Which TV Shows Will You Watch on Sunday Nights?

Pan Am TV showThe networks are all shaking up their Sunday night schedules a bit this fall — moving out long-running shows and making room for new ones. Once again, viewers will have to make some tough choices about what they want to watch.

What about you? Will you be sticking with old favorites like The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives or try new shows like Once Upon a Time and Pan Am?

We’d like to know what you’ll be watching so we’ve broken down the night’s schedule below, hour-by-hour, and in some cases, by the half-hour. We know that some of you use a recorder of some kind and might watch several shows that air in the same timeslot but, for the purposes of these polls, go ahead and select up to two options.

What will you watch Sundays at 7pm?

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What will you watch Sundays at 7:30pm?

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What will you watch Sundays at 8pm?

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What will you watch Sundays at 8:30pm?

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What will you watch Sundays at 9pm?

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What will you watch Sundays at 9:30pm?

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What will you watch Sundays at 10pm?

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Don’t forget to take the polls for the other days of the week: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday. And don’t forget to pick the first cancellation of the new season and the biggest hit!

What do you think of the Sunday night schedule? Feel free to tell us exactly what you’ll be watching in the comments below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    I watched Pan-am and taped CSI Miami. I think that CSI Miami was hurt because of not knowing what time it really would start. Please put CSI Miami on anoter night!!

  2. Deanna Coeurrier says

    Once upon a time is the only show shown here that I’m currently following. PS could not vote, the vote button would not click

  3. Brighton says

    Pan Am is a great show and we need to get the word out so people will start watching. Kennedy was just shot last week and the show was super well done showing what everyone was doing when the news came. The show is wonderful.

  4. Adam Decker says

    I hope that CBS doesn’t show sports which delay their Sunday night shows by some random time. That gets annoying very quickly.

  5. Grandizer says

    Lot of shows on here I will have to DVR and watch other shows on another TV on another cable box at the same time…
    There are other shows I will not miss, Dexter, Walking Dead and so forth.
    Some of those we are lucky enough that they are shown 3-4 times on different versions of the same channel at different times, (Dexter) and then Walking Dead is shown a second time right after the first ends usually…

    Going to have to invest in the new Tivo Premiere which has the capability to record 4 shows at once…

    • says

      Greg » Sorry you’re having a problem. I’ve checked it on a couple different systems using Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari and don’t have any issues. I’m also seeing that other people’s votes come in. All that I can guess is that either the server was exceptionally busy when you tried or your Interent connection was slow. If you’d like send more specific information using the contact form, feel free to do so.

  6. Georgia says

    Will be watching Eastern feed of Dexter and Homeland on Showtime, then will watch The Good Wife and Pan Am, but will record Desperate Housewives and Masterpiece Theatre/Mysterty on my DVR. Currently, I watch Drop Dead Diva (next Sunday is finale) and Against the Wall on Lifetime and Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.

  7. JJ says

    Airplanes and beautiful women…and up against CSI Miami. Hmmm…guess I’ll just have to flip back and forth…I wish PanAm were on at 8:00 instead.

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