The Knights of Prosperity: ABC Sitcom Already Cancelled?

The Knights of ProsperityLast week, in an attempt to do damage control from the effects of the ratings juggernaut known as American Idol, ABC reshuffled its Wednesday night sitcom schedule. But will that move be enough to save newbie sitcom The Knights of Prosperity? Probably not. It looks like the show’s fate may already be decided.

The Knights of Prosperity debuted on Wednesday, January 3, 2007 on ABC. The sitcom follows a gang of misfits (the “Knights”) who come up with the idea to burgle rock-legend Mick Jagger’s luxury apartment. The show was initially going to be called Let’s Rob Jeff Goldblum but was changed to Let’s Rob Mick Jagger when Goldblum’s Raines pilot for NBC was picked up. That titled was changed to Knights of Prosperity, perhaps at the request of Jagger who appeared in the premiere episode. The series features actors Donal Logue, Sofia Vergara, Lenny Venito, Maz Jobrani, Kevin Michael Richardson and Josh Grisetti.

Up against the ratings hog Sugar Bowl, the debut of The Knights of Prosperity garnered a 4.4 rating (less than five million households). The next week, up against regular competition, Knights attracted 3.5 million households. Then, once American Idol hit, things got really bad. The latest episode of Knights dropped once again with just over 2.5 million households.

In moving the sitcom from 9pm to 8:30pm it seems that ABC has some faith in Knights of Prosperity and is trying to save it. Still, it looks like the sitcom’s fate may already sealed. One source has reported that ABC has told the Knights writing staff that they won’t be ordering additional episodes beyond the initial 13-episode order (like the “back nine” episodes to fill out a full season). There’s no word of Knights being pulled from the primetime schedule but this does mean that the show is essentially finished.

No word on the fate of sister sitcom In Case of Emergency. It’s been getting equally poor ratings but is still stuck fending for itself it the sitcom’s regular timeslot. Up against Idol? Talk about an emergency…stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. M N Gilfoyle says

    I am terribly dissappointed that Knights of Prosperity apparently has been pulled from the schedule. My friends and I LOVE this show, as it is quick and the dialogue is wonderful. I would only hope ABC would give it more time, as I recall Seinfeld was off to a slow start and look what happened to that “quirky show”!!!

  2. Knight Lover says

    I can’t believe I just heard about the insanity that is, cancelling Knights of Prospertity. Sure, I just heard about it, but it was definitely in my top 5 of shows to watch every week. Hope my TiVo didn’t ruin its ratings.

  3. Sheri P. says

    This is the best comedy I have seen in a long time and I just cant believe ABC could cancel it! WHEN ARE THESE NETWORKS GOING TO GET IT TOGETHER!! THIS SHOW IS ONE OF THE MOST HILARIOUS SHOWS I’VE SEEN IN SOOOOOO LONG!!

  4. Donna says

    I started watching KoP on the web, and just tuned in not to find it. DON’T CANCEL IT .. you have tremendous creative power behind it — and from a NYer’s perspective, it’s fresh, and funny, and in line with most of America’s reality. Give it better promotion, and it will develop a following …

  5. Jack Stephens says

    I think The Knights of Prosperity and In Case of Emergency are two wonderful shows that should not be pulled at all. The unique plots of these shows are very different and sarcastic which is important for a show.

  6. Marco says

    American Idol, American Idol is sooo long in the tooth I can’t stand it. Same Simon BS and all the other soap drama that goes with it.
    THE KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY is truly a funny and original show. You have many cultural characters living and joking under one roof. Very funny references to people, places, events and now you want to cancel it because of the no brainer American Idol beat it out. Well, that’s America for you dumb as dirt. Intelligent writing used to be the protocol for successful shows but reality TV has turn this county and young adult population into a bunch of morons. Well I guess the name of the game is how to make a buck. Why don’t you air reruns of American Idol and ad to the moronic demise of television in America?

  7. Miss Chloe says

    Ok Dont make me stop watching ABC I love the KOP and you guess have to the nerve to cancel the show finally something else is coming on beside American Idol I do not watch american idol so i like to watch other shows! so please dont cancel my show!

  8. Sharon says

    THIS SHOW IS THE BEST!! FUNNIE, What a breath of fresh air!! According to JIM?? Okay lets put on another show with a late age male actor and their teenage “hot” wifes, thats original. Jim Belushi who is he anyhow, riding the coat tails of his brother john. Done with ABC. Hopefully Letterman will be able to sell it to another network.

  9. Andrew says

    This is an outrage!!!!!! The Knights of Prosperity is my favorite show, it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I can’t believe that ABC is giving it such a short run! I CAN NOT believe it! If you want it to do better, cancell the ***** shows around it like George Lopez! I’m sure less people watch that than the Knights of Prosperity. ABC was my favorite network, but now, I am boycotting it!

  10. redcard says

    Knights was one of the few shows (network) worth watching, it was fresh and unique, not the usual crap formula comedy. My wife, who hates TV, loves Knights, so there you are.

  11. Suresh Sampath says

    How lousy!! This show is one of the best on the air. It was paired next to lost, which seemed like a good idea, as they are both kind of “out of the box” kind of shows. I hope they at least webcast the remaining episodes. Maybe the producers of the show can get a differnt network to buy their show. The dialogue is great and the theme is ahead of its time. Long live the Knights.

  12. AR says

    I can’t express how disappointed I am that they are cancelling this show! ABC seems to be blowing it by cancelling such excellent quality shows. This show is hysterical, and literally LOL comedy! The only thing ABC has going for itself is LOST and Grey’s Anatomy. Boo on ABC for bailing out on this one!

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