Tell Me You Love Me: HBO Cancels Racy Drama, No Season Two

IMAGEEight months after HBO picked up Tell Me You Love Me for a second year, the TV series hasn’t returned. Now, apparently, it never will. What happened?

The sexually-explicit drama debuted on September 9, 2007 and revolves around three couples, each with their own set of intimacy problems. They seek help from Dr. May Foster (Jane Alexander), an analyst with relationship issues of her own. The series’ ensemble cast includes Michelle Borth, Tim DeKay, Luke Kirby, Adam Scott, David Selby, Katharine Towne, Sonya Walger, and Ally Walker. The tenth episode aired on November 10, 2007.

The ratings for the show’s first season weren’t great but HBO renewed Tell Me for another season after just four episodes had aired. Despite the renewal, the show didn’t return to production. Now, it appears that the reason for the stall was that creator/executive producer Cynthia Mort couldn’t figure out what should come next.

In a written statement, she said, “Given the considerable amount of time that has passed and despite the best efforts of everyone involved, we were unable to find the direction of the show for the second season. There are so many other stories to tell and many other ways to tell them. I look forward to doing that with HBO in the future.”

The cancellation decision was apparently a mutual decision. HBO has a development deal with Mort and intends to continue working with her. Michael Lombardo, HBO’s West Coast president, said, “We really feel Cynthia has an important voice that belongs on HBO and we look forward to the next show she will create for us.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jodi says

    I am so sad that there is no season 2, this show was amazing and I think they should think about bringing it back. There is a huge demographic that loves its raw honesty and depiction of couples at every stage. I know it is still one of my fav.’s ever!!

  2. Anonymous says

    I totally agree with everyone, very disappointing, and the sad thing is ppl were relating to these couples so much, (I was a dedicated viewer, along with my significant other) and then jus left hanging like that, with no explaination at all… very uncool on HBO’s part. I’m actually surprised that a different network did not try to pick the show up, and I’ve been wondering for so long to see if it would come back on again. My heart is broken to see this show not to continue, and now we’ll never know what could have been with each couple. Funny thing is other networks will continue to show other worthless reality TV shows, and have them run for more then two seasons, but a good show like this can’t even get a second season, SMH!

  3. Joana says

    It’s really disappointing how HBO and the others dismiss really good shows like this one after what? 10 episodes? if you want good ratings give time to spectators to see the show and get hooked. Following a good show nowadays is almost impossible… I will cancel my subscription now to HBo since they don’t give a damn about good shows anymore, what a waste!

  4. Anonymous says

    That show was the bomb, one of hbo’s staples on the level of the sopranos, six feet under, sex in the city, and the wire. There is no reason why this show never lived to develop those great characters

  5. Neide says

    I was looking all over for the second season. The show is great… must be something more into it! What a disapointment!!!

  6. janey says

    I can’t believe no season 2 !! what’s with that ? one of the best tv series I have seen . Agree, truly disappointing.

  7. Diana says

    I’ve been waiting for Season 2 to come out on DVD since I cancelled my HBO subscription. I cannot believe they are not having a second season!!! I concur with what CLM1 wrote – there must be another reason for the cancellation. I cannot believe the writer couldn’t figure out what she wanted as a second season. This show was truly great at illustrating the everyday problems couples face. I was one of those couples (I won’t say which one), and I was so looking forward to seeing how this couple was going to deal with their problem. What a true disappointment because it really could’ve been one of the greatest shows out there! What a true disappointment!

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