Night Stalker: The Missing Adventures of Carl Kolchak

Night Stalker Carl Kolchak and Perri ReedAs fans of the supernatural series know, ABC cancelled the new Night Stalker after just six episodes in early November 2005. Fans of the series had little hope of ever seeing the unaired episodes — until now.

This remake of the original 1974 cult-favorite series (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) focuses on crime reporter Carl Kolchak and partner Perri Reed as they reported on supernatural stories at a LA-based newspaper. Working together, they investigate a sequence of strange murders which to the murder of Kolchak’s wife — a murder that Kolchak is suspected of committing.

ABC recently announced that it is making the three previously unreleased episodes of Night Stalker available via for digital download via Apple’s iTunes Music Store. In keeping with the cost of many other available shows, each episode will be sold for $1.99. The first seven episodes (six aired episodes and one that was scheduled for network broadcast but did not air) were already available. (Download Night Stalker on iTunes)

The three newly released Night Stalker episodes are:

Into Night – Two late-night office workers are found dead and mummified and Kolchak searches for the cause before it happens again.

Timeless – Kolchak and Reed cover a strange murder — one that bears a resemblance to similar deaths that have occurred every 35 years since the L.A. Beacon newspaper was founded.

What’s the Frequency, Kolchak? – Our hero is kidnapped by a man who accuses Kolchak of sending him secret messages through his newspaper articles.

The Sci Fi channel previously announced that it will air all episodes of the series in the summer of 2006. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Chloe says

    I grow so weary of superior, more deserving TV shows being cancelled in lieu of the seemingly endless supply of superflous reality brain-rot. No TV show is perfect and Night Stalker is certainly not an exception, however, it was at the very least an intriguing, chilling display of interesting story lines, and above average cinematic character. In short, it was a good show. An interesting show. Perhaps a bit dark, and for fans of the 70’s Kolchak, perhaps a bit too “cheesy modern” for purists. But despite that, it was still fun as hell to watch. The last episode that finally aired “What’s The Frequency Kolchak?” was simultaneously chilling & exciting to watch play out. I for one, am very disappointed in ABC for not working with this show more. Don’t you think it might take more than 8 episodes to iron out any wrinkles and develop people’s emotional stock in the characters and their stories? That’s the whole fun of sticking a series out, so that you can become involved, put all of the puzzle pieces together and when the season is over, you look back at the crazy ride you’ve had; the highs the lows, and you realize…that was a lot of fun! TV shows are here to entertain us. They’re not perfect all of the time but we need to stop being so quick to cynicism, and suspend our disbelief for a moment.
    Why is American Idol & The Bachelorette more exciting to people than Night Stalker, Happy Town, and FlashForward? People complain about the lack of realism in shows like these but seriously, what reality show do you think is actually real? Give me a break. If you think reality shows are the stone cold truth, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Didn’t the Jerry Springer debacle teach you anything?!
    There are barely any decent TV shows left and if networks are not going to properly advertise and then make rash decisions after a handful of episodes how do they expect to have any successful shows?
    I suppose this quick turnaround is working for them. How disappointing for the viewer…

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