No Ordinary Family: ABC TV Series Cancelled; No Season Two

No Ordinary Family canceled season twoThe Powells may have super powers but they weren’t strong enough to save their TV series. No Ordinary Family has been cancelled after one season on the air.

No Ordinary Family revolves around suburban family who, while on vacation, crash into Amazon River and gain special abilities. The cast includes Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Autumn Reeser, Jimmy Bennett, Kay Panabaker, Tate Donovan, Christina Chang, and Romany Malco.

The drama had a decent debut last September with a 3.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.69 million total viewers. Unfortunately, the ratings didn’t stay at that level and dropped by 16% in week two and then 15% in week three. The numbers kept declining and went as low as a 1.2 demo rating and just 4.26 million viewers in March.

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The network cut the episode order but it was already clear by that point that the show was finished. ABC pre-empted one installment and bumped the penultimate episode to Saturday nights, an evening when few are watching. The first season of No Ordinary Family ended up averaging a 1.8 in the demo and 6.4 million viewers, making it one of the lowest dramas of the ABC season.

TV show supportABC has now officially cancelled No Ordinary Family. All 20 episodes have aired. Hopefully, at some point, the producers will share what they had planned for the future of the series.

What do you think? Are you disappointed that there won’t be a second season for No Ordinary Family? Why do you think the series didn’t catch on?

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  1. Me says

    I seriously thought you
    knew better than cancel this show, and I think that’s more a me who thinks that!! I started watching this show yesterday and was up to 04.30 am and then when I was done I tried to find the season 2 but I did not find it ! Then I saw this … I’ve tried to find this show for about 3 years because I only saw one of the episodes when I was little and I loved it but when I have tried to found it I always thought it was a movie .. And now when I found it it only got one season! Please couldn’t you make like a new show that’s related to this because that would be sooo awesome . But you probably don’t reed this comment because I’m only some girl who cares about some cancelled show . But bye !

  2. Unknown12 says

    Might as well stop watching at ABC family. They make good shows like the 9 lives of Chloe king and cancel it! like seriously!

  3. Bradley Ventura says

    are you kidding.I love no ordinary family.I want season 2 and I am not giving up trying to save no ordinary family.I am getting season 2 one way or another.Canceling this cool and super awsome show was the worst thing anyone could have done.I am 13 and I would be happy to be one of the cast in no ordinary family.My number is 0715499930.So please give me a call if you think this stupid that no ordinary family season 2 is canceling.

  4. Jose says

    Que pena que cancelaran esta serie tan interesante, me encanto la serie y no se en realidad porque decidieron cancelarla, parece que esa es la modalidad hoy dia. Espero que por lo menos hagan una segunda temporada y la culminen con todo el respeto que se merece…Vamos animence y continuen.

  5. Rabbi says

    I thought the series was brilliant. Its such a shame that its being cancelled after just one series. I live in the UK and it seemed like a hit here, please do consider bringing it back
    Thanks for the consideration

  6. drixxer07 says

    Hey, I’m from the philippines and i,d like to say, abc you blow big time. What kind of survey did you come up with for that kind of series? I’m not buying that whole 1.2% ratings, stuff. Actually there are a lot of viewers and fans that are watching no ordinary family, so please would you kindly start creating the sequel and add more seasons, and please give the characters george and kate superpowers and kindly enhance jim’s and jj’ powers too. So please do it for the fans. Thank you

  7. Michael says

    It was a good show I thought. A Disney version of NBC’s HERO’s meets Good Luck Charlie.
    I enjoyed it and thought it got better as the season progressed. The acting was fairly good and it looked like they stepped up the SFX budget for the last few shows.
    It wrapped up pretty well, gave me some closer and didn’t leave me hanging. It would be nice to see another network pick it up, like USA. It might fit their niche market with Royal Pains and Burn Notice, or maybe they could do some editing to go from PG to E for everyone and run it on Disney Channel along side Good Luck Charlie. Pair of Kings and the Suite Life on Deck…

    They cancel this one and yet they are still producing new series in the Power Rangers franchise. Now that’s a show I don’t think I’ll ever understand how it survived 25 yrs.

  8. Anonymous says

    I am at a loss. I don’t watch cable tv, or tv at all. I watch Netflix because I can pause, rewind, whatever. There have been a LOT of television shows that I thought were very entertaining that have been cancelled. Kyle XY, Prison Break, Heroes (the story line did get a little tired at the end), and most of them get cancelled without a conclusion.
    The Networks are going to have to realize that people do not watch television the way they used to 10, 20 years ago. Who plans their day around a tv show airing at a specific time? And who even subscribes to cable? Netflix has everything cable tv has, and it’s cheaper and far more convenient. Commercials are history! Cable and television companies are going to have to find a different way to fund their programs. I’m watching No Ordinary Family on Netflix now, and it’s a bummer to see that it won’t have more. There was comedy, action, beautiful women and decent plot, given the genre. I am at a loss as to why this show wasn’t given more support. We can see from politics that it really doesn’t matter if the subject has merit – all it needs is air time and exposure to the public.

  9. Ashley says

    I watched the show in the beginning, but I stopped because of lack of money to afford cable. Maybe the whole darn cable service is stupid. ABC included. Just cause someone doesn’t watch it, doesn’t mean the veiwers aren’t going to by the seasons on DVD. Dumb*** people. RATINGS AREN’T EVERYTHING!

  10. goradorth says

    Personally the season was great, however, ABC just as many other channells are too “obsessed with numbers” and of course ratings…i believe the ratings dropped because it tend to be a lil predictable… in my opinion… new characters should have been brought in and more of our favorite characters should have been through a more damatic trauma.. as iin something way more life threating than a kiss making mr. powell lose his power. it would add suspense and “hook the audience more” and provide a second season…. anyways.. season one was an excellent on.. in fact a GREAT start to a second season and maybe a third fourth or fifth…. nice cliffhanger with the end by the way…and thanks ABC for ruining a great show

  11. SilverCratose says

    I loved this show they acting wasn’t great at first but by the middle and definitely the end the show rocked. What was abc thinking or maby they weren’t is the point this show had better average ratings than heroes. first seasonand that show lasted fro 4 years

  12. Thrazeus says

    i have 2 things to say about this. 1- i agree with everything Masbro76 said. 2- plz bring it back i also watched this with my kids and we all loved it.

  13. SpOOky says

    I just finished the Netflix crash course on season 1 and I’ve got to say that ABC is relying too much on numbers and not enough on creative shows. I’ve seen shows go from great to crap faster than a speeding bullet.
    I admit that NOF had a mid season that felt a little misdirected, but my god, right there at the end it seemed to finally have fleshed itself out. Then to have ABC cancel it??
    What the hell did they expect by putting a family oriented show in a 10pm slot?
    The way networks throw up shows and use ratings to see if they work or fail is like putting a blindfold on when throwing darts. You know you’re putting something out there, you just don’t know where it’s going to go and with the blindfold on you really don’t care.
    I wish networks would realize that ratings aren’t everything and certainly don’t represent people all that well. I mean look at the Firefly fiasco, or Farscape. Fans came out of the woodwork left and right just to be able to see their show have the dignity of a proper ending.

  14. Masbro76 says

    It was a good show, a good family show. Me, my 3 kids all enjoined it, even my wife. ABC was crazy to cancelle this. A good family show with no cussing, no sex, nothing bad, do they realize what a rare gem they had? This show was a nice break from the reality TV crap thats all over TV. ABC made such a bad call cancelling this one, and from what im reading, a lot of people fell the same, hope someone at ABC reads these and comes to there senses.

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