cancelled.)

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