Pan Am

Pan Am TV seriesNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 14 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 25, 2011 — February 19, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Christina Ricci, Mike Vogel, Michael Mosley, Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie, and Karine Vanasse.

TV show description:      
This dramatic TV series takes place in 1963. It’s a time when only a lucky few could afford to take flight, experience a global adventure, or gain a front-row seat to history. The lucky few that could afford it flew on Pan Am, the largest, most prestigious airline in the world.

Pan Am’s Clipper Majestic plane is about to embark on its inaugural flight with Captain Dean Lowrey (Mike Vogel) at the helm. Dean, recently been made captain and wouldn’t trade this moment for anything in the world. His First Officer and Co-Pilot is Ted Vanderway (Michael Mosley), a former Navy test pilot. He finds the commercial skies every bit as turbulent as he struggles to overcome past mistakes and prove his worth as an aviator.

The Clipper Majestic’s Purser is Maggie Ryan (Christina Ricci). She’s climbed her way up to a better life and is at last riding high; determined not to fall. Kate Cameron (Kelli Garner) left her sheltered life in East Granby, Connecticut to brave the intrigue of a wide new world. Now, she must brave even more intrigue as an international agent for the CIA.

Kate’s sister, Laura Cameron (Margot Robbie), left her past and future by running off on her wedding day. She’s following her older sibling to the skies of Pan Am. It’s a bold move and one with serious personal consequences.

Colette Valois (Karine Vanasse) was born and raised in France and has an innate understanding of international affairs. In affairs of the heart however, she’s still struggling to find her way.

The crew of the Clipper Majestic travel to intoxicating cities such as Paris, Berlin, Monte Carlo, and Rome. Along the way, they also happen to bump into history.

Series Finale:     
Episode 14 — 1964
Ted becomes increasingly nervous as wedding plans race forward; Kate wrestles with suspicions about those around her; Laura receives a startling offer from Amanda; Maggie is placed is a perilous position.

The crew is flying back to New York, but this time the plane’s a little light. Prince Omar and his staff are the only passengers, and in fact the Prince is serving Colette as another of his charming ways of wooing her. Their romance is going so well, in fact, that he asks for her permission to formally court her. She would come live in her own wing of his family’s palace with her own staff and an unlimited clothing allowance—NICE!—while she meets his family and his parent’s staff investigates her background. Oh, and she’d have to take a six-month leave of absence from . Colette decides to take a few days to think it over.

Dean doesn’t need quite that long to realize he doesn’t like it at all. He’s still very much in love with Colette, but thanks to his last night of passion with Bridget, he’s lost her for what now seems like forever. To add to the captain’s woes, he’s just been grounded pending a hearing on his actions when he was forced to land in Haiti. It looks like the rich, jerk passenger from that flight is suing , and one of the stipulations for settling the suit is that they have to fire Dean. The hearing’s not going well, until Captain George Broyles shows up to testify on Dean’s behalf and deliver a letter from Juan Trippe, the founder and owner of , stating that Captain Lowrey gets to keep his wings. Instead, he gets a six-month suspension. Too bad he can’t spend that in a palace like Colette.

So why did Captain Broyles save the job of a guy who socked him in the jaw a few months before? That’s because Maggie Ryan came to the rescue! It turns out she decided to go into business with Broyles after all, and the two have opened up a nice little smuggling operation over the past couple of months. Most recently, she smuggled in some antique jewelry for some new buyers. She insists on going with Broyles for the exchange, and that’s when her new, genuine knowledge of Portuguese saves them from getting robbed by some gangsters. She comes back herself later, and negotiates the deal herself. Broyles is impressed, and the two of them celebrate by fooling around on a bed covered in cash.

Ted is still faced with a dilemma. Amanda loves him and is a great match for him and their families are an even better one, but he doesn’t love her. He loves Laura, and he finally tells her so. The two of them finally kiss, and Ted calls off the wedding. But it turns out not to be so easy when Amanda meets Ted to tell him that she just found out that she’s pregnant. It looks like the marriage is going to be back on.

Prince Omar continues wooing Colette as the background check commences. She tells some investigators about her childhood in an orphanage in France, and they uncover a shocking truth about her and her family. Her real name isn’t Valois—the nuns in the orphanage changed it to hide the fact that Colette is Jewish—and her parents weren’t members of the French resistance. They were killed in a concentration camp. On top of all of this, she finds out that, somewhere out there, she has a younger brother who probably survived and was adopted by another family not long after they were taken to the orphanage. Due to these revelations, the official courtship ends, but Colette is excited at the opportunity to find her lost brother, and Dean insists on helping to lead the search. After all, he’s got six months off of work.

Kate opens her front door one evening to find Richard there, bleeding from a gunshot wound. He has a microfilm that the Russians are after and a double agent sold him out. He sends her off to the CIA to deliver the microfilm, and tells her that no one knows he’s missing, so if anyone asks about him, they’re the double agent. Not far from her front door, Anderson, her contact at MI-6 stops her and tells her Richard is missing and believed to be a double agent himself. Kate’s not quite sure who to trust when she rushes home and finds the microfilm canister empty and Richard gone. But he turns up again a few minutes later with the microfilm, now knowing he can trust her and that Anderson is the double agent. Later, Kate meets Anderson at the train station and tells him she has the microfilm. He insists she hand it over, but when she suggests that they take it to the CIA together, he pulls a gun on her. But where he’s got one gun, Kate’s got several as it turns out everyone in the train station is a spy and the whole meet was a sting.

