The Big Valley: Lee Majors Says Stephen Moyer May Be Out of the Movie

The Big ValleyAfter speaking with Lee Majors, TV Guide reports that Stephen Moyer may have to drop out of The Big Valley, the upcoming feature film that’s based on the classic 1965 TV show.

It seems that filming for Big Valley has been delayed a couple times and won’t start until the end of November in Louisiana. That’s about the same time that Moyer is due back in Los Angeles to begin filming the next season of True Blood. Moyer was cast as eldest son Jarrod Barley, the role that Ryan Phillippe was initially reported to have been landed.

Majors will be playing Tom Barkley, the clan’s patriarch. In the original series, Tom has been dead for six years before the first episode begins. Following his death, the Barkley Ranch was run by matriarch Victoria Barkley (Barbara Stanwyck), her three sons (Richard Long, Peter Breck, and Charles Briles), and daughter (Linda Evans). Majors played an illegitimate son, Heath, who is eventually accepted into the family. Briles’ character was written out after the first season.

Majors said, “The story’s very true to our original pilot. They just backed it up a few years so you get to know the father and set up his affair with another lady.” He noted that he’s been growing a beard for the project since July and it keeps getting longer because of the production delays.

Jessica Lange will play Victoria Barkley, a role that was initially going to be played by Susan Sarandon.

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing this movie? Does it make a difference that Majors is involved? How about Moyer or Lange?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. cate says

    Lee Majors, definitely should be in it!! So should the remaining original cast. If they don’t include them it would make me less likely to see it.

  2. Mary ann Hull says

    I will see the movie many times probably, since The Big Valley is my favorite TV show of all time. I am insane about Peter Breck, so no portrayal of Nick Barkley for me will measure up, but I am still very anxious to see the movie.

  3. w & g Henderson says

    Yes I would love to see Lee Majors again this was my favorite show in the 60’s! Hhoe to take my family to it! Thanks

  4. carrie connor says

    I am so looking forward to the re-make. The only reason I watched it was because of Lee Majors. He should be in the movie and not just a bit part. He was so perfect for the role he will be perfect in the role in the movie.

  5. says

    I am glad they are doing a re-make of Big it hard for me to see who could play in the re-make I am glad Lee Majors is going to be in it i hope they write a part for Linda Evans as well, it the original cast was so good it is hard to figure out who can play in the re-make,But here is a thought, Maybe Thomas Jane could play Nick Barkley they do favor each other a bit Good Luck with the project.

  6. Philip R. says

    It would make a great feature film and long over due. “The Big Valley” was one of the all time best tv show period. Its extremely hard to understand how it only lasted four seasons. It had action, suspense, drama, humor not to mention life lessons. Great scripts, but more importantly outstanding actors. The charactors had depth and diversity of which so many people could relate to. Even though it was set in the 1870’s, story lines were so creative and well done that it would still be relevent in today’s society. Lee Majors would be perfect for the role of Tom Barkley.

    So many millions would be anxiously waiting to hear about it’s release.

  7. Eddie says

    Best western ever made. My all time favorite is Peter Breck as Nick Barkley. I, too, am disappointed he apparently isn’t able to be cast in this movie. It would’ve been appropriate to cast him as Tom Barkley as well. I am also a fan of Lee Majors. His best role, in my opinion, was as Heath Barkley. If the movie stays true to the series, this should be really good. I hope the producer incorporates the same musical dramatic scores used in the series. Television shows and movies don’t utilize scoring to set the scene anymore. The music is a big part of the program. It goes with the brand. Big Valley had great scoring and terrific acting. One of the best shows ever made. Unbelievable that it only lasted four years.

    Looking forward to the movie

  8. C.M. Vick says

    good choice for Lee Majors to play part of Tom Barkley. Hope they get the delima of who is to play Jarrod settled. Hope this movie doesn’t get put on hold for ever and never makes it. I don’t know if anyone could play the part of Victoria like Barbara Stanwyck did. I wish Peter Breck could have been in it also, I know he was excited about it becoming a movie from what I have read, but because of his poor health, that is not to be.

  9. Ed Winters says

    I Think that “The Big Valley” was the best western TV show ever produced.
    And I too am looking forward to seeing the new feature film based on the show.
    Too bad Barbera and Richard are not here on earth to see it. I think having
    Lee Majors playing Tom Barkley in the new movie is brilliant. I always felt
    That Victoria Barkley loved Heath because out of all of her other children,
    he reminded her of Tom the most.

  10. Karen Jennings says

    I always loved The Big Valley, and Lee Majors was and will always be a part of The show, and I want miss it, but I do have to addmit that I was drawn to the remake because of Steven Moyer, which I think would be fantastic addition to the remake. So I really do hope that something can be worked out with the timing, even it it means postponing again, I am pretty sure things like this happen offen in filming. I believe that it will just make it more suspensfull having to wait a little longer for the release.

  11. DEBBIE says

    I loved the Big Valley and as far as I am concren Lee Major is the best. It would’nt be the same without his and also big fan of Peter Beck I think he should be in the movie along with Linda Evans. Can’t get any better than The Big Valley Love it……………

  12. kay kim says

    Oh yes, I would love to see such a movie. I have always thought Big Valley, the early years, would be a great show! Kay Kim

  13. roby says

    i m happy to see a movie based on “the big valley” i was a fan of it
    i hope arrive in Italy too! just when i see a remake i would imagine the new actors closer as possible to original (when is possible) i was a italian fan of Richard Long so for me the most suitable actors to impersonate “Jarrod Barkely” (original portrayed by R. Long)
    could be , Ewan Mcgregor (also is is scottish) Jeremy Renner , Tobey Maguire , and also the great KIEFER SUTHERLAND (ok with black dyed hair for the occasion :-)
    of course is just an opinion
    best regards
    roby italy

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