Missing: ABC Series Cancelled; No Season Two

Missing on ABC canceled, no season 2Becca Winstone’s chase is over. ABC has cancelled Missing, their Thursday night TV series, after one season and 10 episodes.

Starring Ashley Judd, Missing follows a former CIA Agent turned single mom as she searches for her missing son in Europe. The action show also stars Adriano Giannini, Nick Eversman, Cliff Curtis, Tereza Voriskova, and Sean Bean.

Missing got off to a disappointing start on March 15th, registering a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 10.60 million viewers. It was in third place for the demo and second place in total viewership.

In week two, the numbers took a significant drop, to a 1.6 rating with 8.81 million. Over the next several weeks, Missing fell lower and lower. The most recent episode hit a new low with a 1.1 demo rating and 6.37 million total viewers.

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Overall, Missing’s been averaging a 1.5 rating with 7.70 million viewers. If they had more episodes in the season, those averages would surely keep sinking lower.

On our ABC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo success of TV shows on the network, Missing has a “D-” for a grade. Of the 22 scripted shows on the network this season, Missing ranks 21st — just above the already-cancelled Charlie’s Angels remake.

With low ratings and steep declines, it’s no wonder that ABC decided not to renew Missing for a second season.

The series finale airs next Thursday and will hopefully include enough closure to satisfy the viewers that stuck with it.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Missing has been cancelled? Why do you think the show didn’t succeed? How long should have the show realistically lasted — one season, two, three or more?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Eric nana Antwi says

    Oh why¿..it was just a nice movie..please you guys should think again about your decision..wanna know wat happened to Becca lol

  2. kayleigh says

    I am so ANGRY that this was cancelled even if it didn’t have enough viewers!! there were a lot of people who LOVED this show and then it ends with Michael screaming “MOM!” seriously did they even think when they cancelled it how many people would be upset to leave us hanging like that is rude. When this came on I had a new favorite show and then when they cancelled it I was so mad. I keep watching the season over and over again cuzz it’s so good and then when it ends like that! Like SERIOUSLY you can’t just end a show like that there at least needs to be a big final episode that actually has an end other then leaving everyone wanting to see what’s next but they cant because it’s not coming back on! That’s all I wanted to say just needed to say how upset I am about it being cancelled somewhere so yeah… that’s all.

  3. POLAND says

    It was really interesting series. Ashley Judd had a great job! I can’t wait to the second part… You should change the decision!

  4. Judy-Anne says

    I just finished watching the series on Hulu and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it was ever cancelled in the first place. Ashley Judd was excellent as was Sean Bean in his role. They had so many great actors and an excellent back drop on which to shoot. It was better than watching many motion picture movies put out in theaters these days and sure did keep things moving along at a pretty quick pace as well as keep you guessing on who might be good or bad in the beginning. For the life of me I just can’t figure out with an all star cast and such a good cliff hanger upon which they ended Season 1 with Ashley Judd now missing – it left me seriously disappointed in ABC how could they let a good one like this be shelved especially to be replaced by and airhead show like Bachlor something. They should be ashamed of themselves to shelve such talent. I cannot believe that this show had low ratings and if it did it had nothing to do with the people involved in its production it had to be a massive lack of marketing, because anyone who watched it loved it, ABC just did nothing to give it an audience, shame on them. I hope that some other station will come in and take up where they left off, because this show has all the potential and acting talent to be up there with Once Upon A Time…. given its due marketing and backing by a broadcast station that is willing to back it and give it the time and nurturning that it and its actors deserve. Again, Well done Ashley Judd, Sean Bean and all of the Missing Cast you were all excellent in your parts. I will be praying someone brings you all back to life soon.

  5. Lynn says

    This was such a great show. It kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Wish another network would pick it up.

  6. Sand Edwards says

    This show most likely did not do well because of several reasons. Number one insufficient network interest to adequately promote proper placement and advertising during a somewhat struggling economy along with the release of Liam Neesom’s Sequel to Taken released in 2012. Two the very first action sequences were shot in a way the would almost give anyone an epilepsy attack. The choreography must not have been good enough on its own that the camera shots had to be shaken not stirs with flashing light, ie, the fight scenes on the train and chase scenes. Did the camera work really need to be shot this way? NO. Three the Acting of the main characters, Ashely Judd, Cliff Curtis and Sean Bean were stellar, but, could not hold together a hodge podge of a mediocre script, somewhat lacking actors (“Ice Queen”? hardly and the female Director of the CIA? Not convincing and two dimentional at best) I knew right away that Sean Bean’s character was still alive and Violet ( Cliff’s love in assistant would be involved) my friend suspected Keith Carradine’s GodFather character as the culprit from the very start. So tell me, if a show becomes so predictable, how could the network expect that viewers will still hold interest? Mind you, I loved the series and concept, but, its takes a lot more than a concept to make a great series and I don’t feel that ABC has much loyalty invest in their programming. Look at SUPERNATURAL, which has a simple enough storyline, has survived transitions from one Network to another and is in its 9th season. That’s loyalty and support. The camera work is fantastic, each season has cornball episodes and kills off more characters than I’ve ever seen in any other series, yet, the show continues to do well. Take note ABC

  7. Croatia Zagreb says

    This is a great series,series has a very good story and a good action and by keep the armchair all the time.actors are excellent and I’m glad that shown europa.
    I wish they were filming in Zagreb, but I would like to go on record second season with the possible a lot of actions and a good ending.

  8. Leah says

    Anyone who would have watched it would have loved it! I think it was an excellent show and am very disappointed it was cancelled and wish it would be picked back up by someone and continued! I think that it just didn’t get the exposure it needed because every episode I watched kept me glued to the TV and couldn’t wait to see the next one. What really disturbs me is that Becca is missing….come on guys go find her already!!!!!

  9. Mary says

    Missing is an excellent series. Ashley Judd is a superb actress. The network didn’t give it a chance to catch on, it was edge of your seat excitement, very fast moving, and interesting. Bring it back!

  10. Mitch Engel says

    Very sad to hear this show was cancelled. The story line was compelling, Ashley and all the co-stars played perfect. It had great story line and plenty of action and suspense. Funny that someone of her star power and acting capability wasn’t given a second season to find its viewership. To many of these types of shows are thrown away for some sick mindless reality show.Wish that one of the smaller networks would be smart and pick this up, as I sure would like to know what happened to Becca. A devouted fan of her acting and movies.

  11. Janvier Ruhigisha says

    Uhm! How comes just TV Series like this one is CANCELLED? They should review it again, because I don’t believe it has low rating.
    I usually watch some series and just stop without finishing them. But I was convinced this one will be watched till the end.

  12. maya says

    missing is a superb tv series.. please make it back!!! i dont know if im going to believe that this series has a lower ratings, because when i saw their first episode.. its really good than any other tv series that they are airing.

  13. says

    Those stupid jerks at ABC don’t deserve a Christmas Holiday this year or any year because their don’t know when something good ,they put a stupid show moron show like bachorlette a show that should be cancelled because it shows morons that can’t find a woman and they put woman on to catch eyes. The show producers must be perverts to run a show like that , Missing was the best Ashley Judd had more class than any dam woman they are showing now , John Hibert pissed off hates ABC

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