NYC 22: Cancelled CBS Series Returning

NYC 22 on CBS canceledTo no surprise, CBS cancelled their low-rated NYC 22 series a couple months ago. Airing on Sunday nights, the new cop show averaged just a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 7.67 million total viewers. The network pulled the series in May after four episodes.

Though CBS hasn’t “un-cancelled” the show (as they did with Unforgettable), they are bringing NYC 22 back to the schedule. They’re burning off the remaining episodes on Saturday nights this summer.

The network is kicking off the show’s return with a pair of installments this Saturday, July 7th, at 8pm and will run another set on July 14th. Then on July 21st, they’ll run just one installment, coupled with a Hawaii Five-0 rerun. The Eye network may keep burning off the remaining NYC 22 episodes after that but haven’t announced their Saturday schedule that far in advance yet.

CBS ordered 13 episodes of NYC 22. They aired four of them in April and May and currently have five scheduled for the next three Saturdays. Hopefully they’ll keep airing the series so that the last four will also see the light of day.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that NYC 22 is coming back? Will you be watching on Saturday nights?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I loved NYC22, recently saw the first season on Netflix. It’s so crazy how the shows with substance, never get a chance! Yet the networks are full of mindless, senseless, “I feel dumber after watching” reality/tv shows! CBS this was a huge mistake! If you care about your viewers you would reconsider your decision to cancel this show which had great dialogue, story lines & intriguing cast!!!

  2. says

    NYC22 is one of my favorite shows I watched it from the very first and loved it,I also like rookie blue,Blue Bloods,Major Crimes,Castle and The Good Wife please keep it on it is a very good show just give it a chance I know other people will tune in and love it.You Remember the show Third Watch I hated when that went off, NYC22 reminds me of that show in certain ways, But everything in a nut shell please leave it on Thanks.

  3. Joanne says

    Unbelievable! One of the best police dramas to come to television in a while. Characters were believable. Wish I had known it was going to be cancelled, I would have taped the shows. That population you’re catering to, they don’t necessarily have the buying power that some of your older audience members have. The sponsors who had Harry’s Law cancelled will never see one single cent from my pocketbook. I’ll vote for good television choices with my purchasing choices!

  4. zed says

    YES! YES ! YES ! bring it back. great cast & writing. loved it this summer when it was hard to find “well done” t.v. & you’all ran back to back shows.
    you’all don’t give shows time to develop, plus give it a better time slot !!
    F.Y.I. it took seinfeld 6 YEARS!!, to catch on, show some conviction in your choices !!
    so, yes, PLEASE bring it back !! z…

    • Josh says

      Ya, so was the first season of the original Star Trek in 1966. It came out, nobody watched it and it only gained popularity thanks to reruns. But what’s the franchise worth today?

      There’s more to life than ratings….

  5. Austin Pryor says

    NYC 22 is a magnificent show and my wife and I would not miss it. The network should try another time slot or give it some time. Maybe even rename it. The plots, situations and cast are fantastic. Please bring this back. In fa

  6. Kathe Stein says

    Why is it that networks cancel GOOD series after a short time and yet mindless reality garbage goes on endlessly month after month and year after year?? And why does the viewer demographic leave out those of us who (god forbid) are seniors? Not all of us are Lawrence Welk devotees sitting on a porch gumming our crunchy granola. No wonder network tv sucks.

  7. bill says

    What makes a series worth watching from my point of view is characters I care about and a good story. This series had both. I wish they would bring it back. I miss it already.

  8. Anonymous says

    Love this show! Disappointing that it is going away as I look forward to seeing the next episode. A real shame

  9. Sara says

    Love this show!! CBS dumps great shows like this, but keep those stupid, moronic reality shows!

    I recorded all the episodes!! CBS…Bad decision!!

  10. Velree says

    Please do not cancel NYC 22 I truly love watching this show. I have even watched reruns on Demand so I’m asking, pleading and begging you CBS not to cancel this show. The acting is great and the storylines are enjoyable. This show need a prime time slot just maybe it will receive more viewers but please reconsider your decision. I am so tired of every television show I like always ends up on the cancellation end. If you do cancel this show can I purchase the box set videos of all the shows that were aired thus far? This is absolutely one of the best police dramas this season.

  11. Stan Blostein says

    I’m old enough to remember when CBS News meant something-as I recall, it was called journalism. Dumping this show is following the same path that the Corporate office follows with most of their offerings. The person obviously responsible for the patiful condition of CBS these days is the CEO, who I assume is still Moonves. NYC 22 was excellent TV-too good for CBS.

  12. Carol says

    It’s unbeleavable what you do to fans. I love the show ! Good thing I had it on DVR because I would not have known about the changes. They just slipped it to Saturday without announcing it. It’s as if CBS really didn’t want it to succeed. I didn’t even know it was being cancelled until I was looking up to see if JayZ was the one rapping in the beginning of the episode . To my surprise it said “NYC22″ was being cancelled along with some other favorite shows of mine. CBS was my #1 network starting with the News and the Prime time shows. I love CSI , all of them , NCIS , both of them , Criminal. Minds , and so many more. I also added unforgettable on my list . It was different just as NYC22 was different. You had suspense , love and a little comedy. Regroup yourself CBS , too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the meal. You are letting your fans down . Show us we matter!

    • Anonymous says

      this is another program that is intelligently written and worth watching but who listens or cares about quality anymore?

    • Sally Tilton says

      I will miss NYC22. All my shows are on CBS, except for Ellen DeGeneres. Reality shows are just mindless drivel. Who makes these decisions?

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