Lie to Me: Does the FOX TV Show Have a Chance or Is It Already Doomed to Be Cancelled?

Lie to MeSadly, Lie to Me’s fate is still undecided. The FOX drama was given a full season renewal in November but the network has delayed its return until after the May sweeps period. That’s exactly a show of faith. And now, showrunner Shawn Ryan has jumped ship.

Lie to Me follows Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth), a human lie detector, and his team of experts who help law officials solve their most difficult cases. The cast also includes Kelli Williams, Brendan Hines, Mekhi Phifer, and Monica Raymund.

Last season, Lie to Me had a very healthy series premiere with a 4.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 12.37 million viewers. Those numbers slowly melted away though and, by the end of the season, dipped to a low of a 2.3 in the demo and 7.75 million. Despite the decline, FOX renewed Lie to Me for a second season of 13 episodes. Shawn Ryan (The Shield) was brought in as a new showrunner.

Year two kicked off in September to a 2.9 rating and 7.73 million viewers. Though Lie to Me was losing a significant percentage of the House lead-in, FOX gave the series a full season renewal and added nine episodes. Soonafter, Lie to Me hit a new low with a 2.2 rating and 6.64 million viewers.

FOX put the series on hiatus in December and it already looked destined to be on the bubble for a third season renewal.

It was expected that Lie to Me would return before the end of the 2009-10 season but FOX chose instead to hold original episodes until June 7th. That means they won’t air until after the May sweeps period and until after FOX has announced their 2010-11 schedule.

FOX execs could make their decision based on Lie to Me’s existing ratings data. Or, they could wait until after some more original episodes have aired in the lesser-watched summer months. Neither option is likely to put Lie to Me in a very positive light.

Now, it’s been announced that Ryan, the program’s well-respected showrunner, has decided to leave the show. He’s already committed to a new drama he created for FX called Terriers. It also looks likely that FOX will pick up his other new show, Ride Along.

While none of this means that Lie to Me will necessarily be cancelled, it’s certainly not positive news — especially if FOX execs like what they see in Ride Along. Why stick with a show that’s lost Ryan as a showrunner and has been losing viewers when you can pick up Ryan’s new show that’ll get some attention and might do a lot better. FOX may make a decision about season three at the upfronts next Monday or not for a couple months.

Whether Lie to Me is renewed or cancelled, it seems very likely that viewers will still get to see all 12 of the remaining episodes for this season.

What do you think? Does Lie to Me have a good chance of returning for season three? What would you do — keep it or cancel it and go with something new?

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  1. nasha says

    You people who decided to cancel lie to me are short sighted, lie to me could run longer than the Lucy show, people are already tired of the ignorant, stupid drama of! Reality TV .thanks for forcing me to read more. You are not very money smart!

  2. burton says

    I am so sick of these stupid networks cancelling good shows for foolishness….this is why i stop watching anything new simply because once you get into a show you morons cancel it. They don’t give these shows a chance anymore.. I am so sick of these tired a*% reality shows, stop cancelling the good shows to put on crap!!!

  3. srweiss says

    PLEASE BRING BACK LIE TO ME! It far exceeds any show you have ever aired. It makes people think and pay attention. I thought the Mentalist was to be compared but I cant even bring myself to watch that show anymore. Lie to Me beat the pants off anything aired for drama series. It should go on and even with Ryan lost. It would be great with or without him …. everyone os replaceable….Find a better Ryan! JUST PUT THE SHOW BACK ON…. give it a time slot deserving. So it makes its ratings. Get someone in FOX who can handle keeping what we like! Do youir ratings reflect the millions who record this series… so they dont miss it! WE MISS IT!

  4. Marie says

    I concur wholeheartedly with everyone’s comments here and really wish “Lie To Me” would return! Why can’t shows like these continue? Sure wish whoever is in charge would pay attention to our comments…

  5. Heather says

    I would love to see “Lie To Me” return with Tim Roth, but not with Kelli Williams. The cast has never had much chemistry, except for Tim Roth.

  6. Kris says

    I’m hooked on this show and would rather watch re=rums than most of the new programing. This show is different and not like all the other same old same old ideas out there.

  7. Anonymous says

    Why would you cancel one of best shows on fox?. House is getting played out and so are all the Gordon Ramsey knock-offs. Please leave something on TV that’s unique even if you have to play it in the summer. Nothing on TV now a days is original.

  8. datguyuheardof says

    Please don’t cancel the show. If you want to improve the shows ratings give it a better time slot. My suggestion, run it in the HOUSE time slot during Houses off season, or give it an empty night, not mondays because you will lose viewers to Monday night football. Just a thought.

  9. Diane says

    Please renew Lie to Me..Tim Roth is the best actor away with all the glitz and sexy women..just stick to the technology.

  10. Harvie says

    Why did you cancel Lie to Me!!!!!! One of the few shows that you could watch and learn something from. “MAN -UP ” and gives these shows a chance!!!! Just HOW do you decide what people are really watching!! Neilsen Ratings!!!! Get real! Who out there even knows anyone who is a Neilsen watchers…… No one I have ever heard of. Everyone I know all watch it.
    Shame on all of you……

  11. j. McDowell says

    Please keep Lie To Me; It is about the only show that showes a little intelligence, at least it is has a basis in scientific fact.

  12. erinn mccarthy says

    please dont cancell lie to me its one of the best show i have seen on tv and its one of the most intersting show i have ever watched . please dont cancell it

  13. Geraint Rowlands says

    Lie to Me should definitely be continued, this show is brilliant, it has an amazing look on how people behave a react to things, and the actors are top notch, tim roth is so good in his role as cal lightman, this show is addictive.

    the only reason the show hasn’t been gettin as many views is because of FOX constantly pushing it aside for the nonsense that is american idol, lie to me is inteligent, captivating, and truely outstanding.

    There is so much more to be told, about the story of cal lightmans history, this show could go bigger than before, and i believe if the show digs in to cal lightmans past, it will get people hooked, the character Tim Roth plays is addictive, you want and need to know more about who and what he is and was. I’d sugget a repeat of the seasons in an orderly way and advertised so that people know it, to remind people of what they missed whislt watching american idol, then release season four.

    This show is truely fantastic, and it definitely would be an incredible mistake to cancel it.

  14. dave alake says

    why did u cancel lie to me?not one of the best shows,but the best show on all channels.i mean why my life is a people love canceling the best shows for no reason,just because of the rating.u you if you didn’t respond to our comments

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