Three Rivers: CBS Pulls Alex O’Loughlin Medical Drama; Cancelled?

Three RiversTo little surprise, CBS has pulled Three Rivers from the Sunday night schedule, effective immediately. Will the show be back? Has it been cancelled?

Three Rivers follows a group of dedicated doctors and medical staffers who help those in need of organ transplants. The series stars Alex O’Loughlin, Katherine Moennig, Daniel Henney, Justina Machado, Christopher Hanke, Amber Clayton, and Alfre Woodard.

The medical drama got off to a slow start in the ratings back in early October. Unfortunately, the numbers only got worse as the weeks wore on and it became a likely candidate for early cancellation.

To CBS’ credit, the network has been patient with the series and has kept it on the air. Two weeks ago, the network tried switching timeslots with Cold Case. While the veteran crime drama benefited from the time change and attracted more viewers, Three Rivers did not.

Three Rivers has now been pulled from the Sunday night schedule. As expected, Cold Case will slip into the earlier timeslot and repeats of various crime dramas will take over at 10pm.

A CBS spokesperson has said that Three Rivers’ fate has not yet been decided but the network has not ordered any additional installments beyond the initial 13 episodes.

TV show supportEight episodes of the drama have been aired, leaving five on the shelf. CBS will likely burn them off either on Saturdays or during the summer months but, unless the execs have a major change of heart, Three Rivers is essentially cancelled.

What do you think? What went wrong with Three Rivers? Is Sunday night football to blame for the show’s failure to attract more viewers or was the show flawed?

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  1. Nicole says

    CBS why? why? why? is it your mission to cancel every good show ever created? Three Rivers was and always will be a great show. It helps people rethink their lifestyle and organ donation. At least one good came from cancelling Three Rivers, that is Alex O’Loughlin went to act as Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O. Other than that, screw you CBS for cancelling an awesome show and if you even think about cancelling Hawaii Five-O, I am personally going over there and punching the President of CBS right in the eye. I will you know! Then I’ll kick their butts and push em’ of a building!

  2. says

    I can not believe you cancelled this show. I am watching it on Netfix and it is awsome. Story line is great acting is great also. I also watched cold case…. But this surpasses it 100 percent. Typical so many channels and so few good shows. Consider bringing this show back and you may have a chance of some good ratings but if cold case beat this show you did not give it a chance. I stopped watching cold case after first season. So typical of what is on air. Gone from good to tiring. Booo.

  3. chaya says

    Like angela I discovered Three Rivers through Netflix. I watched all 13 episodes in about 3 days. I really enjoyed watching the show. It showed the world the meaning of being an organ donor and how it effects the worlds. The truth is that it was probably a show that one can watch without worrying about the sex and drama like every other show on TV. I think that CBS made a huge mistake with taking it off and I hope that they change there mind.

  4. Angela says

    My husband and I just discovered Three Rivers through Netflix and are about half way through the episodes – they are great! The show has humor, wit, and is thought provoking and intellectually stimulating. So sorry CBS let it go just because of the nubmers! The main characters were made for their roles! Too many good shows which could help educate the public go by the wayside and I think it’s probably because this one didn’t have any sex.

  5. John says

    I, like others was introduced to Three Rivers by Netflix. I understand CBS and ratings driving income. It was a powerful show. Sundays are horrible for male audiences and male dominated households – anything short of football is a filler.

    I wish the series had developed a different night and the love story/conflict would have developed sooner. But this was a human drama of taking horrible, picking up the pieces and turning life into hope. It’s message was outstandingly presented – just not at the right time. Don’t blame CBS – they try to present the best at the best possible time – sometimes quality does not survive the economy.

  6. kayla says

    I think cbs is making a big mistake canceling this show. I just found out about this show today and was checking out some episodes online. only reason i didnt have a clue that three rivers was on tv is because i dont watch cbs. they dont really tend to have very entertaining shows in my view and when they do they cancel them. To bad the show wasnt picked up by another station one that people tend to watch that has shows worth watching.Then maybe people would have known it was on.Cbs come on bump up the entertainment factor would you your putting people to sleep.

  7. Shannon says

    I am dissappointed that CBS is cancelling the show. I only just found out about it through Netflix and have been catching up on episodes. Because of this show I just today registered to be an organ donor. I hope that CBS will reconsider.

  8. Toni says

    I just watched the full season of Three Rivers, I am very sad that it was canceled! I think CBS made a HUGE mistake!! I am so very disappointed!

  9. says

    I fel CBS is making a terrible mistake by cancelling this series. This series changed my outlook on donating organs. I wasn’t a donater, until I watched this show. Since the show went off the air, my brother in law was killed in a motorcycle accident. He donated his organs, skin, etc… Every show I watched brought me to cry like a baby. Please reconsider again about cancelling three rivers,

  10. Amanda says

    I am so sad. This show was moving both in story line and it showed the advancement of technology. It also gave outsiders a peek (may it be a glorious peek) at how transplants work. The slow building love story was not bad either.

  11. zo s says

    The show was obviously cancelled because there wasn’t a pretty actress who was a regular. You need a back story involving love and a beautiful actress. Love makes the world go round. It would have been nice to see Daniel Henney’s character have a love interest.

  12. says

    Me and my family love Three Rivers! It is a show with stories that touch our hearts and souls….plus the casting is perfect! I have never seen such a great cast whose chemistry and appeal are such a bomb since Hawaii Five-O! CBS, just a little more trimmings and polish on the show and you will have a winner very soon….thank you

  13. Babs says

    I thoroughly enjoyed Three Rivers. It made you actually think about what people who are in need of an organ are facing and how losing a loved one can help you heal by giving to someone else. I thought the cast was great. I really hate to see this show cancelled.

  14. Pat says

    Three Rivers was a wonderful show and it is very disappointing to find out that it has been cancelled. It was a very thought provoking insight into organ donation and really had substance. CBS is making a huge mistake.

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