The Gates: ABC TV Show Cancelled; Stars and Writers React and Thank Fans

The GatesAs expected, ABC has cancelled The Gates after one season on the air. The ratings certainly didn’t dictate a second season and a couple weeks ago, series star Frank Grillo said that he’d heard unofficially that the show wouldn’t be back.

Though even actress Lindsay Lohan wanted to see it return, it’s now been confirmed that The Gates has indeed been cancelled. Some of the people connected with the show have tweeted about the series’ passing.

From the show’s Twitter feed comes, “We would like to thank our followers for sticking with us through this great journey.”

Gates creator Richard Hatem wrote simply, “Thanks to everyone who loved it. DVD set to be released…someday?”

Consulting producer and writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe tweeted, “Thank you to #TheGates fans, crew & cast for a great run. It was a blast. Seriously some of the best fans ever.” He later posted, “4 sale, lux devlpmnt/incrprtd town w/ upscale owners, prvt police/fire, exclnt school, occasional mysterious death”

Colton L Haynes wrote, “Was a great/fun experience and thk u all for coming along for the ride!. He followed that up with, “THE GATES cast and crew: thk u all for the good times! Learned alot and had a great summer with u all! Cheers to the future!” and posted this photo with #ripBrettCreski. Wolfe responded, “Sob… Too young!”

The GatesJames Preston looks forward to the future, tweeting, “No worries gates fans follow us on to our new exciting roles!” Travis Caldwell echoed that sentiment, saying, “its all good more to come from all of us !!!”

Justin Miles wrote, “We gave em a hell of a run, though…” Janina Gavankar feels similarly, saying, “Sad. But we’re incredibly proud of what we made.”

Young McKaley Miller tweeted, “thank you guys for all the support!! seriously, y’all are awesome!! #TheGates is officially over, but it was such a great experience!! TY :)”

Andrea Powell wrote, “Thanks for all the love, fans of #TheGates. We’ll miss you! :-*”

Rachel Dipillo wrote, “We had a fun ride on The Gates. Love everyone I worked with and can’t wait to see what you do next! #RIPLEXIEWADE”

Grillo tweeted, “Thanks to all of you for supporting us. It made the whole thing worth it. Lots more fun stuff coming.” Grillo also said that he’d share what would have happened in the second season. After son Charlie is saved, Nick and his family would have stayed in the Gates community. The Radcliffs decide to take a break from one another. Leigh becomes the head of the police and Nick takes over the Gates board and oversees the community.

What do you think? Are you sorry that The Gates won’t be back for season two? What would you have liked to see happen?

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  1. A. Holmes says

    Although I love True Blood…It was refreshing to see the Black People on The Gates TV Series not being portrayed as drunks, drug dealers, angry at the world and uneducated. I salute the writers of The Gates!!! I would love to see what happen with the zombie son.

  2. noixdekk says

    Ditto to what Amy said. We discovered The Gates by chance on Netflix. Such a great cast and the writing and character development kept getting stronger throughout season one. This is not a show that should have been cancelled — more marketing dollars should have been given to get the word out about it. You made a bad call, ABC.

  3. Amy says

    Honestly had not heard of the show until flipping through Netflix a few weeks ago. Thought I would watch a show or two….ended up completed addicted. Well written, kept you at the edge of your seat. Great cast ! Great location ! It’s been a long time since a clean show (no sex or bad language) offered such great suspence with twisting stories. LOVED IT !! I’m sad to see it go. Our thoughts and prayers to the writers, producers and cast. The Gates will be missed.

  4. Neff says

    I. Looooved the showe. All the actors were grate even the ones
    Who were not on there long. That’s good acting and the story
    Lines were really good. I was kept intrested in them all.
    I really wish there was more to watch. This is just the reason
    Why I don’t like watching new shows as they end abruptly.
    Like someone said above, I never heard of it till we got Netflix.
    It clearly didn’t get the advertisiement it deserved.
    Its needed with cable as there so many other chanles to watch.
    ABC canceled a really good thing. Shane on you ABC 😛

  5. Anonymous says

    I know it’s too late, but loved the show. Recorded it & watched all episodes with my daughter. She also loved it. She had never heard of it. Just shows it wasn’t promoted enough. Also shows, the majority isn’t always right.

  6. Anonymous says

    Omg I can’t believe it ends just like that so I’m laying down relaxing and then it just goes off the way it did I am sooooo mad this is a real good show I want to see more ….. I want more ….. I can’t help but want more I don’t want to guess wat happens I want to see wat happens

  7. Maggie davis says

    I think it should be brought back for sure! I also think that more people would watch it if it was on a better channel! Just about everyone has satellite or cable and that means most likely people aren’t watching channel 6,8,13 or any regular channels! I didn’t even know about it until I saw it on netflix and then I stayed up until like 4:30 in the morning everynight watching it until I was done with the season! That’s also a great idea to put it on netflix for one of there shows!!

  8. Anonymous says

    Loved the show. Story lines pretty good and could have been explored . Lots of potential sad to see it cancelled.

  9. Lady says

    Bring it back or make it a netflixs show…..I wanna know what Charlie gonna end up like and Andy if she coming back…Devon needs to be destroyed with her evil self…too much suspense lol twisted thriller…love it and rated the show with 5 stars….please read our comments and help bring it back please….we didn’t know bout this show…I agree with Pam ^^^ all the way…TY…o BTW please if u do bring it back don’t make Charlie too bad I like him better a good guys and keep all the same characters…love the DR too… ;-)$$

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