Magic City: Season Three Decision Coming Soon

magic city season three?Chris Albrecht, the CEO of Starz, says the cable channel hasn’t made a decision about the fate of Magic City yet.

At the TCA Summer Press Tour, he said, “Our policy process is one or two seasons of a show to really get behind something if we like the work… We have a couple of little surprises in our pocket in store, so I can’t reveal too much other than you’ll have the answer to your question soon.”

Magic City hasn’t grown it’s small audience in season two and has been performing the same as season one, drawing 430,000 viewers for each episode’s initial airing. That’s less than half of what the Spartacus series drew (1.0 million) and only a bit better than Boss (360,000) which was cancelled after two seasons.

It’s difficult to judge what Starz will do but it’s hard to imagine that they see Magic City’s small viewership as a success.

We also know that they have four new shows in the pipeline and have already renewed one of them — Black Sails — for a second season some six months before the show’s debut.

I suspect that they may cancel Magic City and hope that their new shows will perform as well or better.

UPDATE: Starz has cancelled Magic City after two seasons.

What do you think? Should Starz renew Magic City for a third season? Is the show worth watching?

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  1. Mike says

    I never heard of this show until I took a chance seeing it on demand. Now im hooked. Sometimes people dont see a show until they watch it by chance. With a little bit more promotion this show would have seen better ratings. The acting was superb , as for the sets, and the wardrobe. If they bring this show back I believe it would have more ratings if renewed at this point now that more people are aware of the show.

  2. Sandra says

    You need to bring back the show My husband and I really enjoy the showand look forward to each seassion.

  3. Dennis says

    I agree with many of the previous comments…why does a show have to be all about Money as to whether it gets cancelled or not / even with 430,000 viewers ( almost 1/2 million) I look forward to seeing the storyline eveolve every week Please bring this show back for a third and even fourth seasons !!

    • Mary Erskine says

      Loved the series and was comparable to the Sopranos which did run along time. I would really like to see more of this series and anyway I have not seen much to watch on this station as of yet.

  4. arlene says

    you need to bring the show back don’t leave us hanging its a good show I look forward to it every week

  5. Dave says

    Magic City is one of a kind with a great 50s set. Please don’t cancel it. Fans have to know if Ben gets out of his jam!

  6. Mary says

    Please renew Magic City because it’s the best show since The soprano’s That was may favorite show on Starz. Why now days is everything about the money and not just a quality show?


    • Anonymous says

      Please bring back magic city, I have so looked forward to seeing what happens in season 3’it was so good!!!

  7. Rose says

    I absolutely loved this show and couldn’t wait for season 3. The characters were exceptional, the plot kept you coming back for more, the styles were fabulous and it made me love watching TV again. I bought the series and have watched it 4 times already and each time I find something new. I even got my family who are living in South America to watch it when they came to visit and they loved it so much they bought the series to take back with them. Except as my brother in law would say ” I got questions!”. Take a hint and continue with a wonderful show.

  8. says

    Plzzz bring back Magic City. You are comparing audience attendance at different times of the year. Most folk watch allot more FtV in Winter as compared with Summer.

  9. Helen says

    Hi Bring it back Magic City The people The Stars Cloths the time 1959 and on to the next yr makes its worth watching we need more shows like that today shows are awful!!

  10. Angie says

    I want it back…. I just cancelled all of my premium channels except for Showtime(only kept it for Shameless) but was going to add Starz back when MAGIC CITY started season 3. I was looking online for when it was scheduled to start again….. I guess it isn’t so I am no longer subscribing to starz!!!! Bring it back!!!

  11. says

    I am so pissed off about the cancellation of Magic City! I just saw the write ups today
    while trying to obtain some information about Season 3. I also wanted to look up season 1&2 dvds. please renew at least do the 2hr movie you were thinking about!!!

    Sincerely but upset,

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