Thursday TV Show Ratings: Glee, Last Resort, Scandal, Vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast

Scandal ratingsThursday, December 6, 2012 ratings — New episodes: The Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Men, 30 Rock, The X Factor, Last Resort, The Vampire Diaries, Person Of Interest, The Office, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Beauty And The Beast, Parks And Recreation, Elementary, Scandal, and Up All Night.

Below are the fast affiliate ratings. The “demo” refers to the 18-49 demographic rating. The percentages represent the change since the previous original episode. Percentages aren’t given for reruns or specials. To see past ratings for a particular show, you can find them by clicking the show link.

The show pages are updated with the daily final ratings when they become available. Those pages include percentage changes in both the demo and total viewership, in addition to season averages to date.

Last Resort: 1.2 in the demo (+20% change) with 5.7 million.
Grey’s Anatomy: 3.0 in the demo (-3% change) with 8.9 million.
Scandal: 2.5 in the demo (+14% change) with 7.4 million.

The Big Bang Theory: 5.3 in the demo (-4% change) with 17.4 million.
Two and a Half Men: 4.2 in the demo (+5% change) with 14.2 million.
Person of Interest: 3.2 in the demo (+10% change) with 14.98 million.
Elementary: 2.3 in the demo (+5% change) with 10.9 million.

The CW:
The Vampire Diaries: 1.1 in the demo (-21% change) with 2.4 million.
Beauty and the Beast: 0.5 in the demo (-16% change) with 1.4 million.

The X Factor: 2.4 in the demo (-11% change) with 7.7 million.
Glee: 2.1 in the demo (-5% change) with 5.5 million.

30 Rock: 1.1 in the demo (-15% change) with 3.3 million.
Up All Night: 1.2 in the demo (0% change) with 2.9 million.
The Office: 2.1 in the demo (+11% change) with 4.2 million.
Parks and Recreation: 1.5 in the demo (+7% change) with 3.3 million.
Rock Center with Brian Williams: 1.0 in the demo (+11% change) with 3.6 million.

What were you watching last night? Any observations about the evening’s ratings?

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  1. Grandizer says

    Elementary is getting better and better.
    That and The Vampire Diaries are the only shows I watch covered on here on Thursdays…
    Other shows are in Hiatus or break.

    TVD is giving the roller coaster treatment in my opinion, good shows followed by bad shows.

  2. Candice Blackwell says

    I’m a huge fan of the CW’s Vampire Diaries and the past three episodes have been amazing!!! I wonder if the ratings are as good as they should be considering this show has had a great season overall. Does anyone know of a website where their ratings are not just an estimate but precise and accurate ones?

    • says

      These are the fast affiliate ratings which are available before noon the next day. They are accurate and what every news source I know uses to report ratings. As explained in the article, the daily finals are added to the individual show’s ratings page when they become available. Click on the Beauty and the Beast link in the article to see the final numbers.

      • StrainAsylum says

        Thank you, but (as I said) the rankings do not reflect the qualitites of the respective shows, but rather the quantity of viewers at initial count (rather like the early polls in an election year). Quantity vs quality -which is, unfortunately, how the entertainment industry works: “Popularity is not an indication of quality.”

        Sadly, humans are herd animals; they go where the rest of the herd go, unless something attracts their attention.

        I’m just glad to be enjoying something so entertaining, as well as intellectually and culturally stimulating :) Besides, it’s gotten me to listen to some current music and new artists, which means my CD collection is growing. Thanks for the discussion. Have a great holiday :)

  3. StrainAsylum says

    The rankings may reflect the viewers, but they certainly do not reflect the quality of the shows or the individual episodes. I’m referrng to Glee. The last 2 episodes, in particular, have been amazing! And, of course, earlier was “The Break-Up” (4.04?). Those 3 episodes, at LEAST, should be 5 stars (4 if you’re having a bad day). “Swan Song” (12/06) had some incredible vocal performances (true, they were not modern music), as well as some fantastic acting performances. A fair bit of silliness, as well (subtle humor, as opposed to typical in-your-face one-liners). Last episode (4.08) was fun with a touch of drama; THIS episode (4.09, “Swan Song”) was killer- The added bonus of Whoopi Goldberg, along with Kate Hudson’s and Lea Michele’s killer “All That Jazz” dance-off was pure honey. Who knew Kate Hudson could dance so well ?

    I wish more people would take a look; some of the songs brighten up a really bad day and give me some motivation to keep trying when things get bad.

    I’m a fairly reserved TV viewer and have only started watching Glee a few months ago, but this show has been excellently done over a fair bit of time. The two locale, show-within-a-show concept is a bit annoying, since I prefer the NYC scenario and would like some of the other grads to move there so they can explore possibilities for talented youngsters starting in an adult world, rather than the show being trapped forever in a high school. I find that I do like the high school part, as well; it’s even gotten me listening to current music (some artists). And love seeing new talent mature, even over the 3 years in high school. The adult cast members are a trip, as well. It’s a nice bit of escapism from the work week – good stories (with some social relevance, mixed with light humor), good performances and excellent singing and dancing.

    Just wanted to voice an opinion :) Have a great holiday season, all!

  4. geri says

    CBS programing does it for me. I love Person of Inaterest and Elementary keeps getting better. Sorry, but I am not a comedy fan. They are not funny, just silly.

  5. Nikki says

    I watched all of NBC’s programing and I consider myself a HUGE 30Rock Fan. Have been since the beginning, but this season is awful. Its time to go. I always thought I would be a mess at the end but, again…they are showing its time.
    Same with The Office sadly.

    The only thing that keeps me going is “The League” on FX. It is one of the best shows on TV right now.

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