Monk: Your Turn to Pitch Reunion Movie Ideas

MonkAfter eight seasons on the air, Monk is finished and the last episode has aired. The mystery of Trudy’s killer has finally been solved and Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has found some peace.

Still, many people aren’t quite ready to let the characters go and would love to see them return in one or more reunion movies. The cast of the USA TV show are open to the possibility as well.

Shalhoub told the Boston Herald, “We’ve talked about a Monk feature. We’ve been talking about that for a long time. The cast would love to do it. But there’s really nothing hard and fast in the pipeline.” In another interview, he concluded, “I never say never.”

The last episode ended on a positive note and gave some closure but certainly leaves room for new Monk stories. If there were going to be a reunion movie, are there any issues left unresolved that you’d like to see addressed? A story idea? Perhaps some threat to Molly?

What would you like to see happen? Or, do you think there shouldn’t be a reunion movie?

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  1. Brian says

    Most of the ideas here would be great for a new episode, but NOT a movie. Randy/Stottlemeyer/Natalie running into trouble and asking Monk for help is just like another episode. We need a blockbuster. We need something that will move the Monk story forward. Problem is, the finale had pretty good closure. No questions were left unanswered, and everything went back to normal. Molly could be developed, but no one cares about a character that appeared in 2 scenes in an episode, and it would be unwise to waste feature-time on her.

    With no option to carry-on the Monk storyline, the only choice is to have a huge, huge, huge blockbuster case. By huge I mean conspiracies involving the president. Bring in the FBI, corruption, torture, fugitives, and we will have an excuse to bring the great cast of Monk, Natalie, Leland and Randy together on the big screen. I won’t list ideas because the script-writers have proven to be the most competent. But we can all imagine it will be along the lines of Monk seeing something that nobody else does about the president, and the veil of lies and propaganda begin to unravel.

  2. Jake says

    An enemy of monks should kidnap some of Monks friends and have Monk solve who did it before they all are murdered.

  3. Mary G says

    Any movie about Monk would be better than never seeing Monk again! He is the real 007 in a funny kind of way. I need more Monk . I think Sam’s idea above would be really a great storyline.

  4. says

    Trudy’s daughter is Monks’ stepdaughter–unofficially. She would somehow figure into it. As she is a photograher maybe she sees she accidentally photographed a murder–now she needs Adrien’s help. Randy and Sharona are married as her first marriage was annulled.
    Benji and Julie are college schoolmates and friends. They could both be theatre majors. Somehow they know the murder victim after seeing Trudy’s daughter’s photo. The victim was another schoolmates…

    That’s all I got.

  5. Isabella says

    I think that they should start from julie in college and then just start from there. Like one of her friends should get killed and then they should bring monk (and randy) back to investigate. I also agree that benji and julie start a relationship of their own so that they can bring sharona back! =p lolz

  6. Isabella says

    Awww… I just really miss monk and don’t care if it comes back in the form of a movie or a series (although I would like a series better) as long as I get it back! =p lolz

  7. says

    Dale the whale gets out of prison, Dale has Leland’s wife murdered for Leland putting Dale in prison. Dale frames Leland for the murder. Leland escapes while being transported to jail after his guilty verdict and goes into hiding to try and solve the case himself. Leland contacts Monk and Natalie who have moved away from the city to help. Randy has moved back to San Francisco with Sharona to be back on the force and has to chase after Leland as the murderer, In the end Randy winds up helping Leland because he finally realizes Leland didn’t do it. Monk gets all the evidence he needs to solve the case, prove Leland innocent and put Dale back behind bars. Years later Leland is standing at her grave. His X-wife shows up beside him that day. They eventually get back together… The End

  8. David says

    Ideas for movie:

    * Monk and Capt. Stottelmeyer and both of Monk’s assistants, including the first, save Randy’s career by solving a murder case.

    * Trudy’s daughter is accusedof murder, and Monk solves the case.

    * Trudy is still alive because it was Trudy’s look alike who was killed in the car bombing. The look alike had fallen in love with the lawyer who thought he had killed Trudy. Trudy did not show up sooner than soon after the series ended because she had amnesia after her lookalike almost killed her.

  9. angela says

    you guys need to make a monk movie quick i have seen all the monk’s and i need a monk movie!!!! Ithink it should be a movie not a series! ok Thank s PLZ MAKE A MOVIE!!!

  10. re says

    I had the recurring thought that Ethan’s wife begins her quest to kill both Monk and Molly, possibly even Natalie. She is so bitter that her husband has been taken from her, complicated by the fact that he had deceived her, that she is fueled by the obsessive thought of revenge. Even though the thoughts are misdirected, it could also play up the psychiatric influences and involve Dr. Bell. There are then many possibilities for the return of Randy and Sharona. As a sub plot, Benji and Julie could begin a relationship.
    Lots of ways a reunion show (s) could go. I really miss the show and would like it back in any format.

