Single Ladies: VH1 Series Cancelled, No Season Four

Single Ladies canceledThere won’t be a fourth season of Single Ladies on VH1. The cable channel has cancelled their original series after three seasons on the air.

In a statement, VH1 said, “We’ve been proud to deliver three seasons of the drama, romance and style that engaged viewers in each episode of Single Ladies. Although we’ve decided not to move forward with another season, we hope to work again with the talented cast, creatives and producers as well as our partners at Flavor Unit Entertainment in the near future. We also thank the show’s fans for their support since the premiere in 2011.”

Single Ladies revolves around the lives of three close female friends who have different views on love, sex, and relationships. The cast includes Denise Vasi, LisaRaye McCoy-Misick, Charity Shea, Kassandra Clementi, Travis Winfrey, Harold House Moore, Terrell Tilford, LeToya Luckett, and D. B. Woodside.

Season three is currently airing and will wrap on March 24th. This season has averaged 2.17 million viewers, a slight decline from season two’s audience of 2.27 million.

The cancellation comes a couple days after VH1 picked up a new drama called Hindsight. The cable channel’s other original scripted series — Hit the Floor — was renewed for a second season last year.

What do you think? Did you like the Single Ladies TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for another year?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Karen & Coco says

    Just as the series had gotten really good the drama was rising, this show has the same qualities of mesmerizing nature as “Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal” and if those show weren’t cut; what’s wrong with the writers at VH1? I believe it should return for another season

  2. Sharon says

    I am truly disappointed in VH-1 cancelling Single Ladies after 3 session with 2.17 viewers that tune in every Monday. I think this was a bad business decision. I know that I will no longer watch VH-1 and I will have my friends and family to boycott. This drama was very good and entertaining, it was for a mature audience. What should been taken off is all the reality series on VH-1. Single ladies produces by Africian Americans and almost all Africian American cast , it empowered women everywhere to obtain their own business and be successful while waiting for the love of their lives. I think this is a discredit and I believe this is more racial than anything.

  3. Ron says

    I’m really disappointed in VH1 I barely watch any of your shows, but Single Ladies was one I faithfully watched. That 2.17 million viewers you once had is a distant memory, cause nothing can take the place of the Atlanta based beauties and their amazing talent. Remember you are losing the fan base of what Single Ladies brought to VH1. I really hope another network sees that the writers, directors and cast have more to bring and picks this show up. I taped every episode, my friends who work nights come by and we watch and enjoy our Single Ladies.

  4. Sydney Lyttle says

    I think that Single Ladies should have been renewed for another season. The show had a refreshing look on relationship and the lives of best friends. I will personally miss the show a lot. I really hope there is a way that the show can be picked back up. There were a few soap operas that were cancelled after much longer on the air than Single Ladies and they were picked back up so maybe Single Ladies will too. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  5. Diane says

    I really enjoyed Single Ladies. So did a lot of my friends. We were looking forward to Season4. It bites when you like a show and it gets cancelled for no good reason.

  6. Tami says

    Please bring Single Ladies back. My friends and I enjoy the show so much. Plus, the show left us hanging on some situations. . .

  7. Caroline says

    Please bring this show back; we finally can watch a real TV drama instead of all of the stupid reality TV shows which real people don’t watch only other drama queens. Please bring the show back.

  8. Tay says

    Guess what everybody it was announce earlier today Tuesday April 8, 2014 BET sister network Centric which can be found in most tv markets via a cable box has renewed single ladies for season four, this deal came about when Queen Latifah who is executive producer of Single Ladies struck a deal to air encore presentation of her hit daytime talk show The Queen Latifah Show on BET network same day presentation later on at night on BET Network with that deal which is produce by her production company Flavor Unit also went into negations to try and strike a deal to move Single Ladies to either BET network or one of its sisters network like centric and the deal came thru effective today April 8, 2014 that Single Ladies which is also produce by her production company Flavor Unit will now start airing on Centric with a new season of season 4 moving and coming to Centric.

  9. says

    The finale left you wanting more. April woke up married ironically days before stating she didn’t want to get married ever again unless it was a “pretty ring” to one of her clients. Rockell finally asked for what she wanted and she ends up with a good man. Felisha left with a white man lol. Omar’s fashion career was reaching it’s peak. Most importantly, Kesha finally gave up on Malcolm which left me with that I know that feeling. It’s a true disappointment this show was canceled. There were so many new beginnings which would have created another successful season. This show will be missed.

  10. nikki says

    Single ladies need to come back. You just can’t cancel in the middle of leaving people without a end. The show is fantastic and it have you at the end of your seat wanting to see the next episode or what will happen next. Please bring it back asap. Black shows like that keeps you can base and there isn’t much black shows out there. PLEASE COME OUT WITH MORE SEASONS.

  11. Dee says

    Seriously, I believe if something has to be done, it has to be done well…. VH1 finish the extraordinary show u started. How can all the single ladies still end up single? What’s the point anyways! I know everything has an end but this is not the end of SINGLE LADIES….Why not let we the fans decide ….let’s put this to a vote

    Renew ★★★

  12. Anonymous says

    I am really, truly tired of VH1 always wants to cancel a show due to picking up new shows. Really, the decline in viewers was not drastic at all. Did VH1 ever think about who was on at the same time Single Ladies were on? VH1 never has long running series. It is always a deal breaker with them when something happens. I guarantee these shows VH1 is picking up will not be a greater hit than the ones VH1 cancels. I am not a VH1 fan at all. What caught my attention is Single Ladies and Mob Wives. It was more like a drama series than a reality show for a change. It was a series compare to what is playing on VH1 now. Some people are getting fed up with REALITY SHOWS. I don’t watch many at all. I guess you can count on one hand using less fingers to say that is how many reality shows entertain me. It is SAD and PATHETIC to cancel Single Ladies therefore bring the series back for season 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, why not!!! If you need better writers get the one who writes for Scandal and Grey Anatomy if that is the case. Get somebody…..PERIOD Just bring Single Ladies back.

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