The Sopranos: HBO Series Wraps, Is It the End?

Sopranos final seasonIf the hype is to be believed this time, The Sopranos series is finally wrapping up — and at least three of the regulars make it to the end. The series returns on April 8th and it looks like the finale will air on June 10th. The specifics of the final episode is still under wraps but here’s what we do know…

Shooting is scheduled to be completed this week but the finale scene was shot last week. The last scene takes place, not in a go-go bar like Bada Bing’s, but in a simple ice cream shop by the name of Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery in Bloomfield, New Jersey. The filming was done on location behind a storefront window that was masked by a large black tarp. According to onlookers, James Gandolfini, Edie Falco and Tony Sirico (Tony, Carmelo and Paulie Walnuts) took part. Though this is believed to be the final scene of the series, a spokeswoman for HBO noted, “Until Mr. Chase goes into the edit room, it would be impossible to say what the final scene will be.”

Its fitting that the eight seasons of the HBO series came to a close in New Jersey. Most of the series is filmed in a Long Island soundstage but the exterior filming is done in the Garden State, at the insistence of series creator David Chase. He’s a native and believes that the authenticity of New Jersey locations are a vital part of the show’s character.

Not everyone agrees and some in the community have tried to block the Jersey filmings. They believe that the HBO drama perpetuates negative Italian-American stereotypes. Bloomfield’s mayor and council even tried to stop The Sopranos crew from filming at Holsten’s but the producers had already secured the permit. There was some drama back and forth but the shoot did go through.

Those that gathered to watch the filming obviously didn’t have a problem with the show and will miss it. Fans of the series were aware well in advance of the location and some set up their lawn chairs as early as In true American fashion, one man was even selling $20 t-shirts that read “The Final Episode.”

Will we ever see Tony and his business associates and family again? Both Cross and HBO briefly considered a spin-off (a sitcom featuring Janice and Bobby Bacala) or a prequel series featuring a young Tony. Both are highly unlikely to happen.

Prior to the order for nine final episodes, there had been discussions of a Sopranos movie. Though many believe that the final episodes replace those film plans, Chase has not totally ruled out the possibility. He recently told New York Magazine, “A movie still exists as a possibility, I suppose. But it becomes less and less of a possibility because of technical challenges. I mean, where would you come in on the story? Let’s suppose, at the end of this, there are characters who don’t make it. How would you do the movie without them?”

I dunno… does it sound like we’ll have to make David Chase “an offer that he can’t refuse?” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Anon says

    I reacted like many others, first confusion, then anger, then I laughed. I thought that last scene was great. It showed how easily our emotions can be manipulated by a show, if we are emotionally invested in the characters. And only a show that has excellent writing could have so many viewers emotionally invested. The hostility of some posters demonstrates that attachment.

    Nonetheless, after hearing about the theory of Tony being wacked (I don’t want to take credit for putting the pieces together), I have to say there is compelling evidence. Whether Chase left it ambiguous so that a movie could still be possible, I don’t know. But I think at least in writing the ending, he intended to imply Tony was killed. The flashback to the talk with Bobby, the lack of music with the credits (never done before), and the repeated use of flipping to Tony’s perspective everytime someone came into the diner (for the last entrant, Tony saw nothing because he was killed) together provide a compelling argument. Although a shootout would have certainly been exhilirating, I think this ending fits the show and I am quite happy with it.

    I do have to say that generally I think the writing went down hill after the first 3 seasons, too many red herrings.

  2. womble says

    It was the best ending of any series I can ever remember. Either Tony got whacked or the viewers got whacked. However you interpret it, it was chilling to think how easy death from a bullet can come. We’ve been seeing people killed every episode for years, this one actually put us in their shoes. Brilliant.

  3. The Moneyman says

    This was from start to finish absolutely the best show in television history! Also the BEST theme song for a TV series, as well! Brilliant!

  4. Charlie Wyatt says

    What a shame to lose Rome, Deadwood and now the Sopranos. HBO you are the loser on all of these shows. They were the only reason to be home on Sunday evening. I don’t get it–I now am freed up on Sunday night—Thanks for nothing.

  5. Jason says

    You people are crazy defending that stupid ass ending. I’m sorry, did Godfather and Goodfella’s have stupid endings like that. I don’t care what anyone thinks but that ending was bull sh*t and unless you see it, all the speculation doesn’t mean sh*t.
    I agree whoever green lighted that ending should get whacked and I’d personally like to break his nose. I’m an angry Italian American because that was just stupid and the fans deserve more. And I don’t believe that was from Tony’s point of view by the way, whoever said that earlier. Please stop saying Tony got whacked, anyone saying that is as retarded as the writers of that scene.

