Strike Back: Renewed for Final Season on Cinemax

Strike Back last seasonCinemax has announced that Strike Back has been renewed for a final season of 10 episodes. The installments will begin airing some time in 2014.

The cable channel began airing Strike Back in 2011. The show originates in the UK and Cinemax decided to begin their run with season two.

They recently decided to go back and start airing the first season as Strike Back: Origins, treating it as a prequel. Origins began airing this past Friday and will run through November 29th.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that Strike Back will be back next year? Do you think it should be ending?

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  1. Cherlynn Allen says

    I don’t get it cable gets good series only to cancel them what’s up with that ???????????????? I’m upset!!!!!

  2. Michael says

    No I dont think it should be cancelled cinemax is stupid for cancelling there highest rating show in like 10 years

  3. says

    Loved the ladies too. Ugly ass ones on the unit.
    These though ,,wow ,where would one start ? The one lady protraying a Mosed agent was sooooo Hot. The lust “oops I mean list goes on and on . Props,off to all the ladies actually . All were smoking hot !!! Oh my goodness ,gets my anatomy on fire when I see Strike Backs little tender ronnies he he especially when Scott’s handling his bussiness ,hittng that ass. Wished he would have nailed the colonial in the first Season though. She needed a good rump ,no make that shag! Eeeewww Scott you almost had your chance ,til she walked in when the shrink was getting hers first .

  4. says

    Way way better then the Unit. Which brought in the wife’s ,which sucked! Could never wait til it went back to the soldiers!!!! It’s just totally done better ! Especially with how the locations seem to fit with the show. Where as the Unit always seemed like back yard staged production ,cheap ass ******** . Looked totally done in California .

    Anyways ,we all Wish “Strike Back” ,would continue ,but one door closes guys,and another opens . Remember that !!!!! Everyone affiliated with Strike back did a wonderful job with the whole show. The WRTTERS ,locations stunt work,set up,props,gaffers ,the whole staff. And hats off to the obvious SAS ,SBS !!! Wow rangers may lead the way ,but they are the way!!!!!!!!

  5. Dillon Browning says

    Cinemax: you are fools if you do not continue this show assuming the headlining cast are willing and able. FOOLS.

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