As everyone gathers at Ted’s apartment on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop, we’re left wondering what 1964 will bring for the crew of the Clipper Majestic. What will happen when Ted has a chance to tell Laura that Amanda is pregnant? Will Maggie get caught at her new smuggling operation? Can Kate continue to survive in the spy game? And will Dean and Colette find their way back to each other while they try to find her long, lost brother? As always in the Jet Age, the future is full of possibilities. Courtesy ABC.
First aired: February 19, 2012.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    What a shame that ABC people have no idea what their public likes or wants. What a great show and the best thing that happened to ABC in years, also the only reason I and my friends even watched them was because of Pan Am. Our loss is their loss, we have agreed that there is no other reason alive to watch the death spiral ABC!!!

    • Andrea says

      I totally agree. I LOVED that show and just found out now that it was not coming back. It was great and something different. Shame on you ABC!!!

  2. says

    Can’t believe that ABC cancelled Pan Am, only the best show ABC has had in years and the only reason I even watched the network. It was a great show, too bad ABC official have no idea what the public wants and obviously no common sense. Too Bad!!! Goodby ABC for me

  3. Donna says

    I was so disappointed that this show was cancelled. I loved it. Please rethink the decision to cancel it and give it another shot. Great show and great performances, by very talented actors.

    • Ang says

      So disappointed that Pan Am was cancelled. It was one of the few shows I was sure to watch or DVR. I’m afraid that as long as the networks find reality shows more profitable, we will see more of that and less effort to create great story lines. I am avoiding all reality shows because I don’t like this trend. I think the network failed to understand the purchasing power of the demographic that watched this show. They sure left us hungry for answers as to what the future held for the Pan Am characters.

  4. Karyn says

    Im so disappointed that Pan Am was canceled! It was developing into a great show. I looke forward to watching it every Sunday night.

  5. Todd says

    This was the best show ABC has had on for awhile, and one of the best Sunday evening series. Very intersting to see how things were back in the 60’s. Really is a shame you didn’t keep it around for another season or two. Maybe a smart network like Fox or NBC will pick it up. They could use this show in their lineup…as could ABC you would think.

  6. Arleen says

    Can’t you give this series another series to prove itself? Or even have another network pick it up. Please, please, please!!!

  7. say what!? says

    Loved watching this show. Old enough to remember the era. Showed how people thought then…as with the episode with the Russians.
    Also great to see clothing wore then, I thought the ladies clothes of the 50’s & early 60’s were some of the loveliest ever. Women dressed up to go to church or ride in a plane. Am pretty much into casual & comfortable myself now.. but sometimes we get way too casual almost to the point of insult to the occasion or other people there.

  8. reader says

    I love Pan Am. Please, some cable network, make a deal with some European partners, & with Sony, the producer, & rescue this dream bird !!!

  9. Ed Parrey says

    To my former friends, colleagues and others at Pan Am.

    There are more than hundreds books written by former Pan Am stewardesses as well as many others originating from pilots. They all seem to have their stories very much in common and soon become by themselves repetitious.

    The actors are not at fault and were doing a good job in line with the script they had to follow. The writers/producers being tops in their respective fields were limited by the stories and information handed to them.

    Pan Am stewardesses, while important and necessary to the benefit, welfare and safety of passengers, are not all there was to Pan Am.

    What are desperately missing were interesting, adventurous and exciting factual stories which begin on the ground.

    For instance, the public would be interested to know how potential stewardesses and other supporting employees are hired.

    As a former Pan Am Station Manager, who came up from the ranks, let is be known that applicants indicating having been bored would not be hired in any position. For stewardess prospects, there are grueling, difficult stress, interviews which are extremely selective. Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands of employees who made Pan Am the greatest airline by working in ‘Passenger Service’, ‘Freight and Mail’, ‘Commissary’, Communication’, ‘Reservation’, ‘Ticketing’, ‘Operations’, ‘Administration’, ‘Special Services’ without these and other departments, it was all of them who made Pan Am.

    Readers would like to travel along with the stories; from Baghdad to Berlin; from New York JFK to Nuremberg and more. Now it can be told about the good and the ugly of yesteryear. Just some of the problems of those days, were embezzlement, money laundering, smuggling, stowaways and much more with emphasis to keep these items from becoming knowledge to the stockholders. There was at least one passenger who was able to bring in massive amounts of pure heroin, all with the knowledge of US Customs. Also of interest was finding a former Nazi criminal who was working as a Pan Am personnel chief and comptroller at one of the largest airports.

    These and many others are real stories. No fillers or additional fantasy needed.

    I wrote a book “Pan Am and Beyond – Turbulence on the Ground” which became a best seller at Amazon in 2000. ISBN 9781618420091 My purpose was to make contact with former colleagues, employees and friends again.

    This book can now be obtained as an e-Book for only $2.99 through:

    Amazon (for Kindle) which also lists for free 22 reviews; Barnes & Noble (for NOOK); Apple (for iPad) and Reader Store (for Sony Reader) or from your computer. I do not expect a profit from any sales. Just enjoy the book.

  10. patrick says

    BRING IT BACK !!! What is wrong with you people ? It wasn’t one of those stupid “housewives” shows. Honestly it was the only reason to even turn to your channel.
    You finally get a GOOD, Watchable show with endless possibilities and story lines…And you cancel it. Idiots.

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