The Last Ship: Season Two for TNT TV Series

The Last Ship TV show on TNT: season 2Next summer, you’ll be able to watch season two of The Last Ship TV show on TNT. The cable channel has picked up the new action series for a second season of 13 episodes.

In a statement, TNT president Michael Wright said, “The Last Ship has become this summer’s top drama among key adult demos with its epic scale and visceral storytelling.”

On The Last Ship, the crew of the USS Nathan James must try to find a cure for a deadly virus that has wiped out most of the world’s population. The cast includes Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin, Rhona Mitra, Charles Parnell, Christina Elmore, Michaela McManus, Sam Spruell, Travis Van Winkle, and Tracy Middendorf.

The first four episodes of Last Ship have averaged 4.66 million viewers each week along with a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic. It’s TNT’s third most-watched series this summer, behind Rizzoli & Isles and Major Crimes.

Today, the cable channel also renewed Major Crimes and Falling Skies for next summer. The latter will return for its final season.

zWhat do you think? Do you like The Last Ship? Are you glad it’s been renewed or, do you think it should have been cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • Bones Kelley-McCoy says

      I certainly hope so —no, I believe that they owe us that much. There is enough material to elongate the arc of this ever changing on a dime extraordinary adaption of a stellar book. I’m sweetly and highly ENJOY ING THIS SHOW IMMENSELY—the players (& the corresponding roles), their humanity, their ABSOLUTELY LOVE of one another. PLEASE GET TEX TO WINNERS OVER THE DOC!!!!!!VERY SOON.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡!!!!!!

    • Ray Vercammen says

      Awaiting a new season allways stays a gamble. I have menu TV series bought they never came on TV. Just like Supernatural, it’s sold here ut comes not on TV.

  1. Carole tisler says

    The best news I have heard in a long time. The show is outstanding as well as the actors. Have watched it from the beginning and even got my grandchildren involved. Sunday nights we are all around the tv at 9pm EST. bring it on we then watch again On Demand. This is the number one new show , best of the best

    • Bones Kelley-McCoy says

      Agreed , but written. And, it’s all also a athe way!! I usually watch it twice on Sunday and then on demand a few times and just before the new one. THE best show. I read the book…originally about nuclear armageddon, but the adaption to the virus is not just clever & smooth but also a great idea. It’s well written. A fine job. It recovered from its slip very well!!!!

      • Raymond Vercammen says

        Agreed, but what with the people who must live form an invalidity support (950€/month). I have to pay all my costs from that amount. And then also pay-tv, not for me. :(

  2. Gerard Courcy says

    “The Last Ship” is a terrific show with great writing, acting and subtle social and political subtext. It deserves a Season 3 and more beyond, if the current production quality can be maintained. It’s must-see TNT TV viewing in my household, including an 18 year old son, 22 year old daughter, and their parents, ourselves, at 53 and 45. We give it 9 out of 10.

  3. Raymond Vercammen says

    As a reply to al those negative comments I wants to say that every one’s taste is different, so meaning dat for the one it is is good while it’s bad for the other. Because I can see the 2nd season in january 2016 o our local TV I can’t say what I’m thinking . There are many eris or films other may find crap, I find the fantastic. So I can’t give an opinion yet. Season one was very good.

    • Bones Kelley-McCoy says

      Howdi one and all!! The season started off with a flash bang that one view said & I’m paraphrasing here, that producers shot their wad& there was nothing to do.
      I watch each week because one can’t be objective/subjective without watching. I felt it slipped a bit, but it’s digging in it’s heels and grabbing on tightly, fighting the good fight and spying, trying new things and finding new people like Patrice–immune. Don’t get thrown. The show is moving along, not always on the ship and working to find new labs and how to set them up. It’s part sprint, part marathon. The undercover opps and moving around for intelligence is great. I’d just like to see a bit more humor and some relationships develope. Tex w/an even more relaxed Doc, the 2 sailors and Chandler maybe with the widow Quincy or someone. There are no rules of fraternization. True Rachel is less stiff but she’s got to make some some make up advances to Tex.

      I give the show 5 and 1/2 stars. It keeps surprising.

