The Killing: Should “What I Know” Be the Last Episode?

Killing season two finale previewNext Sunday, AMC will air the second season finale of The Killing, their murder investigation drama. Based on the show’s ratings decline, it seems very possible that The Killing will be cancelled instead of being renewed for a third season. Thankfully, the big murder mystery will be solved next week.

Based on last night’s events, it looks like Jamie is the guilty party but there’s still plenty of time left for some twists, turns, and shocking revelations.

Here’s the season two finale preview:

What do you think? Should season two be the end of the series or would you like to see The Killing return for a third year?

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  1. says

    I think the ratings declined because 2 seasons is a bit much to wait for one case to be solved. It started to get slow, and it started to drag a bit. It’s one of my absolute favorite shows, but I admit I would start fast forwarding to get to the point at times. I still love it though!

  2. Lydia says

    This is the best show on television–those who criticize it were expecting cardboard characterterizations and a formulaic murder mystery. It is so much more than that, and I so want to see a third season!

  3. Carol says

    I really couldn’t take another season of Linden acting like she is the only one who is able to catch the killer. She neglected her son and treated her partner terribly and he was so nice to her. I can’t imagine how they plan to resolve all the other plots that came into the story in the space of 1 hour. So let the crime be solved, have Linden light up, comb out her hair, put on some makeup and take lessons on how to treat people the way she wants to be treated. What about her son?

  4. demodog says

    Please… no more, I’ll talk, anything you want to know. This is the most tiresome drawn out example of a good idea just worn into the ground. Why did Mitch ever go? Why did she come back? Who killed Rosie and why don’t they kill Linden and why are they always freaking smoking in a car in the rain? Please no more.

  5. Samara says

    I really like “The Killing”! I think it takes an incredible team of people to keep a single incident drawn out for two years, and to keep the others parts of the of the show still relevant and good! I’d love to see a third season, but I don’t know where they can take it from here – another murder that just happens to make Linden obsessed, or another scandal that just happens to occur with the same detectives in the same city! Can they even make a new event as good as the original? Good-luck to them – I have enjoyed watching these two seasons!

  6. Jim says

    well, amc is pushing the killing as a reason to demand that dish network not drop the channel. so i t would look kind of foolish if they then drop the show.

  7. Lynn says

    We were hooked on this series from the 1st show but it has dragged on so long that it has pretty much lost our interest. Every week I said that’s it I’m done and the next week I would tune in to see if it had progressed at all. I’m sure the network was counting on that. I felt most times after watching the show like I had been robbed sort of. After spending and hour of my Sunday nite watching it was starting to come up a little blah. Love some of the characters and love to hate some of the others. Too many unanswered questions even when the killer is finally hopefully revealed. So much going on everyones life that the killing kind of took a back seat and made it kind of like a soap opera…..

  8. sherry says

    Absolutely keep The Killing. It’s nearly the only show on television (North American) that’s not jam-packed with plastic actors. The characters are flawed, just like us. No jiggle, no flashy white teeth, no scramble for the spotlight. And the story is amazingly complex. We can handle complex. We’re really not all living at the 3rd grade level. Thanks.

    • says

      Love watching “The Killing”. Yes, it did drag on, somewhat at the beginning of second season, but has built up to the excitement the fans love, towards the end. Please! Please! keep the series going. Linden and Holder are great characters. Linden is finally opening up to her partner. We need to know that Linden is going to be okay, and get her boy Jack back into her life again. They would be missed.

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