Legend of the Seeker: Tribune Dumps Show But May Not Be Cancelled

Legend of the SeekerWhile the second season of Legend of the Seeker is still airing, a significant decision has already been made about the possibility of season three.

Legend of the Seeker is a fantasy series about a young woodsman (Craig Horner) who discovers he is actually destined to be a heroic Seeker. The series also stars Bridget Regan, Bruce Spence, Craig Parker, and Kevin J. Wilson.

The show is produced by ABC Studios and airs in syndication, primarily running on stations owned by the Tribune Company. The show debuted on November 1, 2008 and was renewed for second season after just 10 episodes had aired.

Season two kicked off on November 7, 2009 and now, after 13 episodes have aired, Tribune has decided they’ve had enough. According to KsiteTV and a representative of Tribune, the show’s ratings haven’t been good enough for them to renew Legend of the Seeker for season three.

Should Legend of the Seeker be cancelled?

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While ABC has not made an announcement that the show has been cancelled, the Tribune Company represents a large percentage of stations that carry the series. ABC will have to do a lot of legwork to get it picked up by enough other stations.

The big questions are if the ratings are good enough for other stations to want to pick up the show and if the revenue will warrant ABC keeping the show going.

Co-Executive Producer Mike Sussman isn’t ready to give up just yet. Yesterday, he twittered a photo his show’s hero with his favorite Mark Twain quote, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

The remaining episodes of season two kick off on March 20th.

What do you think? Should Legend of the Seeker survive to see a third season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I just watched this series on hulu and when I finished it I found out that it was cancelled and I thought it was a good series I dont see why they shouldnt bring it back (wich I hope they do)

  2. blackman says

    we love both season and we hate when you make tv series and not finish nicely just make half way of story and then bye bye. NOT FAIR FOR PEOPLE ADDICT TO YOUR SHOW AND NOT GET ENOUGH

  3. Anonymous says

    Pls. I am begging in th name of God, we the funs need it. Season three and four. Pls God bless u ask u do so production group

  4. says

    please abc studio and tribune we love the show in africa especially in nigeria because we only watched it when the dvd disk is out so please renew it for a third season so that he should have a proper ending.

  5. marc says

    yes i want to see a 3th season to be honest i want to see 7 seasons,
    just as they did with Xena and Hercules,
    its a great show with great characters good story

    please let be more the most greatest shows are cancelled.

  6. marlena says

    I really enjoyed watching the series of the seeker. I would be most hopeful of a renewal.

    I just recently read the two novels sword of truth and blood of the fold. I could not put them down.

    I really hope that the series comes back on the air. I am not happy the way it ended.

  7. mory says

    thank you for your good site,legend of the seeker is One of the best serials in 2007_2011…pleas To make you run ,legend of the seeker season 2

  8. abaumanii says

    its the network’s fault that the show is not attracting any viewers. i guess they have underestimated the power of advertising. my suggestion for the new networks is to make a movie script then show it to the world, then make the season 3 that way for those who has not seen the series will pick up the track.

  9. Girlwithcurls says

    This show is like Roar, starring Heath Ledger. It had a wonderful story line and characters and actors. It had a lot to offer, but because of the late time slot and the minimal advertising for it the show ran its small course and ended with everyone still wanting more. It was a wonderful show and now they are doing the same thing with Seeker. Bad time slots and minimal advertising gets the show low ratings, what do they expect. Tired of executives who don’t really no the true audience and rely on out dated reporting to make decisions. Nielson families don’t represent the norm any more, not by a long shot. AND With the new Sy Fy channel executive they think wrestling is Sy Fy too. I am sick of people who run stations that don’t understand the entire concept of Sy Fy. AND I am tired of the trash they put on in their like their 50 dollar movies. Yes they have some good series and put good money into some movies, but we need more meat on the Sy Fy channel. Oops sorry for the rant LOL

  10. Dana Cloutier says

    We too would love to see this one continue, such a lack of sci-fi, fantasy on t.v. (cheesy horror doesn’t count!). Read the whole series, keep it going!

  11. frankinsturm says

    I daresay agree. The show must go on. It is not everyday that a gem like this – though a little rough but edgy – can be found amongst the heap of digital/analog show dung pile. I am a connoisseur of TV series, and I only watch a handful including this one. I hope they resurrect this show that has enraptured so many a viewer’s fancy.

  12. Vincent says

    Pls we want season 3. Y do u people enjoy being begged like God. U shudn’t have started it dan 2 just dump it like dis. I want season 3 next month, ok.!!!

  13. Chelle says

    As usual, they draw us in and get us hooked and dump the show. Hummm this maybe WHY I don’t have dish, cable,or anything any more.. I started watching the show on Netflix…I love the adventure and that it isn’t some dumb sitcom with different people, but same old jokes. I truly enjoyed watching it and would love for them to continue on.

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