    I’m pissed and angry.

  6. Nate says

    I think it was a brilliant ending and one of the best TV shows on tv, but yes I think Tony didn’t hear it coming.

  7. Donna says

    Our local newspaper touted the upcoming finale as “The Mother of all Cliffhangers”. I thought about that afterwards and I do believe they nailed it with that definition. But I must admit, it took awhile for the “WTF??” effect to disappear after the ending.

  8. TNL says

    I thought something was wrong
    with my TV. It was different,
    a little weird, sort of a let
    down but….maybe an opening
    for a offtake or a semi-sorta
    reunion. However, The Sopranos
    has been a great excuse to get
    HBO…nothing else was worthy!!! Carmella is my hero!!!!!!Always a lady.

  9. bayarea'z finezzt says

    i liked the ending(the last supper!!!) the truth of da matter iz da famliy last nite out was da end 4 tony!! leaving meadow the only tru witness 2 her daddy’z killer/killed in front of a.j juz as he wuz beginning 2 maintain his sanity and leaving Karm a widow with her own bizzness 2 run. the 2 blk dudes where hired by phil widow wife they were witness 2 phil’s murder and paid 2 by hiz widow 2 get even so they enter da dinner wuz also a ref….. 2 when his mother-unc jun tried 2 hav tony killed. and da cat wuz a ref…. 2 tony 9 lives were ova. the cat wuz tony juz like another cat named tony???(Tony the Tiger) o.k Leaving da bizzness 2 paulie make him the biggest earner and the richest of the family. Paulie is the new boss. THE END

  10. DG says

    Very Very disappointed in the final episode. Not worth the wait for the final show. They sure could of made the last show more effective.. something worth talking about and remembering.. Poor writers who must of been brain dead.

  11. paulie says

    I really liked the last few seconds. Perfect perfect perfect. Tony lives to see another day, he’s the big boss now, the fair and feared leader of New Jersey and New York. Of course, Chase reminds us that death could be walking through the door…leaving the men’s room…or driving along a busy street. Awesome ending.

  12. Jonas (The Netherlands) says

    Since I live in the Netherlands and have to follow the series via the Internet I just tune in into this discussion. I seriously downloaded the series a few times over to see if something went wrong with the file. But no… this is the end and this is how it sucks! Thanks…. guys don’t expect a movie anymore, the actors are tired and nothing is being planned at the moment anyways. You expect them all come together (the ones who still live) to make a movie… NO WAY. This is it… :(

  13. Kjacko says

    The finale was actually pretty decent. You have to really pay attention to the details of the shows or you miss things. Like the end, cuts to a black scene, completely quiet, no music, no background sound, no… anything. And then the credits.

    A few episodes ago there was a comment in one of the scenes “when you die, it all goes silent” – could the black screen and silence be Tony dieing? The family dieing? Was it all left up in the air for a movie?

    It’s all up to your interpretation. I was disappointed at first, I’m not sure I’m disappointed now. I’ll be watching this last season again from the beginning over the next couple of weeks to see what else I can pick out of it.

    I hope we’re going to see a movie… I have hopes set very high for one and if there is one my expectations are of something in line with Godfather 1 and 2.

  14. double1 says

    to the individual that said there is no reason to watch hbo now that rome, the sopranos and oz are done. what about entourage and the wire (great shows) and the bunch of new shows they have lined up? i liked last night’s episode all the way up to the time meadow finally learned to parralel park

  15. RichGio says

    Okay, everybody above… Chill out and stop booing & hissing about how it was such a horrible series finale episode. I agree it left us all hanging. But, c’mon, of course David Chase (BTW, it’s NOT HBO’s creation or writing) could have done a better job. Proof is we’ve all been watching this show for years because Chase proved his skill at creating the Sopranos, the best show on TV ever, and keeping it up for nine seasons. That’s why we watched it right up until last night! Have y’all thought that perhaps this “loose-ends” type of ending is to reserve the possibility of a future movie… where the true ending happens? Or if THIS was the true ending then use your imagination: First, notice how Tony was way too relaxed (not very aware of those suspicious-looking guys walking into Holsten’s diner). Once Meadow walked in, now his entire family– in public, in ONE place– is vulnerable. Sitting ducks! So, yeah, they all could have been easily whacked. Did David have to actually show us the gory details?! Would we have wanted to see the four of them actually killed?! We’re already going to miss them, maybe actually seeing them be “offed” (versus that blank screen for 20 seconds, where you use your imagination) would have been too traumatic. Let’s just see what happens in the year or two that follows.

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