  11. Pam Herstein says

    Yes, Eddie, I think most big fans of the show saw the connection between the pilot & the end. I also noticed some discrepencies throughout the run. During, a flashback when he goes back to Berkley for the reunion, he meets Trudy at the library. Yet, in Mr. Monk goes to a Baseball game he comments to the famous player who is going for a record & whose lover was killed that he met Trudy when he was a cop & so is trying to be the man he was when she knew him. They had a great 100th episode where Monk solves his 100th case, yet 2 or 3 years before Julie & her friends give Monk 100 trophies for all the cases he’s solved for solving the murder of their coach. And most importantly, in the episode where Monk works in a store, the guard who had been a cop says he was with Monk in the squad room when he got the news about Trudy & Monk never laughed again. Of course, in the finale, he got the news at the birthing center. One other note–if he knew at the end of the 6th episode that a judge was involved, shouldn’t he have been looking into all the judges in the area? And the poison in the finale–the writers admitted they pretty much made that stuff up, but wouldn’t it have damaged his organs if the had it in his system that long? I’m just saying. Still loved the show & the little things they would put in–Monk saying he’d never seen Wings, Marcy Mavin “naming “all his cases & Monk wondering where she got the names, Monk, Sharona & Natalie never locked their doors, & everything was on Vinton Street.

  12. Eddie says

    Two songs that would go perfectly with Monk would be Germs by “Weird Al” Yankovic and The Perfect Bathroom Trip Song by Rhett and Link (video on itunes, youtube and Highly recomended. listen to Germs a couple times to make sure you understand the truth within it

  13. Eddie says

    First of all, Monk in a relationship would be a terrible idea. Trudy is his one and only true love and no one could replace her.
    Second, I have commented on this before but I would like to see some feedback.
    Did anyone else notice Andy Breckman’s brilliant connection between the first and final episode? In Mr. Monk and the Candidate, Monk says something along the lines of, “My stove, I think I left it running.” At the end of Mr. Monk and the End Part 2, Monk goes into his kitchen and checks to make sure he has turned off his stove before he leaves to a crime scene with Natalie.
    Number Three. Mitch case=good idea Another idea is to simply have some major case (serial killer/assassination) that police chiefs all over the country are called in for. That would bring Disher and Sharona back. Of course the crime would have to take place in San Fracisco.
    Fourth. Sadly we cannot bring Stanley Kammel (Dr. Kroger) back from the dead.
    Fifth and final. WHY DID KEVIN DORFMAN HAVE TO DIE?!?!

  14. says

    Deb apparently did not see all the seasons and episodes…

    There was already an episode where Trudy came back, but it wasn’t really her… I think they confirmed the death of his wife in that episode along with proceeding episodes.

    Sharona is with Randy – and so that possibility is out.

    Adrian also showed through out all the seasons the unwillingness to move from Trudy and start dating other people. I do not see romance love in Monks future, but love of a different kind.

    The Storyline:

    Develops the relationship between Molly (Trudy’s Daughter) and Monk. Perhaps even scaring Molly into, “What did I get myself into?” type of thinking. There were many significant moments in the last episode which can go many different ways. When the book closed on the season, it closed the Trudy Mystery. The viewers do not know Molly and I can almost bet that many of us would like to see what kind of relationship unfolds and what they get themselves into.

    Something along the lines that Randy has a big case at his new job and he can only think of one person to find out what happened. Alittle spice from Sharona and Nat would make the movie’s touch.

  15. says

    Why not start of with a movie off Trudy coming back? She had been in hiding for years because Ethan Rickover (Craig T. Nelson) wanted her dead.. She found out about it, faked her death, and went into hiding. Of course, at least a year or two had to pass from when he figured Rickover “killed” Trudy, and after Monk has fallen for one of the characters on the show…can’t decide who, though…it should be either Sharona or Natalie, because they know him better than anyone, and they both know how to deal with him..Of course, something has to happen to Sharona or Natalie (anything but dying) for Monk to realize how he really feels about her….it’s after he realizes his feelings for her that Trudy comes back…..This entire episode could be a dream for Monk, but then there might not be another Monk movie….As popular as Monk was, it’s hardly on tv in reruns anymore, so we still need all the Monk we can get.

    • Anonymous says

      They can’t do that for two main reasons. 1. Who survives a car bomb? And 2. Remember the episode where monk couldn’t sleep because of the woman and when they finally met she had trutys eyes surgically put in because her’s were going blind.

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