Supernanny: Jo Frost Calling It Quits After Seven Seasons

SupernannyOn her TV show, Supernanny Jo Frost tells overwrought parents that it’s okay to take a break sometimes. Well, that’s just what she’s doing. Frost has decided to walk away from her ABC reality series after six years and seven seasons on the air.

Frost feels that it’s time to focus on having a family of her own. She tells the NY Post that she wants to find more balance in her life, saying, “I have decided to hang up my cape. It was a very conscious decision, through much reflection.”

Frost’s schedule keeps her so busy that she hasn’t even had time to buy a house and stays with her father when she’s in the UK. She said, “[Having children] is not an option when you are traveling and working 46 weeks out of the year. Proper balance will allow me to date and have a relationship and look at my own future of having a family.”

The seventh and final season of Frost’s Supernanny kicked off on Friday. It placed second among viewers 18-49 with a 1.2 rating and 4.79 million in total viewership. According to the network, that’s up 7% from last season’s premiere but they’re hardly impressive numbers.

If the show was performing better, ABC would likely want to replace Frost and keep the series going. Based on the ratings, it’s far more likely that they’ll let the series come to a close when Frost hangs up her cape.

What do you think? Do you enjoy Supernanny? Will you be sorry to see it go? Do you think another nanny should take over?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I would’nt want Supernanny to go! EVER!!

    But if I get older, like Jo’s age, which is 39, I’ll take over! But I’m only 12!!

  2. Allison says

    I will definitely miss Jo Jo! She knows what she is talking about, with or without having children of her own. We have tried many of her tips and they work.
    I think maybe Jo and Gary from the last show should go out. I think there was some chemistry there!

  3. Karen says

    I’m gonna miss Jo-Jo and the show! I wish it had been on when I was raising my children. Best of luck Jo-Jo!

  4. says

    My daughter is grown with kids of her own but I looked forward to the show every week. I think what Jo is doing for families is one of the most selfless things anyone could do. She deserves to have a life of her own and I believe she’s more than earned it. If one family watching Super nanny has benefited from her techniques then she’s more than done her job. How many other single women would take from their lives like she has to help total strangers? Jo, I commend you and I wish you the best going forward.

    ~God Bless~

  5. Wendy says

    Hate to see Jo go. But so excited that she is looking at what she desires for her life. She will make a wonderful wife an mother when the time comes. Good Luck Jo! May all your dreams come true. You have helped so many families and now I am so glad that you are thinking of yourself.. That is so important in life. The best is yet to come…

  6. Melinda says

    I Love Jo and the supernanny. I am so sorry to see her Leave and hope maybe some day we will see her Back on ABC. I was sad to hear she Is Leaving. I have watched the show from the start and will watch It to the end. I hope this will not Be the Last we hear from her.I will miss you Jo.

  7. T. A. M. says

    Yes ! I do LOVE Supernanny. And yes, I will be sorry to see it go. Jo Frost is the BEST!!! I agree with all of her amazing ways to conect with children. Her main focus is RESPECT. Respect your self enough for others to respect you.
    Children are amazing.
    And the importance of setting the boundries for everyone. And how the parents need to help eachother out.The kids should feel that the parents are on the “same boat”.
    Less stress, more fun quality time together “game night” or “family time”
    I could go on and on and on.
    So I will end with this, Jo-Jo, you will be very very missed. And if that is true about you wanting to start a family of your own, then, Go For It!!! You will make a great mother!
    As they say, “Nothing like your own”. I am so with you on that one. I have owned my Child Care for 17 years now and can’t wait to just raise one for my very own.
    Good Luck, JO-JO

  8. Paula says

    Jo is amazing, she can take the hardest kid, figure out what’s going on, and fix it. Yes the parents usually cry and half the time rebel because it’s hard to be a good parent. I don’t know that any other nanny could be as strong, yet as sensitive as Jo Frost, but it’s better than nothing to help these families. Some of the kids on this show would be into some serious trouble were it not for these interventions. People who complain are clearly uneducated and lack sense…

  9. Archangel says

    Let’s see – an unmarried, childless woman giving couples advice regarding child-rearing. Uh, huh. Kinda like Catholic priests giving couples advice on marriage.
    Good riddance!

    • Angel says

      Kinda like … You don’t have to be a law-breaker to be a good lawyer. Or experience cancer to be a leading cancer doctor. There’s something to be said for research, study and observation, Archangel.

  10. deeds says

    i’ve been watching jojo change lives since the very start, and, i am so sad to see her go but i know she deserves her chance at love and having children… it’s just that… if the show ends, i don’t know if (if jo later wanted) the network could bring it back (but here’s hoping – it’s reliable ratings and, the definition of family friendly!!!), and i wish every generation from now on could get to be brought up influenced by jo, truly ~super~ nanny …but maybe, in a way they will – i really believe the way so many children will be raised will be better because of jo – and i know my own someday will be. abc please make/keep dvds alive so future parents can have jo’s guidance! god bless, jojo! <3

  11. says

    I am VERY sad to see Jo go! Though I DO understand her reasons. I really wish this show had been on while I was raising my daughter, who is now 29! I emailed the Atkinson episode to my own daughter who has a 12 yr old and an 8 yr old. I sure hope she watches it and pays attention to it. Anyone who thinks this show has been “lame” or not worth the effort, isn’t a person who wants or has a good life of their own nor do they care about children who really need Jo’s input and expertise. It’s very sad to hear negative comments about this show. It has been grand for me!


  12. robycop3 says

    Nuffin’ personal against Frost, but I won’t miss it-watched it once, decided it was just another lame reality show, never watched it again.

    Down with ALL this reality garbage!

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