      • Anonymous says

        Idk about that. Do you have access to Netflix? You might be able to watch it on the site. I watched 1st season & refreshed my last season of Falling Skies. See if they have it. I know I got 1 free month and took advantage of it. Our cable has an on demand feature. Don’t know if this helps you but it’s 1 friends attempt to help another. It’s also worth the wait—-yeah sucks but try Netflix. Good luck!!!!!!

        • Raymond says

          Netflix is too expansive here (100€ a year). Pay TV her in Belgium is not affordadable, 100€ or netflix and almost 200€ for the cable. As invalide this is not affordable for me.

          • Raymond Vercammen says

            Yes, I know, we have here in Belium different pay-tv channels but thy all more ex^pansive than Netflix. Off my mediacel costs I can not affort a separate pay tv-channel :(

    • Raymond Vercammen says

      Why do we have in Belgium so long waiting times for new series or films? Season 2 starts here at earliest in jnuary 2016!! This is dicriminating on large scale. Who is here the cause, the filmproducer or the network? I also want to buy the 2nd season but they said that can be easily a YEAR before it’s ere in Belgium.
      A very disappointed fan.

  4. Bones Kelley-McCoy says

    After a tremendous start and some promise ahead, the show took a little bit of a dip like it was trying to see what the hell to do next. It began climbing; scratching and clawing it’s way to its usual peak performance. As executed by tonight’s episode, I’m REALLY BACK TO LOVING THIS SHOW!! The episode put it back in A+ territory and the performances were top notch. Tex, Captain, XO and others really displayed planning, execution and and ‘style with elegant class.’ They worked the systems they knew and fudged the one’s they weren’t certain about.
    This show is tops and I’m REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SUNDAYS AGAIN!!!!!! Everyone must watch.♡♡♡♡♡!!!!!!!

  5. Paul foster says

    I think the first series was great and all my friends in the uk love it as well.we’ve all been waiting for the second series to start,especially me. As my son Bren foster is starring in it, and his character name in it is wolf.brens fight scenes are great as he is a 6th dan master in taekwondo,a blackbelt in jujitsu and also hwa rang do.

  6. Carol says

    This season pales in comparison to last season. Last season there was an overarching theme and each episode could stand alone. The plot moved quickly. Fast forward to season two-all is lost. There is an overarching theme true, however lack of character development, episodes are slow moving, and too much violence has ruined season two. I can only wish season three will be better.

    • Bones Kelley-McCoy says

      I can say I’m beginning to agree with you. Outside the follow up to the season opener, it almost seems as if they are all standing around wringing their hands wondering what to do. Then suddenly an idea comes to mind and no one stops to think if it’s something that is worth persuing. Everyone’s willy-nilly and the left doesn’t know what the the right is doing. It’s a stand still and I want to see relationships. Real work and hope. Find out more about the immunes.
      Chandler and the XO plus the doc should remember their humanity and act accordingly as people with feelings and needs and wants and sometimes give in to them. Keep the plywood OUT OF THE PERSONS!!

    • Vercammen Raymond says

      I didn’t have the chance to see the second season here in Belgium but if it’s so bad as the last commentaries say, I don’t think there will come a third season. Neither will I buy the season before I have seen it on TV). According to our local TV-station season 2 is planned for january 2016 here in Belgium.

      • Anonymous says

        As I said I must first seen the 2nd season on TV before I buy the second. The1st season I already bought.

  7. Robert Souva says

    I’ve been looking forward to this season of The Last Ship since the season finale last year. I haven’t been able to watch the first two episodes of this season as I have had to wait to pay my direct tv bill Looking forward to catching up if they put them on Hulu. I will definitely be watching when I get the bill paid. I am partial to this show as I was a USN sailor from 80 to 84. I too served on a destroyer, that being USS Elliot DD-967. My ship has since been decommissioned and is not a coral reef. I was glad she was allowed to be sunk, and not scrapped. Because of this, it brings back pleasant memories. I would love to take a tour of the USS Nathan James DDG-151 if the opportunity should present itself.

