Mobbed: FOX Orders Eight More Episodes

MobbedFollowing the successful debut of Howie Mandel’s new reality venture, Mobbed, FOX has ordered eight more installments. The network isn’t calling Mobbed a TV show yet, just a bunch of specials. If the future installments also perform well, it could certainly become a regular TV series.

Here’s the press release from FOX:

FOX Orders Eight Additional One-Hour Episodes

On the heels of its successful debut last night, it was announced today that eight additional installments of the unscripted special MOBBED, hosted and executive-produced by Howie Mandel, will air on FOX.

“MOBBED exceeded our expectations in every way last night,” said Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “The show clearly connected with viewers, and we look forward to working with Howie and his team as they travel across the country to capture more of the shocking surprises, grand-scale performances and extraordinarily heartfelt moments featured in the first episode.”

“Doing this project was a huge undertaking – it was like doing television without a net,” said Mandel. “And I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that FOX is giving us an opportunity to keep pushing the envelope.”

The debut episode of MOBBED was the most-watched unscripted telecast to follow an AMERICAN IDOL episode in over two years in Total Viewers and outperformed FOX’s prior season average so far in the Thursday 9:00 PM hour by +36% among Adults 18-49.

In MOBBED, Mandel and thousands of strangers will help individuals across the country plan extraordinary surprises for friends, family members, loved ones or co-workers. These unknowing participants will be shocked and stunned by surprise performances that lead up to fantastic reveals that include a husband learning that his wife is pregnant, an applicant finding out that she got the job and a soldier returning home from war, among others.

Throughout each hour, the individuals will be shown prepping for the event – rehearsing their routines and refining their announcements – all while receiving guidance from host Mandel. Then, on the day of the big event – with the hidden cameras rolling – the detailed plan comes to fruition and suddenly explodes into a song-and-dance spectacle they are sure never to forget. What begins as a few dancers evolves into a grand-scale performance that wraps up with a life-changing announcement for the participants like nothing ever seen on TV.

Shine International will distribute the MOBBED format and finished episodes internationally.

MOBBED is produced by Alevy Productions and Angel City Factory. Howie Mandel, Chris Cowan, Jean-Michel Michenaud, Mike Marks, Darryl Trell, Howard Kitrosser and Michael Rotenberg serve as executive producers. It is based on a format created by Mandel, Trell and Kitrosser.

About Alevy Productions
Alevy is Howie Mandel’s Universal-based company that is run by Mike Marks. Alevy has produced “Howie Do It” and has several other projects in various stages of production, including “Flipping Dixie” and a hidden-camera presentation. They are also in development on a game show based on the bestselling iPhone App “The Impossible Quiz” and a scripted drama executive-produced by Bryan Fuller, as well as half-hour projects for Canadian television.

About Angel City Factory
Angel City Factory was set up in July 2009 in the United States by Banijay Entertainment with award-winning executive producers Chris Cowan and Jean-Michel Michenaud, the creators of “Temptation Island,” “Joe Millionaire” and “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance.” Cowan and Michenaud have produced and delivered hundreds of hours of network television over the past decade, including “Trading Spouses” and “Duel.”

About Shine International
Shine International is the sales and distribution arm of Shine Group, a leading independent production and distribution company focused on exploiting worldwide intellectual property rights through scripted and alternative television formats. Shine International distributes programming from the growing library of programming of the Shine Group, including Reveille, Kudos, Dragonfly, Princess Productions, Brown Eyed Boy, Shine TV, Shine France, Shine Germany and Shine Australia as well as Metronome, along with a broad array of programming acquired from independent producers and U.S. networks, to more than 150 countries worldwide.

What do you think? Would you like to see Mobbed become a regular weekly series?

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  1. says

    I absolutely love the show. This is what we need to see more of on TV. No Violence, cursing and sexual intentions. It is all about being happy and about making someone happy. I think it is one of the top shows on TV at the present time. Please continue the show. I LOVE IT………

  2. Beverly Campbell says

    I would like to have my children mobbed , to physically meet their half sibling , My kids r maiired , and so r theror half siblings . What a difference in both their lives this would be . . Thanks Becerly .

  3. marilyn spodick says

    My son is mad at me. He has two children, five and two years old, who I have never met.
    I am all out of ideas to reunite this family. I have tried everything. All I want to do is for my granchildren to know me and how much I love them before I leave this world. I have apologized and said I’m sorry, but they wont talk to me. Nothing. I need help, I’m desperate. I have a daughter too who I get along just fine with. I love my son and his family and enough is enough. This is torture.

  4. thomas kinnard says

    keep show alive finally a show that shows real emotion

    would be honored to work with you on a show or two

  5. lucy blair says

    I would Love to have my daughter MOBBED–she does sooo very much for me–takes me to dr visits–grocery store etc. She is going to school and a full-time mom–and very active in her church. Shes just a phone call away–and I’d love to tell her Thanks in the most AWESOMEST WAy–yes Howie–the Most AWESOMEST!!! by the MOB!!! I might have a plan –she goes to Walmart once a week–so we could MOB her there!!!!

  6. lucy blair says

    Love Love this program–should leave it on tv–wholesome family entertainment–please leave it here for us to watch!!

  7. Alan & Caroline Barnett says

    Hi, I would really like my wife and I to be married agained on Mobbed. On May 5th, 2006 I found out I had Testicular Cancer and was rushed to the hospital. I went through 2 surgeries and 4 months of chemotherapy. We were to be married on May 20th of that year. A few months after chemo, I had another major surgery which lasted 13 1/2 hours. We had to return everything we had for the wedding. Gave all the food to the Assisted Living Residents where we worked at. Everything went downhill fast. We were married a year later almost to the day in 2007. We were married at the justice of the Peace. I would really like to have a second chance at giving my wife the wedding of her dreams. She deserves it all after everything she’s been through with me. She is such a loving and caring woman who deserves the best life has to offer her. I can only hope and pray that someone from MOBBED will contact us for a future episode. Thank you for your time in this matter. We really appreciate it very much!
    Alan & Caroline Barnett

  8. Sandra says

    It was incredible. I cried right along with the unexpected bride through every turn of events. I hadrecorded it so when I had friends over to see it, we cried together as well. Like Cass, I’ve been searching for another episode. You can’t put on something like that and just STOP. That would be just plain cruel to produce something like that, give us a taste of an incredible show of such spontaneous happiness and selflessness! We need more feel good shows.

    You probably would have more comments if it wasn’t a one time thing that wasn’t so widely seen. I just hapapened up on it and then I saw it aired once more and was just as afixed to the show then as the other dozen times I watched it from the one I recorded.

    Please….as they say in Vegas…Let It Ride!

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