The O.C. Finished Says FOX: TV Series Finale Podcast #16

The OC is over?After months of speculation, it looks like FOX is canceling The O.C. but it’s not over yet! There could be hope from an unusual place. What does series creator Josh Schwartz think? It could surprise you. Stay tuned!

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Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Gil says

    the show sucks, its about the kind of problems that we dont need to be addressing and makes us focus on things that are unimportant. This show is the epitomy of why society is steadily going down hill.

  2. Sarah says

    The OC is the one and only TV show that i have ever enjoy! I can’t believe that Marissa’s death lead to this!!! You have to find a way to bring it back. There are way too many fans out there!!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know if there will be an encore presentation of the finale on any channel? I was out of town and missed it!

  4. tefy says

    hi!… I am from Panama!
    I really don’t now how fox it´s goimg to take out the show of air. that’s a bad idea! I can’t belive!please! give us a 5th season!

  5. Jessie says

    i think cutting off the OC is the worst thing fox has ever did. My family and friends watch this show all the time and it was heartbreaking to hear the news of it having a finale already. I have watched the show from day one and i love it so much. It talks about real situations and real life. I dont know what they were thinking by doing this i can see that everyone not just me loves this show. they will regret it b/c alot of ppl will be very upset by the news and my not like fox anymore.. oh well hopefully fox will change their mind and bring it back on. I hope so….I LOVE THE O.C.

  6. Brittany says

    I honestly think that you shouldn’t take the O.C off the air…Because me and my family watched that show since it started coming on and we really enjoyed watching it…I think that the O.C went downhill once Marissa left…But it is still a great show…I know you probably lost a lot of viewers when she went off but you shouldn’t stop the show because of it…The O.C is the BEST show on Fox…I just don’t see how you could just let it go when you have worked so hard and got this far…Don’t give up on it now…I agree with all of these people…If you let it go…You weren’t that dedicated to it…I just hope that you think about all of this and all the comments people are leaving and re-think about taking the show off…PLEASE DON’T TAKE THE BEST SHOW OFF…O.C is AWESOME…Why let something that good go? Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chuckie says

    This is stupid why take away the best show i only watch t.v for two reason the O.C and House but the O.C is ALOT better everyone on that show rocks well almost everyone seth and ryan are hilarious!!!!PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE O.C. OFF OF THE AIR!!!!!It is some peoples life line!!!!

  8. michelle says

    Please dont cancel the o.c is the best show .. and i spend all my time watchiing it with my friends and we never get tired of watching it .. i have al the seasons and me and ma friends stayed up all night until the morning finishing it.. if FOX cancels the oc then less people will watch it .. so wats the point

  9. nadine says

    this is the second time one of my favorite shows went off the air. I am disappointed Fox please keep it on i want you to save the O.C please.

  10. Matthew says

    I just watched Ep16 Season 4 without knowing it was to be the last episode. When it got to the final 10 mins i was thinking, how they gonna make another 6-8 eps in the season. It became evident when it showed them like 4-6 years in advance..

    To have 4 great seasons and to end the whole show in the last 10 mins of 1 episode. although it was well done, it wasnt long enough.

    Anyway, keep the o.c.. as everyone says, it really is one of the best tv shows.. certainly the best ‘teen’ show.

    they also seemed to introduce alot of potential new characters… no they wont replace seth, summer,ryan etc, but it is something to go on.

    The show can’t of been doing that badly that its been cancelled.

  11. Leila Gatera says

    I think that it’s stupid that Josh Schwartz focuses on the people who are not watching the show insted of the ones who actually watch it!! i mean it’s f**king mean and that makes him an idiot!!!

    I love the o.c. and i’m sure others do too and he should be aware of that!! and not complain about how much the numbers have decreased!

  12. K N says

    Its simple. The OC is a good show. Families can relate to many “issues” on this tv production. If not on Fox perhaps CW?

  13. Alanah aka. Mrs universe. says


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