    • Bones Kelley-McCoy says

      Thank you for your service. My uncle was on the Ticonderoga that was hit by 2 kamikaze fliers and was nearly killed with his friend. Inches in another direction and he wouldn’t have survived. Many sailors and officers died. My dad served the hellish area that they call Korea —-the Korean War. It wasn’t a conflict or police action. It was a hard and bloody war. My dad was wounded and taken to the 8063rd M*A*S*H, which was 3 miles behind enemy lines. He was awarded the Purple Heart, among many citations, including a sharpshooter’s medal. He also drove generals, was promoted to Sgt and went to OCS w/highest marks. I speak for him because he passed in 1996. However, I am with you —I’m glad your ship was scuttled rather than dismembered. It’s how it should be. The Nathan James is not real…they are using 2 ships for it….forget their names —-a year ago. They called the Korean War fighters the frozen chosen….Korea is the Chosin (Cho –seen) Reservoir. Or it was. The weather is extreme 50 below or 150 degrees. I’d like to tour the Nathan James. I already have a shirt, patch and cap. You will enjoy the new season. Glad to know you.

      • Bob Souva says

        Thank for the response. My father served in the Navy as well, on a destroyer no less. I don’t remember the name of it. He too went to Korea during that war. I don’t know much about it. He passed back in 1969. The only point of interest during my time was when KAL-007 was shot down by the Soviets in 1983. We were in Sasebo Japan when that happened. We managed to get our crew onboard and underway in 6 hours and into the Sea of Japan in 18 hours. We spent two and a half weeks there along with a USCG cutter and USNS supply ship looking for wreckage and playing cat and mouse with Russian gun boats. We were bordering Russian territorial waters. We were buzzed by Russian Recon planes as well. About a week and a half in, A Kara class heavy cruiser came in to keep a eye on us. We responded with one of our cruisers. At that point, we were relieved. We head for Hong Kong, but came across a broke down Russian Sub. We sat there for about 36 hours watching her until one of their sub tenders came and picked her up. Anyways, that was my excitement. I was a Radioman, so it was a very busy time. All radioman on my ship received a meritorious unit citation for our work.

        • Bones Kelley-McCoy says

          I watch Air Disasters. That plane was off course….it was human and Soviet error. They had the equipment and finally came out. It crossed Soviet airspace 2x but had LEFT the airspace when the jet shot it down. There was American recon plane in area, but not over airspace. Soviet fighter rolled under & over KAL and maintains he could not tell it from fighter. He is lying as he was not allowed to speak and Soviets had boxes which verify he is lying. Towed party line even tho communism fell. There’s no way he mistook that plane AND it was OUT IF THEIR AIRSPACE WHEN HE KILLED ALL THOSE PEOPLE. Americans were on board. I remember the controversy. Thank you & family for your service. My dad was Korean War vet awarded sharpshooter medal, Purple Heart among many citations even after death in 96. Attended OCS with highest marks. Thank you back. Smiles.

  8. says

    In contrast to the previous commenter, I saw S2E1 as “tying up loose ends”. They got the ship (and Baltimore) back from armed, organized opposition; nobody expected it to be clean and polite. What happens in the next couple of episodes will tell the tale of whether there’s going to be a story worth watching after they spent the first season very carefully building one up.

    That having been said… the drop in production values (and apparent budget) from anything in S1 to what I just finished watching was cataclysmic. My companion was convinced we were watching British low-budget television in the style pioneered by the first few Doctor Who series. I wouldn’t rate it that highly; it was all handicam, with Amiga-level special effects for things like the helicopter attack on Nathan James. The sets were mostly stellar, but they, including the exteriors, were all left over from S1.

    If this is how TNT treats its “third most-watched series”, I’d hate to be a fan of the fifth, seeing what the bean-counters must have done to that. Memo to the bosses: TV is a visual medium; it doesn’t matter nearly so much even if you had great storytelling and acting if the visuals look like something a reasonably-funded community-access channel could pull off. That’s the existential threat to USS Nathan James and her crew.

    A shame.

  9. oakhill says

    After being avid fans for the last season, we were anxiously awaiting the premier for June 2015. After watching about 5 minutes of the first episode tonight, I am disgusted. This show has gone from intrigue to gore. We have just now deleted our record list for this show forever.

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